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About Us’s mission is to transform the charter bus industry. We enable groups of all sizes to book bus travel online and unlock remote destinations all across North America.

Our Story

We play a major role in the future of group transportation by enabling travelers to reach events and destinations that are otherwise inconvenient to get to. We collaborate with bus riders, event organizers, and bus companies in order to make this possible.


It’s not simply about getting from Point A to B, but also about the journey in between. It’s about the people you meet, the adventures you embark on, and the memories you create along the way.

Kyle Boulay
Kyle Boulay
Kyle Boulay
Wolf Kohlberg
Chief Logistics Officer

Our Founders

In 2013, Wolf and Kyle serendipitously met on July 1st, Montreal’s notorious “moving day.” They instantly bonded over mutual interests, namely music festivals and the hassle they experienced in getting to these remotely-located events.


Wolf had previously organized bus travel in Germany, organizing trips for friends to get to their favorite soccer team’s games. Kyle was a developer and web designer with the skills to build tools that could help travelers organize their own bus trips online.


Together, they founded to make remote destinations accessible to people all across North America.

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