How Can I Easily Rent a Bus in Barrie?

Barrie is home to a ton of festivals, including Boots and Hearts, and hundreds of hectares of parkland to enjoy. It is also a great launching pad for your next adventure, whether you go for a refreshing swim down in Elora Quarry or unleash your inner explorer at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures in Collingwood. 

We help you organize your group travel with ease by partnering up with top local bus operators in the area. No matter where you decide to go next, we'll make sure you get the right vehicle at the best prices for your trip!

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Popular Bus Trips from Barrie

These prices represent an average estimate of what bus trips from Barrie cost, and can vary depending on timing and availability.

Barrie to Toronto

Barrie to Toronto

  • Average School Bus cost: $1,947.85

  • Average Coach Bus cost: $1,696.33

Barrie to Ottawa

Barrie to Ottawa

  • Average Coach Bus cost: $2,638.78

Barrie to Peterborough

Barrie to Peterborough

  • Average School Bus cost: $986.14

  • Average Coach Bus cost: $1,021.13

Barrie to Mississauga

Barrie to Mississauga

  • Average Coach Bus cost: $562.01

Barrie to Rosseau

Barrie to Rosseau

  • Average School Bus cost: $1,537.49

Barrie to North Bay

Barrie to North Bay

  • Average Coach Bus cost: $1,369.06

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May 20 11:23PM

Someone just rented a School Bus for $956.77

May 15 11:21AM

Someone just rented a Coach Bus for $3,588.17

May 14 07:17PM

Someone just rented a School Bus for $585.38

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Poster, Boots & Hearts
Aug 09 – Aug 12

Boots & Hearts

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Poster, I Love the 90's
Aug 18

I Love the 90's

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