Spend less time hacking your bus transportation

Planning transportation to-and-from your events doesn't need to be so complicated.

Let one of our experts do the heavy lifting for you.

Bringing hackers to your event should be easier than finding 50 bus companies.

Hackathons are amazing – we've seen it first hand. Hundreds of students stoked to build something, drink lots of coffee, and get cool swag. And then, there's all the people you meet. These events are special, and everyone appreciates the time and effort you put into organizing them. We're here to make moving your attendees the easiest part of the process.

The best hackathons Bus.com

Built for hackathons

We've been working with hackathon organizers like you since we started. And we've taken all your feedback to build a product specifically for hackathon organizers.

Spend more time hacking

And less time organizing transport. We'll do all the legwork: organizing routes, booking buses, and keeping track of passengers. After all we're your logistics experts.

Stay informed

We know where your buses are, and we're not going to hide it from you. GPS tracking straight to your phone. Plus, know who reserved a spot and the status of each route.

Let's start planning your next trip. Start Booking
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