Choosing a Coach Bus for Your Trip

Events require meticulous planning, which includes selecting the best way to get there. Coach buses are a comfortable option that can be easily customized to fit your trip needs. 

Thinking about renting a coach bus?

Here's what you need to know:

Coach Bus

Designed for larger group travel and long distance excursions, coach buses provide more luggage space and extra comfort. They’re a popular option for various events ranging from music festivals, sports tournaments, and hackathons to conferences.

coach bus

mini coach bus

Mini Coach Bus

Mini coach buses are ideal when you’re looking for an option that sits in between a coach bus and a mini bus. You’ll typically get most of the features of a coach bus (aside from a washroom), but with a smaller seating range.

Comparative Coach Bus Chart

   Seating Average Bus Costs*  Bathroom A/C WiFi DVD/TV Storage
 Coach Bus  47, 55, 56, or 57 seats

4 to 6 hours: $595 – $995

10 to 12 hours: $875 – 1495 

Yes   Yes  Can be added  Yes Below and above seats 
 Mini Coach Bus  29 to 37 seats

4 to 6 hours: $525 – $925

10 to 12 hours: $975 – $1300

 No Yes  Can be added   Yes Below and above seats 

*The cost of a coach bus varies based on the city and day.

coach buses interior and exterior

Want more options? Learn more about different bus types.

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