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K-12 Philadelphia bus rentals

Easy bus rentals for Philadelphia field trips

Philadelphia is the home of the Liberty Bell, the Rocky Statue, and countless other historical landmarks. The American history in the city alone makes it a must-visit location for school field trips that focus on educating your students about our nation’s history. The “City of Firsts” is the best place for your students to see many of the places where the laws and constitutions governing our country were shaped.

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A school bus is the best mode of transportation for a class field trip. Students are already used to traveling in them and they provide enough room for multiple classes to travel together.

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Safety first
With a field trip bus rental, you can be sure you’re getting a safe method for transporting students. School bus drivers know the nuances of transporting students and are well trained to perform safe, defensive driving maneuvers. This is even true in large metropolitan areas where more distractions and navigation challenges exist.
Budget-friendly travel
A field trip bus rental is also one of the most economical ways to engage students in more tactile learning situations. Students need opportunities to connect what they’re reading in their textbooks to actual physical locations and experiences. But those trips often must be planned within the confines of a limited budget, which makes a bus rental the obvious choice for transporting students.
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At, we provide 24/7 customer support to help you organize transportation logistics for your school field trip. We know that trips often have to change last-minute, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure your students needs are met. We want you to enjoy a safe, fun field trip to Philadelphia.
Bus types

When you rent from, you’ll have multiple bus types to choose from. Depending on the size of your group, how far you’re traveling, and other factors unique to your group, we can help you find the right bus for your Philadelphia school field trip.
Coach bus
If you’re looking to ride in style and comfort, the coach bus is your best option. With higher-end amenities like WiFi, air conditioning, and audio-visual equipment, a coach bus is a great choice for longer distance school field trips. This is also a great option if your trip requires bringing extra luggage because coach buses offer more underneath storage space than our other bus options.
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School bus
The school bus is the classic option for a school field trip. It’s the most affordable option for a class trip and is best for shorter trips staying in your local region. You’ll want to make sure that your group doesn’t need to bring along a whole bunch of extra luggage if you’re traveling in a school bus, but it’s the most budget-friendly way to travel with students.
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Mini bus
A minibus is a safe and compact way for smaller student groups to travel for educational purposes. When it comes to gas charges, a minibus is also the most cost-effective bus rental option. This bus type is ideal for local trips to busier urban areas where you’ll want the freedom to visit multiple attractions without hassle.
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The benefits of field trips

Field trips are the best way to reinforce textbook learning with real-world experience. Students who have recently read about historical events and landmarks will be able to see those landmarks in person and connect them to the events that promoted their creation.

There are many forms of unexpected learning that occur during a class field trip. Students can observe cultural differences between their towns and the regions they visit. Trips to museums and science laboratories also provide students with access to tools and learning environments that they otherwise wouldn’t experience.

Field trips have also been shown to facilitate social and emotional growth for students. One study even suggested that students who visited an art museum showed increased empathy, tolerance, and critical thinking skills after their visit.

Field trip ideas in Philadelphia

There’s certainly no shortage of field trip options in Philadelphia. As a field trip organizer, your challenge is going to be limiting your number of field trip stops. You might not be able to see everything that Philadelphia has to offer in one trip, but you certainly won’t be pressed to kill time!

Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo is located in Philadelphia’s Centennial District. It is known as the first true zoo in the United States. The zoo’s history dates all the way back to the American Civil War, when its opening date was actually delayed for 15 years as a result of the ongoing conflict between North and South.


In addition to being a great destination to see nearly 1,300 rare and endangered animals, the zoo is also one of Philadelphia’s leading conservation organizations. One of the zoo’s leading environmental conservation initiatives is their animal travel trail system that is the first of its kind in the world.

Liberty Bell

This iconic symbol of American Independence formerly went by names like the State House Bell or the Old State House Bell. Students can learn about the chime that brought people together for the first-ever reading of the Declaration of Independence and read about the controversy surrounding the events that caused the crack in the bell.


They can also learn about why the bell was commissioned to be built in the first place, in honor of the late William Penn. They can discover Penn’s forward thinking ideas on religious freedom, Native American rights, and the roles that citizens should play in enacting laws, many of which influenced the writers of the American Constitution.

Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute is a Philadelphia leader in science and technology. This renowned museum is named after Benjamin Franklin and is home to the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial. It is the most-visited museum in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and offers students access to a wide variety of hands-on exhibits and live science shows.


The institute is a champion of public education in Philadelphia and regularly hosts student groups. The museum requires at least one chaperone per 10 youth and encourages group visits by offering one free chaperone ticket for every 10 youth tickets a group purchases during weekday visits. The museum even offers Camp-In Sleepovers for students and youth ages six through 13.

Wagner Free Institute of Science

The Wagner Free Institute of Science has been providing free public education in the sciences since 1855. Students will get to experience this rare example of a Victorian era scientific society, complete with a museum, research center, library, and multiple educational facilities.


The Wagner Institute’s main exhibit hall was built in the nineteenth century. Today, it houses a breathtaking collection of natural history specimens, including dinosaur bones, fossils, mounted birds and mammals, and the first American saber-toothed tiger ever discovered. Students will also be able to marvel at the museum’s impressive display of minerals, which were personally collected by the institute’s founder, Willam Wagner.

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