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Coaches rejoice! Finding a charter bus rental for your team just got a whole lot easier. Whether you’re prepping tournament travel, heading to an away game, or tailgating a pro-sports event—use to organize the transportation. Our online booking tool lets you browse and accept prices in minutes, and our professional charter bus rental services team will hook you up with an epic charter bus game plan.


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In order to better protect our customers and our bus partners, we have implemented new measures such as the disinfecting of buses between trips

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Our award-winning team of bus experts can offer custom solutions for you and your team — and our support team is can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Every sports team has their own budget. We are committed to finding you the best prices for you in your area — event at the last minute

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Do you need to store a mountain of hockey bags? Do you need room for an entire team’s worth of skis? No matter your needs, we have the perfect bus

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Everyone who has played sports knows how important it is to bond with your fellow players — a bus allows for more team-building time than separate cars do

Frequently asked questions for sports teams

Is it possible to have a bus rental for a sports team's entire season?

You most definitely can! Because your itinerary will be more complicated than basic point A-to-point B, you’ll need to communicate with your booking specialist. They’ll help you put together a transportation program that covers your entire season. If you’re booking for a major sports event or an away tournament, take advantage of our pro services. You’ll still enjoy all the perks of online booking through—24/7 support, coast-to-coast coverage, vetted drivers, etc.—but you’ll also receive more specialized attention. If you need on-site staff, passenger ticketing solutions, day-of monitoring, or other tailored services we’re here to help!

Can I book a sports team bus rental for a single game?

But of course! Chartering a bus for a single game is easy with the booking tool. Input your departure and arrival points, travel date, and preferred bus, then request a quote. This is a simple booking option that you can do in minutes. Despite its ease, we still recommend booking your bus at least six months in advance. We can accommodate last minute bookings, but you may have to pay more for your ride.

Can I charter a bus for my team from the airport?

Yes! In fact, we highly recommend it. Rather than hire a dozen cabs to transport your team to their hotel, use a charter bus. You’ll save on transportation, keep everyone together, and provide your players with a streamlined travel experience that’s easy to follow. Speak with your booking specialist to organize airport pickup, whether it’s from JFK or LAX. Our team knows all the ins and outs—from choosing loading zones to coordinating with airport staff.

How much will it cost to rent a bus for your team?

That depends on the length of your trip, the bus you choose, the region you’ll travel through, and the time of year. While prices vary, the best way to ensure you get the best bang for your buck is to book early. Get a free quote using our Online Booking Tool, and take advantage of our Book Now, Pay Later policy to secure your bus at an early bird price, then wait to pay until 21 days before departure.

How many people fit on a bus?

The coach bus fits a maximum of 55 passengers, the school bus holds 47, the mini coach bus 32, and the minibus 21. When you calculate the amount of seats you need, don’t forget to include coaches, management, parents, and anyone else traveling with your team. If you have not rented a coach bus and you’re moving lots of equipment, reserve a few seats for luggage. It is illegal to store stuff in the aisles. Which brings us to our next point.

Do buses have enough storage for sports equipment?

Yes! The coach bus has a huge undercarriage that can store everything from basketballs to hockey gear to duffel bags and more. Even if your team isn’t large enough to fill all 55 seats in the coach bus, you’ll want to rent this bus if you’re moving lots of equipment. The undercarriage is also a great place to store tents, lawn chairs, tables, and other tailgating essentials. When you pack, make sure everything is secure and protected so that it arrives at the game safe and sound.

Which amenities are available on these buses?

The coach bus is the top of the line, with wifi, power outlets, air conditioning, on-board restrooms, audio-visual equipment available. But don’t worry if you’ve opted for another bus. You’ll still get something safe and comfortable. Like the coach bus, the mini coach bus can be equipped with wifi and A/C. Get a DVD and TV system on a minibus. And if you’ve got a school bus, you’ll enjoy a little nostalgia and an easy-to-manage price.

In addition to reserving a bus, can I also book hotel rooms?

Yes, you can visit our hotel reservation site to book hotel rooms for your group.

