The Ultimate Guide to Bus Rentals

Ever rented a charter bus for a group trip, or a special occasion? That’s alright, most people haven’t. Get ready to choose and book your group transportation vehicle by reading this essential guide to bus rentals.

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Quick Guide to Choosing a Bus Rental

Planning group travel for the first time? Consult our Quick Guide to Choosing a Bus Rental infographic to help you choose the bus rental type that fits your group best.

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Event Transportation Guides

As end-to-end experiences grow in popularity, it makes sense that event and meeting planners are increasingly turning to bus rentals for guest transportation.
Whether you’re an experience professional in the event industry, an educator, or simply organizing a one-off event, our event transportation guides are the perfect place to learn about bue rentals for small to large-scale events.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Wedding Transportation

From shuttling guests between venues to hitting up a city’s best photo-op locations with the bridal party, a charter bus rental can be the best solution for making the best of the big day. Find out more about planning bus transportation for weddings.

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The Complete Guide to Student Charter Bus Rentals

We’ve helped hundreds of students plan group transportation to events ranging from spring formals, to sports tournaments, and academic competitions. If you’re a student organizer tasked and feeling a tad overwhelmed by your responsibilities, this guide is the perfect place to start!

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Guide to Sports Bus Rentals

Whether you’re headed to a game only a short drive away or you’re travelling long-distance to bring home the gold, here’s everything you need to know about renting a charter bus for your sports team.

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Your Guide to Corporate Bus Rentals

As with any other meaningful relationship, great team dynamics are built by exploring new and unfamiliar experiences as a group. What better way to start the bonding than to travel together by charter bus rental to your offsite or team-building activity? If you’re a first-time meeting organizer, this corporate bus rental guide is the perfect first-step to planning successful event transportation.

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Your Guide to Planning Office Holiday Parties

So you were accepted in your office’s party planning committee — congratulations! Make sure you impress them with your holiday party planning-savvy by coming prepared with all the information you need to start organizing your team’s safe passage to an exciting offsite location.

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Bus Transportation & Logistics Guides

Imagining the perfect group trip or activity is one thing, planning it from start to finish is a whole other ball game. These Bus Transportation & Logistics Guides will help you learn a bit more about the knitty gritty of planning group travel by charter bus rental.

Los Angeles Bus Parking

Beaches, sunshine, glamor, and limitless distractions — is it a wonder that so many flock to Los Angeles year round? The road-trip to La La land doesn’t come without its caveats. Between dealing with the traffic and the stress of finding a staging spot for your bus rental, planning a group activity can be a stressful affair. This guide is your first step to figuring out your group transportation in Los Angeles.

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Your Guide to Parking a Bus in San Francisco

Planning a group trip to San Francisco? Whether you’re hitting up all the tourist hot-spots, or gathering every football fan you know for the ultimate tailgate experience before a 49ers game, parking or staging a bus rental in SF can be a challenge. Get to know your bus parking options by taking a look at this guide to San Francisco’s most popular destinations.

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Group Travel Planning Guides

Whether you’re a professional in the tourism industry, or a self-starter planning a unique adventure, charter bus rentals are often the most cost-effective (and scenic!) way to travel as a group.
Our Group Travel Guides are here to inspire your next adventure, and give you the information you need to start planning it.

Guide to Event Planning

Planning an event is no easy feat. From finding the perfect venue to booking group transportation, there’s a lot to organize. Stay on track by following our Guide to Event Planning.

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Coach's Guide to Planning an Away Tournament

Hitting the road with your sports team? Here’s everything you need to know about planning your away tournament so that you can focus on bringing home the gold.

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Guide to Festival-Going: From Basics to Pro Tips

Prepare for festival season the right way with this Guide to Festival-Going! From how to get there to what to wear, we’ve got it all covered. Just don’t forget your face glitter.

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The Great American Bus Tour

Is there anything more American than hitting the open road? And if there’s one thing all epic adventures have in common, it’s a group of like-minded travelers who are open exploring new horizons.
The Great American Bus Tour is the perfect way to get started on planning a group trip across the country’s gorgeous natural sites, exciting cities, and charming rural corners.

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The Great Canadian Bus Tour

From East Coast to West Coast, there’s so much to see and explore in Canada. Start your cross-country bus trip in Toronto and prepare yourself for the astounding sights you’ll discover along the way!

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American West Coast Foodie Bus Tour

The best part of any trip? The food, of course! Treat your taste buds and discover the best culinary spots that the West Coast has to offer with our American West Coast Foodie Tour itinerary.

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The American Craft Beer Tour: East Coast Edition

Round up a group of your favorite beer enthusiasts and discover the East Coast, one sip at a time.

The ultimate road trip has three main ingredients: a merry band of adventurers, a well-planned route, and most importantly, a purpose!. And, what better mission is there than tasting the best brews the East Coast has to offer? This guide will outline the best route you can take on an organized bus tour in order to visit the most iconic breweries, and taste the best beers on the East Coast!

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Packing Guides

Whether you pack far in advance or throw a bag together the night before a trip, we’ve got you covered with tips ‘n tricks to make your packing experience as efficient as possible – while making sure that you don’t forget your travel toothbrush.

Carry-On Packing Guide

The best way to travel is by packing light. Here’s how to pack everything into convenient carry-on luggage to save you the hassle of lugging around a suitcase on your bus travels.

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Your Packing Guide for Short/Medium/Long Bus Rides

Whether you’re on the road for a couple hours or you’re gone on a multi-day trip, make sure that you bring all the essentials with you to keep you happy and comfortable on-board!

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