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Montreal summer camps offer a variety of getaway experiences, commonly overnight, for kids of all ages. Most summer camps combine recreational activities with learning, and over 70% of them have at least one specialty program. Most summer camps boast natural scenery and have access to water. Educational camps often provide access to university facilities or research labs.


Both kids and parents love summer camps. Kids get a sense of independence, make friends, try new hobbies, and hone their moral compass. Parents get some time for themselves, knowing their kids are having fun safely under the guidance of professionals. Attentive professionals are committed to the camp goer’s comfort, safety, and security before they even reach the camp.

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Safety matters

All summer camp bus drivers are vetted by to ensure that they adhere to the strict requirements that come along with carrying minors.

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Added convenience

With the bus transportation arranged by Montreal summer camps, parents do not have to alter their work plans to bring kids to the camp themselves — they can simply drop them at the drop-off point.

Better for the planet

A bus rental is a sustainable solution that turns a few hundred private summer camp car trips into only a few bus trips. For more information on how charter bus rentals stack up against other forms of transportation, check out our informative guide.

Bus types

Available vehicles include affordable classic school buses, large coach buses fitted for extra comfort during long trips, and compact minibuses and mini coaches.

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Summer camps within Montreal

Laurus Summer Camp

Laurus Summer Camp offers enrichment for kids from 3 to 15 by providing a variety of art, sport, academic, and engineering specializations. The STA — Specific Training Area — is a Laurus unique offer. It entails 75 minutes per day with an expert in a chosen field in order to boost development. Especially renowned for the summer camps for younger kids, camp counselors guide them in understanding the world, themselves, and the community around them.

YMCA Summer Camps

YMCA summer camps aim to offer affordable care to as many families as possible, and a wide range of learning and recreational opportunities to accommodate every need. Most camps are co-ed, with boys and girls learning together. Camp YMCA Kanawana is the nature and outdoors focused camp, where kids carry out traditional summer activities as teams. Preschool camps at the YMCA are an alternative for childcare with a more hands-off setup and access to outdoor recreational activities.

McGill University Summer Camps

McGill University Summer Camps, together with the McCord Museum, offer five summer camps with different programs, including sports camp, technology camp, scientific explorations camp, conservatory camp, and the McCord Museum camp. The oldest of these programs — Explorations Camp — was initially founded as a summer school for gifted students but has since been expanded to include everyone who wants to participate. Conservatory camp is held at the Schulich School of Music and is perfect for kids interested in music in any form.

Concordia Languages Villages

Concordia Language Villages is a unique project of learning the language by living it. Students live in communities that only speak the selected language, and they not only study the language in classes but have to practice it for anything from making friends to shopping. The Montreal Village focuses on French. Coming to the Language Villages for a summer language camp feels like entering a foreign country: kids get through customs, check-in into the cabin, and live the rest of the time by speaking the language they are learning.

Summer camps outside of Montreal

Camp Amy Molson

Camp Amy Molson is a not-for-profit charitable organization providing an affordable overnight camp for Montreal children aged 5 to 14. The camp aims to make happy summer outdoors experiences available for everyone regardless of their financial situation, and offers special pricing to vulnerable families. The camp is located on 180 acres of beautiful, peaceful lakeshore. Programs include arts, sports, music, swimming, boating, farming, and most outdoor activities.

Camp Kinkora

Camp Kinkora is a religious (Catholic) camp, one of the oldest in Canada. All its programs are centered around religious traditions and values. Diocesan Liturgy Camp is a kids-only camp, instructing them in the variety of arts and crafts while instilling Christian values. Activities include watersports, chorale singing, baking, hiking, dancing, and sports. Youth in Action is the camp dedicated to children’s Catholic ministry. Visions Camp aimed at teens and facilitating their spiritual development.

Camp Wingate

Camp Wingate is a co-ed sleepaway summer camp just 60 miles away from Montreal, in the Laurentian Mountains. It is home to Cory Pecker’s CHX Hockey Camp, so hockey is the camp’s particular strength. Young campers get all the benefits of traditional camping plus receive on- and off-ice pro-player instruction. The camp also provides a variety of art programs, special events, watersports, and team sports.

Edphy International Camps

Edphy International Camps are sport-oriented day camps at Regina Assumpta, Collège Villa-Maria, and Collège Beaubois. Edphy International’s summer camps are founded on the traditions and values of the Olympics. The camps heavily focus on physical education, supplemented by language programs, arts, technology classes, and typical summer camp events. Edphy offers more than 70 activities, including sports, outdoor activities, and adventure activities.

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