Frequenly Asked Questions

Where is based out of?

We're based in Montreal, but operate throughout North America.

How does it work?

To organize a bus trip, simply click on Instant Bus Quote under the "More" tab and fill out all the information fields. Once that’s done, you’ll get a quote from us to help you decide if this trip works for you! To buy bus tickets to an event, just head on over to the Buy Bus Tickets section, and select your destination! You’ll be able to then choose your departure location and times that are best suited to your needs.

Who actually provides the bus? Who’s driving?

We partner with licensed charter bus companies to fulfil trips, you’ll be taken care of by an experienced bus company and a safe, responsible, reliable driver.

Story behind was founded by two individuals from Montreal named Wolf and Kyle. They were fed up with how hard it is to rent a charter bus, and wanted a better way to travel together. In 2014, they started, and quickly realized that what we are offering is something that a lot of people want. Today, is a growing team of travel experts, developers, and rock stars who are building the best way for you and all your friends to go where you want, when you want, all while having a blast.

Bus Types

What kind of bus can I book through

Most requests come in for school and coach buses.

A school bus is our most economical choice and seats 48 people.A coach bus include reclining seats and an on-board restroom, and fits between 50-55 people.

You can also request smaller buses

  • Mini school bus: 20 seats
  • Mini coach bus: 30 seats (sometimes 34-36)
  • Van: 4-8 seats

Keep in mind that smaller buses aren’t significantly less expensive. Mini coach buses cost less, but only by about 20%. As for school buses, size makes almost no difference in pricing. A big misconception in the industry is that smaller buses mean lower costs. But, actually, the biggest expense is the driver's time. And there's always the same number of drivers!

When you book your bus, you can select which bus type makes the most sense for your trip and budget. For long distance trips, we recommend booking a coach bus. You’ll definitely be more comfortable for the ride!

Can I book a party bus? does charter party buses. Simply fill out the form, and specify in the additional notes that you’d like a quote for a party bus. You’ll receive a new quote reflecting the price of a party bus within 48 hours.

If you sit tightly for a short trip in the city, would the number of seats for school buses go up, or is 48 a legal limit?

The legal limit is between 47-48 passengers. From our experience, bus companies are strongly against squeezing extra people in as it can result in some hefty penalties for them. However, there are certain cases (most often in the U.S.) where school buses are equipped with 50-52 seats.

Should you require that type of bus, be sure to include a note in your request, and we’ll find you one!

Bus Amenities

Do all coach buses have a restroom?


Does the bus have WiFi and electrical plugs?

Some coach buses do, yes. Let us know in the comments section of the form that you’d like to book a bus with WiFi and electrical plugs, and we’ll make sure they’re included!Requests for WiFi will include an extra charge of around $30 per trip day.

How much luggage is allowed per person?

You can bring one standard sized suitcase with you. There's also room for a carry-on.

Quotes and Payments

If I fill out the form and request a quote, what are my obligations? Am I on the hook for a down payment, or any kind of collateral?

You’re definitely not locked in. The quote just helps you decide whether the trip will work for you. You don't need to make any commitments until you decide to pay!

How and when can I pay for my trip? Can I pay for my trip by cash?

You can pay by credit card, check, or PayPal. Unfortunately, we don’t accept cash payments.

You can decide to pay for your trip as soon as you get your quote! You have until the quote expiration date to make your purchase. If time quote expires, you’ll have to request a new trip or reach out to us directly through our online chat.

Does the quote include driver gratuity?

Yes, the price covers gratuity as well as hotel accommodations if needed. We include everything in the price (taxes too!) to make it as easy as possible for our organizers.

Can I get a quote for both a school and a coach bus?

Sure thing! You can simply let us know in the additional information section of the form that you’d like to have quotes for both types of buses.

Can I change the dates of my trip once I have put in a request?

If you need to change the dates for your event, you may have to go back and create another trip to request a new quote. In which case, you can tell us in the additional notes to ignore a previous quote.

You may also email us at to let us know that you'd like a change to be made, and we'll make sure we make the appropriate modifications!

I added extra information to my trip and/or modified some details. Will I be notified of a new quote?

Yes, you will receive your new quote by email.

I'm trying to use my card to pay, but it says my card is declined. I don't understand why.

Sorry that you're experiencing difficulty! Often calling and verifying the purchase with your bank solves the payment problems with us. If that still doesn’t work, please shoot us a message at, or get on a live chat with us directly on our website.

I was interested in a quote, but don’t want to book this trip finally. Do I just let the time expire on the quote or do I need to formally cancel?

Yes, you can just let the quote expire without paying for it. Or, you can also reach out at and let us know that you’d like to cancel your trip!

I got my hands on a promo code! How can I use it?

Sweet! You'll be able to enter your promo code prior to paying.

Do children pay the same rates?

As of right now, all our rates are one price.


Do you partner with businesses and offer your services for specific places? Like, "Rent a Bus to The Chocolate Museum - Powered by"?

