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In our increasingly connected world, we’re able to do business faster and from further away than ever before. Interestingly, our rapid advances in information technology have also served to highlight the fact that a physical presence has never been more important. This fact hasn’t been lost on the business community, and we’ve witnessed a steady increase in corporate travel, as mobility and the importance of having teams on site has become paramount. There are many reasons why your team may need to travel for business, including off-site meetings, product launches, or important conferences, as well as holiday parties, important team-building exercises, or even corporate retreats. Whatever the reason, a charter bus rental is an ecologically-friendly and easily scalable mode of transportation that will keep your team comfortable and well-rested so they can arrive at their destination and perform to their utmost.

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Bus types offered

Through our bus partners we offer a variety of bus types, including coach buses and mini-coaches, as well as classic yellow school buses and minibuses, and each of our charter rentals comes with a professional, vetted driver who knows the area you’ll be traveling through.


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats


Minibus rental
Small groups, big moments
21 seats

Sprinter van

Sprinter van rental
Compact efficiency.
12-15 seats

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Seattle team building events

A successful business requires many ingredients but at the base of it all, your employees are key. One of the best ways you can actively improve your business is to invest directly into your employees, and a team-building event in the Seattle area is the perfect way to optimize your team’s with fun activities that challenge and hone their critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Underground Seattle Tour

Seattle Underground Tour Tour offers you and your team the chance to take a physical journey through the past and witness the history of Seattle firsthand. The 75-minute guided walking tour will have your team explore a  hidden network of underground passageways and basements that were created when the city built right on top of the original buildings that were destroyed in the Great Fire of 1889.

Lawless Forge

Seattle’s Lawless Forge is housed in SoDo, a revitalized industrial neighborhood just south of the downtown core, and offers your team members the chance to pick up a hammer and become a blacksmith for a day. A knowledgeable and patient instructor will work with your team, and help them turn hunks of steel into useful everyday items, like bottle openers and knives while strengthening bonds between them, as they do something fun and interactive as a group outside of the office.

Puzzle Break

The very first escape room operators in the country, Seattle’s Puzzle Break continue to offer some of the highest-rated escape challenges in the U.S. Puzzle Break offers an impressive lineup of scenarios with engrossing narrative themes that range from Medieval fairs and hard-boiled detective stories to steampunk puzzles and ancient Greek temple escapes. These challenges require your team to demonstrate creativity, critical thinking, and advanced teamwork skills to work out the puzzles, solve the mystery, and escape before the timer runs out!

The Electric Boat Company

Seattle’s Electric Boat Company offers your team an all-weather, year-round nautical adventure with unique views of the Seattle Skyline. Your team will embark on lake union in surprisingly comfortable and fully enclosable 21’ Duffy electric boats, and under the guidance of Electric Boat Company staff,  will even get the chance to take the helm for themselves, a great role-reversal exercise to strengthen the bond between your employees.

The biggest industries in Seattle

Seattle’s economy is a confluence of older Industrial technologies and contemporary internet, health science, and clean energy technologies. The city's gross domestic product (GDP) was $355.7 billion in 2018, making it the 11th largest metropolitan economy in the United States. Furthermore, Seattle is ranked as the fastest-growing major metro in the nation and experienced a 6.9% growth rate between 2017 and 2018 alone.

Clean Energies

Seattle began experimenting with renewable energy sources over a hundred years ago with the city’s first hydroelectric project, the Cedar Falls hydroelectric plant, in 1905. Today, about 90% of Seattle’s electricity is produced using renewable hydropower, and less than 2% of its electricity comes from the burning of fossil fuels. Seattle is a national leader in the continued use of hydrological power, and its domestic influence will only continue to grow after the recent passing of Washington’s clean energy bill, which will ensure the entire state’s electricity is derived from 100% renewable sources by 2025.

Life Sciences

Seattle is a global life sciences hub and is home to numerous high-profile institutions, including the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Infectious Disease Research Institute, and the Institute for Systems Biology. Seattle’s life sciences sector is only projected to grow from this point forward as recent trends indicate life science employment jumped 17.4% in Seattle from 2014 to 2017.


The Aerospace industry is a huge driving factor in Seattle’s economy. Multinational aircraft manufacturer Boeing has a massive local presence, including the Boeing Everett Factory located only a half-hour drive from downtown Seattle and the headquarters of their commercial airplanes division located in nearby Renton. Additionally, about a 15-minute drive from downtown Seattle, the city of SeaTac is home to the headquarters of both Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air as well as the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport which is owned and operated by the Port of Seattle.


Seattle is one of the early pioneers in the technology boom and continues to be a global leader in technological development. Many of the world’s largest and most influential tech companies are headquartered in the Seattle area, including Amazon, Microsoft, T Mobile, Expedia, Nintendo of America, and many more. Even among the aforementioned industry giants, Seattle’s technology continues to innovate, and new branches within the technology field (biotech, for instance) are carving out their own niche in the city’s bustling economy.

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