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Bus.com is an industry leader in group transportation, and one of our specialties is cost-effective and ecologically responsible shuttle services. No event is too large or small, whether you need an employee shuttle, an airport shuttle, a wedding shuttle, or a shuttle service entirely of your own design. Our network of bus partners provides a versatile range of bus types for every group size and every budget, while our award-winning 24/7 customer support is on hand to help you at every step of your booking.

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Popular types of shuttles

Bus.com is a specialist in commuter shuttles that cover both long and short distances.

Employee shuttles

Employers may choose to use an employee shuttle for a number of reasons, whether it be for the sake of saving money, saving time, or the added convenience of having your employees in one central place. By cutting out the stress of commuting, you can help increase productivity and overall workplace satisfaction for your employees.

Airport shuttles

Forgo the stress of finding a taxi or hotel shuttle by using a shuttle bus or van to pick up your group at the airport. While airports allow for the convenient pace of air travel, they are often located a distance away from the city center. An airport shuttle is the best way to ensure that a group arrives together and on time.


Festivals are an exciting way to bring fans and artists together to celebrate a common theme, but accessing their grounds can prove to be a challenge. Whether a festival is located in a congested city center or further afield, a shuttle is more convenient and more environmentally friendly than private transportation.


Private transfers

No matter your needs, Bus.com can offer private transfers in a variety of configurations. Private transfers are generally used by tour groups, student groups, non-profit organizations, weddings, sports teams, and even family reunions.

Shuttles in the time of COVID-19

Bus.com is committed to the safety of our passengers, bus drivers, and communities. For your peace of mind, we are able to offer the following procedures during the time of COVID-19:

  • The disinfecting of hard surfaces
  • Hand sanitizer availability aboard buses
  • Mask and gloves being worn by driver
  • Bus driver stepping out of the bus for boarding
  • Masks for passengers (by request)
  • Socially distanced bus layout (by request)

Bus.com is trusted by companies big and small

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Why Bus.com?

Flexible shuttle options

Our shuttle services can be customized to fit your needs — whether it be one trip, multiple trips, or even trips on a continuous basis.

Fully-vetted service


As is always the case at Bus.com, all of our shuttle services come with vetted, professional drivers with knowledge of the surrounding area.

Service we can stand by

Our 24/7 customer care team is standing by to help you book short term, long term, and even last-minute employee shuttle bookings.

What is an employee shuttle service?

Shuttle services efficiently move employees between designated assembly sites and workplaces — or even from employee’s front doors to workplaces — quickly and reliably.  Staff shuttle services can be useful when normal transport access to workplaces may be limited, when there are otherwise poor transit options available to your employees, or when there is limited or no parking available for your employees’ private vehicles. Employee shuttles can improve productivity by ensuring your workforce arrives at their workplace as a cohesive unit, right on time, exactly where you need them. 

Popular vehicles used for shuttles

All Bus.com shuttle services are customizable. Below are the vehicle types most commonly used for shuttles — please consult our complete list of bus types to discover which vehicle could best suit your needs.


Sprinter van

Sprinter vans are nimble and efficient vehicles with a variety of configurations that balance passenger and cargo space. Sprinter vans make ideal shuttles for small teams, especially those with relatively large amounts of equipment, and they are especially valuable in tight downtown settings where parking larger vehicles would be an impossibility.


Mini coach

The mini coach features the same unrivalled comfort, sleek styling, and undercarriage storage of the full-sized coach bus but in a more compact package. Mini coaches are perfect for smaller teams, or for continuous circuit shuttle services. As is the case with their larger counterparts, mini coach buses can be outfitted with a host of optional amenities, including WiFi, power outlets, and more.



The minibus is an efficient and cost-effective choice for a shuttle service, specializing in comfortable short and medium distance hops between locations. The minibus is great for small and medium-sized teams and is also a great candidate for continuous circuit shuttles.

Why offer an employee shuttle service?

There are many benefits to running your own employee shuttle that go beyond convenience.


Team building

Employee shuttle services offer a rare period of loosely structured time for your employees to be assembled as a cohesive unit. Your employees can benefit from time to collectively plan for the coming workday or debrief and discuss results after the workday is through. These invaluable moments can go a long way in fostering increased team morale and creating more collaborative teams.


Congestion control

Employee shuttle services offer an affordable, reliable, and ecologically-friendly way to assemble your workforce, all the while reducing local traffic and ensuring employees arrive at workspaces together, on time, and ready to get to work. 


Increased productivity

Staff shuttle services can also benefit greatly from the inclusion of optional amenities such as WiFi connectivity and onboard power outlets. Your employees can keep their devices charged and connected while they fine-tune presentations, get a jump start on reading a brief, or deal with early morning emails — all before stepping foot in the office.

Popular airports for shuttle services

Bus.com offers reliable and cost-effective airport shuttle services from several of the country’s primary international airports.


Located 13 miles south of Downtown San Francisco, the San Francisco International Airport (SFO)  is one of the United States’ major gateways to Europe and Asia. Bus.com offers an affordable and hassle-free airport shuttle from just outside the terminals that can bring you comfortably into the heart of the City by the Bay in about half an hour.


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one of the busiest airports in the USA and can be confusing for even seasoned travelers.  Bus.com offers hassle-free and affordable airport shuttles with pickup points just outside the terminals at LAX, located 18 miles southwest of Downtown Los Angeles, a bus ride of about 25-minutes. 


Another airport notorious for being busy, the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is located in Queens, New York, 16 miles from Midtown Manhattan.  Bus.com offers a stress-free and affordable shuttle from just outside the terminal that will bring you comfortably into the heart of the big apple in about 45 minutes.


General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport in East Boston (Boston Logan)  is the busiest airport in the New England region. Bus.com offers a cost-effective and stress-free shuttle service with pickup points just outside the terminal that can whisk you safely and comfortably into the heart of historic Boston in a matter of minutes.

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