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Work with a local to plan your trip has partnered with ViaHero to help you plan safe, enjoyable group travel with the insight of their local experts. Get paired with a local Hero today.

Safety first

A Hero can keep you up-to-date on all local COVID regulations and help provide you with peace-of-mind.

Local insights

New destinations can be intimidating. Your local Hero can acquaint you with the best that their area has to offer.

Avoid the crowds

More than ever, travelers want to stay off the beaten path. Your Hero will know about less-visited destinations.

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How does ViaHero work?

Share trip details

Tell us where and when you're traveling, and your group size

Connect with a local Hero

Tell your local Hero about yourself and how you like to travel

Get a guidebook

Collaborate with your local Hero to create a customized guidebook and ViaHero: better together

We're the big groups expert

Peace-of-mind during COVID-19

Your bus driver will be following all appropriate precautions, and your Hero can inform you of all locally-relevant COVID-19 special considerations

An experience to remember

When you travel with a local Hero, you receive restaurant and attraction suggestions that are catered to you and your group

Online bookings made easy

Both and ViaHero offer seamless online booking platforms, which makes organizing your trip easier than ever — no matter the number of participants involved

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Chandra |
“I have used ViaHero twice. It is my go to for any trip now! ”
– Chandra
Ellen |
“Finding info on the web could never replace the insider knowledge our Hero brought to the planning process — it was like having a friend to help me plan the trip! ”
– Ellen
Cassondra |
“Using ViaHero allowed me to explore and see the city the way a local sees it. It is the only tour site I've used where I haven't felt like a complete tourist in a city ”
– Cassondra
Darren |
“I don't know how I traveled before ViaHero. You definitely can't get the same feel on trips just on reviews on websites from other travelers. ”
– Darren x ViaHero FAQ

What's a Hero?

Hero (n) A local who uses insider knowledge of their home base to help you plan your trip, safely. Heroes know where to find the most amazing experiences, while providing up-to-date info to help you travel safely and confidently.

Do I meet my Hero?

It all happens digitally. Your local Hero works behind the scenes to plan your trip so you’re free to travel independently. If you’d like to hire an in-person guide, your Hero can arrange the best one for you and your budget.

What does a Hero do?

A Hero is your own personal tour guide that has your interests and budget in mind! They are happy to help you out with the following:

  • Neighborhoods to stay in
  • Unique things to see and do
  • Culinary adventures or restricted diets
  • Safety tips
  • Local etiquette
  • Avoiding tourist traps
  • Discover hidden gems
  • Support small businesses
  • A mapped out plan
  • Access to events
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Passports, visas, currency
  • Travel prep + packing tips
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Guided tours
  • Classes + activities
  • Specialty requests (e.g. private chefs)
  • Concerts and special events

What kind of groups use ViaHero?

The possibilities are endless! Groups that have benefited from the help of a local Hero include leisure trips, staycations, weekend escapes, roadtrips, honeymoons, company retreats, and family outings.

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