Shawn Basak From MIT

The Event

Class Field Trip

Shawn’s professor often invites industry leaders to speak to the class about their company. To switch things up one day, the class went on a field trip to one of Costco’s local stores to visit the location, meet the employees, and see how the business operates.

The Challenge

Last Minute Bus Request

As the person in charge of logistics, Shawn had to organize transportation for 50 people traveling to a suburb of Boston. But he only had one week left to spare before the event.

The Solution

Fast, Efficient, and Simple Rental Experience with

Prior to working with us, Shawn had to do this own research – often ending up contacting bus companies that he wasn’t very familiar with. On top of that, he realized that their booking process still adhered by archaic standards and that organization can quickly get messy.

How Was Organizing Buses Made Easier for Shawn?

Arranging transportation without hassle

Shawn’s experience with us was deemed as incredibly easy. To get his bus rental underway, he simply visited our website, made his reservation, and received a quote. After that, the only thing left to do was getting payment approval from his faculty.

Getting to their destination as efficiently as possible

Carpooling would’ve required resources and parking space that weren’t readily available. Plus, coordinating that many cars would’ve been an unnecessary hassle. By renting a bus, everybody was able to swiftly get there in one vehicle instead.

Splitting costs and collecting payments amongst riders

Collecting payments from people during prior trips was a pain for Shawn. Our pay-per-seat feature saved him a lot of hassle since it eliminated the need for one person to gather money from everyone. Organizers can simply split the bill equally among all the passengers automatically. service review -

The Results

Painless Booking Process

Wanting to put behind his past frustrations, Shawn was able to cut down on his research time as we secured him a bus rental with one of our top bus partners. All he had to do was share the details of his trip, like departure points and times. And everything got done just in time for his class outing!

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