Celebrating the Pats with Buses Directly to Gillette Stadium

This is what it's like to ride with Bus.com to your team's NFL game. Buy your bus tickets to the next Pats game, and see for yourself!

Last week marked the Patriots’ 2017 season kickoff – and our first time running buses to a NFL game.

For New England Patriots fans, Game Day is sacred. Unfortunately, getting to Gillette Stadium can be painful. Pile on tedious stadium parking, traffic jams, and designating a driver, and you pretty much have a recipe for a headache. We ain’t about that life.

Instead, we’re amping up the Game Day experience with a round-trip shuttle from Boston to Gillette Stadium, and making the commute part of the pregame ritual. It’s the easiest way for you to get to your favorite team’s game. No fuss, just fun.

Here’s what happened when we put 55 football fans on a Gillette Stadium bound bus:

patriots fans talking and laughing on the bus

Riding with other Pats fans

The trip from Boston to Gillette Stadium was more than a simple commute. It became an integral part of tailgating, an occasion for riders to celebrate their love for football by coming together with other fans.

Cracking open a cold one

Hardly anything beats cruising in a sleek coach bus with friends and fellow Pats fans, a cold one in hand. With canned beers being allowed on board, getting to the game was all the more exciting.

pats fan enjoying a beer on the bus

patriots fans tailgating in front of a bus

Space for tailgate gear

Football fans come with lots of baggage: think tailgating essentials like grills, coolers, and foldable chairs. Thankfully, our coach buses had all the space they needed to ride comfortably with their gear.

No dull moments for anyone

Even our bus driver had a good time! A Pats fan himself, he was able to get in on the fun by connecting with the riders, and caught the game from a big screen set up in the parking lot. Good times all around for everyone.

bus driver waving down patriots fans in front of the bus

patriots fans asleep on the bus

Safety on the road

Best part? No need to worry about how to get home safely. Fans got to drink to their heart’s delight, relax, leave the driving to someone else, and catch a snooze on their way back.

I was running late and they waited for me. Beyond grateful for that. I was able to chat with them to give them a heads up. I am not from Boston so I didn't know anyone but I was able to jump on the bus with all Pats fans and enjoy a beer and got to know a lot of people. It couldn't have worked out any better.

Michael Sosnowski

Rider, Boston to Gillette Stadium for Chiefs at Patriots

Convenient location and time, and friendly environment.

Sean Hilliard

Rider, Boston to Gillette Stadium for Chiefs at Patriots

We’ll be running tons more of bus trips for the Patriots home games all season long. 

Get to the Gillette Stadium with us, and make it your best ride yet.

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots - Sunday, September 24, 2017
Carolina Panthers @ New England Patriots - Sunday, October 1, 2017
Atlanta Falcons @ New England Patriots - Sunday, October 22, 2017
Los Angeles Chargers @ New England Patriots - Sunday, October 29, 2017

Not coming from Boston? We’re always open to creating new routes or adding a stop along the way. Just request your route, and we’ll see what we can do!

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