This is definitely something we can arrange! We've been working with a lot of events to do so already. Please shoot over an email to Someone will reach out, and help you get organized!

Sometimes I see your company listed as a sponsor at hackathons, what kind of sponsorships do you offer for events?

Our sponsorships for events at this time is providing logistical support. We’ve found that we’re able to reduce transportation costs by significant amounts through our networks and methodologies depending on the event’s situation. In return, we're often listed as a sponsor. We also manage their entire bus logistics flow, saving significant amounts of time.If you're in need of transportation for any event, please reach out at or site chat – we would love to collaborate!

I am interested in partnering with for charter requests. What do I need to become affiliated with you?

We're currently looking for candidates for our Preferred Partners program. You can also reach out to Jack Labbe, our supply side manager, at He’ll be able to assist you with this request!

Refund Policies

I'd like to get my bus ticket refunded.

  • Up to 14 days before departure date: You’ll be refunded at no extra fees!
  • 13 to 3 days before departure date: You’ll get a 50% refund.
  • 2 days or less: No refunds available. 

You can refund yourself by accessing your account profile on and clicking on "Cancel Ticket." If your request is approved, you will then be refunded for the appropriate amount.

Please note that self-refund policies are subject to change per the organizer's discretion.

You can also reach out to us at or through our online site chat!

I'd like to cancel my whole bus rental

Cancellations will vary on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your Account Manager, or shoot us an email at for further details.


What about Damages? is not to be held accountable for lost or damaged baggage, nor for delay or non-performance resulting from mechanical failure, road or weather conditions, labor difficulties, or any other causes beyond our control. Additional charges are to be applied to the passenger should he or she incur damages to the state of the bus.


What do I need to bring to board the bus?

You just need to bring your receipt (the one sent to your email from as proof of purchase!

Will I need my passport to travel?

If you’re crossing the border between two countries, then yes, you will need to have your passport with you!

Is there an age requirement to board the buses?

If you are a minor, you need to be accompanied by a guardian.

Is there an age requirement to book a bus?

If you are a minor, you’ll need an adult to sign off.

Is there a way for me to get the bus contract and a copy of the W9?

If you need additional forms, please let us know in additional info section when you’re requesting a bus.

I lost something on the bus! How can I get it back?

Please email us at, or get on our site chat to talk to one of our team members.


How will I know if my bus runs?

Every festival is different, and will require different threshold. Typically, we need 10 people per bus for it to run. Because of this, not all bus routes can be guaranteed. If a bus route doesn’t run, you’ll be notified 7 days prior to the event, and will be refunded for your ticket.

How do I purchase bus tickets to a festival?

Just head on over to the “Bus Tickets” section, and select the festival you're attending! You’ll then be able to choose your preferred departure location and times.

Will I be dropped off and picked up directly at the festival?

Yes! The bus will take you straight to festival grounds. Pick-up and drop-off locations will be clearly identified, and they are most likely going to be a major parking, or at the main gates.

How will I know where my bus is?

By downloading our Rider app (available for iOS and Android), you'll be able to know exactly where your bus is at all times! You'll also be notified of any delays.

Can I get on an earlier or later bus with my ticket? Or, am I locked into the time that I pick?

We can switch you to another time slot prior to the trip – simply send us an email at or reach us on our site chat! However, buses tend to be full on the day of the event, so you can show up at another time, but you will not be guaranteed a seat as they will depend on availability.

If I bought tickets for a friend, will they still be able to board even if it’s under my name?

Yes, as long as you all board together. Be sure to bring your ID if you are the ticket purchaser.

How do shuttle work?

A shuttle pass will give you access to one roundtrip per day over the entire duration of the festival. After purchasing your shuttle pass, we will send you a link to reserve your spot on a specific shuttle route 10 days before the event. At that point, you will be able to choose the times at which you’d like to depart at.

Are buses ADA accessible?

ADA accessible shuttles are available upon request. Please email to let us know which festival you're headed to as well as what date and time you'll be travelling with us, so we can arrange the right vehicle. Please note that ADA requests must be made a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start date of the event. Let us know as soon as you book your bus ticket!

Will there be enough space on a school bus for my camping equipment?

Yes, there will be sufficient storage space for your camping gear! For festivals, there are reserved seats in the back of the bus for luggage. We also often use school buses that have luggage compartments. We're asking people to limit it to one large bag/suitcase, camping equipment, and a cooler.

Can I bring alcohol on the bus?

Yes, you can bring alcohol with you on the bus. In the U.S., it is permitted to drink on a bus – but only upon request. However, in Canada, it is strictly prohibited!

I have a flight to catch after my bus trip, will I be able to make it on time?

Please give yourself enough buffer time between the scheduled arrival time of your bus and your flight departure in case of unexpected delays. We would suggest at least 2 hours, so you don't risk missing your flight.

I can no longer make my trip. Can I get a refund?

Please refer to our refund policy.

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