Beau's Brewery

The Event

Beau’s Oktoberfest

September 2016 marked the 8th edition of Beau’s annual Oktoberfest – a two-day extravaganza showcasing the best of Bavarian culture and an impressive selection of craft beer and indie music. For that event, Beau’s Brewery needed great bus service.

The Challenge

Limited Accessibility

Beau’s Oktoberfest is held in Vankleek Hill, a tiny town with few parking spots and not a lot roads which limits its accessibility. Still, buses are a great way to allow the event to grow without major issues that often come with popular events and drinking.

The Solution

Easy Transportation for All Attendees with

Working together, we divided a plan to provide roundtrip transportation for Oktoberfest attendees. That plan also included free shuttles traveling between the parking plaza and the fairgrounds for guests who came with their own vehicles. That way we made sure everyone could get on site easily.

How Was Organizing Buses Made Easier for Beau's Brewery?

Customer support available 24/7

Not only did Beau’s have access to customer support all throughout their planning, our team also volunteered at departure points to help check passengers in on the day of the event.



Customized routes and itineraries

Beau’s itinerary was not so simple. It required multiple departure times and locations, not to mention routes looping around – all of which were accommodated with our logistics expertise.

Friendly and knowledgeable bus drivers

We work with vetted bus companies who put passengers first. This proved to be true in Beau’s case as bus drivers were all very considerate and drove everybody back home safe and sound.

The Results

Improved Logistics

In total, we moved 4,550 people and ran 130 bus trips from Montreal, Ottawa, and Cornwall.

Organizing bus transportation to an event isn’t always the easiest of feats, but we were able to make the entire process a lot smoother. With laughter and fun in the mix, Beau’s was left with a winning combination!

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