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Heading out for a bayside trip to see a San Francisco Giants game? The easiest way to take a group out to a classic ballgame is by bus, and chartering one for groups both big and small has never been easier: Ride in air-conditioned comfort and make sure you arrive on time.
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Men playing baseball at the AT&T Park

About AT&T Park

A 42,000-seat stadium situated right on the foggy shores of the San Francisco Bay, AT&T Park has quickly become a top location for baseball fans since it first opened in 2000. With an average attendance of 3.3 million spectators that places it in the top three stadiums for viewing America’s Favorite Pastime. Locals may remember this stadium as the original home to the San Francisco 49ers, when the space was originally home to a multi-use version of its former self. However, true Giants fans will know the place well: With features named after the baseball greats of yore like Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, and Willie McCovey, AT&T Park is a fresh structure that’s been built on hallowed grounds. For example, the China Basin located just beyond its right field has been renamed the McCovey Cove after the player of the same name knocked more than his fair shares of home runs into it.

Why charter a bus for AT&T Park

Managing group ticket sales and scheduling food and drink arrangements can be difficult enough when planning out a day at AT&T Park. Why not charter a bus to make the journey that much easier? A collective form of transportation is great way to keep your group in good spirits for the big game, as its convenience and cost-efficiency will give you and others more time to focus on practicing your chants and applying your eye black!

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About the location and the surrounding area

Located in the South Beach neighbourhood of San Francisco, AT&T Park’s seats have a sweeping view of the San Francisco Bay area. It’s so close that it’s not surprising to find yourself putting on a jacket even at the peak of hot summer days. On the eastern side of the city, the park is immediately close to attractions such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art a dozen blocks north, the landmark Coit Tower beyond that. Conveniently located next to a ferry line that grants picturesque views of the water on its way to Oakland, that’s just one of the natural splendours that San Francisco affords to its visitors. If you and your group are in the area for a while and want to check out a nearby landmark, check out the Dragon’s Gate, the city’s iconic entryway into Chinatown.

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San Francisco, California

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