Is it possible to rent a vehicle without a driver?

All of our bus rentals are chauffeured and come equipped with a fully-vetted and experienced driver with a proven track record of no prior incidents.

My question hasn't been answered here. Is there somebody I can talk to?’s support team is there for you 24/7. Please reach out by calling us 1-855-428-7266 or emailing us at [email protected].

Which vehicle is right for my team?

Just like sneakers, cleats, and skates, charter buses aren’t one-size-fits-all. You need to select the vehicle that fits. Depending on the size of your team and the distance you’ll travel, you’ll want to select either a coach bus or school bus. You may even opt for a mini coach or minibus, if you’re travelling with a small team. One of the biggest factors in bus selection for sports teams is the amount of equipment your players need. If you travel with massive duffel bags, rent a coach bus. The undercarriage is essential for sports that are heavy on equipment, like hockey, and football. is trusted by companies big and small

Types of sports bus rentals

Professional Teams

Our extended network allows you to consistently find luxury coach buses for anything from overnight trips to airport pick-ups for visiting teams.

Athletic Competitions

We’ve organized group transportation for thousands of amateur athletes participating in events like Spartan Race, Mud Girl Run, and Warrior Dash.

Pick-Up Leagues

New coaches or peer organizers will find it easy to find information about different types of bus rentals, and organize budget-friendly transportation for their teams with our user-friendly platform.

Fans & Tailgate Buses

Being able to follow their favorite teams on the road, New England Patriots fans have lauded our tailgating shuttle from Boston to Gillette. Fan buses are a great way to allow your team’s biggest fans to witness your victories! is North America's most-trusted charter bus company

Types of sports teams


When soccer teams travel together, they play together. Team bus rides have led to some legendary conversations, stories told, and road trip games played — and these are memories players of any age will hold with them for life. As a coach, you can use your travel time wisely. With all your players sitting row by row, the team bus is like a rolling locker room. On the way to the game, you can revise the game plan, announce the starting lineup, or deliver your memorable pregame speech. Since soccer doesn’t require a ton of equipment, you can likely bypass the undercarriage storage option with your bus rental. That means opting for a school bus or a minibus.


There’s a reason football teams have what seems like a hundred coaches — it’s a complex game that requires attention to detail and preparation like no other sport. As a coach, you can’t afford to take your eye off the ball. Luckily, you can trust the team with your transportation plans so that you can keep your focus on the upcoming away game. With a charter bus rental, so many of the details are taken care of for you. Just set a pick-up location where everyone can meet, and your expert driver will make sure you get to your game on time and without hassle. Bonus: when the whole roster travels together, you don’t have to stress about anyone showing up late.


So you’ve got a big away tournament upcoming? What’s a staple of any minor hockey season can also be a major headache to plan. Get ready to cross transportation planning off your long to-do list. Renting a team bus for the duration of the tournament is your most convenient option, giving you a driver that knows their way around a city you’re not used to. If you can swing it, consider chartering a bus with enough room for players, coaches, and parents. Given the amount of equipment hockey teams carry, it’s best to travel with undercarriage storage space. The coach bus provides room for all your gear and your sticks.


Basketball rosters aren’t huge, but its players are known for being on the tall side. That makes carpooling tough, especially considering tall athletes don’t want to cram into a tight backseat prior to a big game. For your next away game or tournament, charter a bus rental so your players can be comfortable on the road and show up with game-ready muscles and joints. Plus, on a team bus, players get to know one another better and have time to bond. For the senior or beer league team where everyone is already friends, then a team bus just makes for plain old good times.


Few sports create a bond between its players quite like rugby. Once you play on a rugby team with someone, sharing a ruck or battling through a scrum with them, you’re unified for life. So for all that’s been said about the chemistry-building element of the team bus, a rugby squad is the perfect fit for charter bus travel. Facing off against your rival school next week? Show up in a team vehicle and you’ll already be one step ahead of the competition.

Ultimate frisbee

Few sports create a bond between its players quite like rugby. Once you play on a rugby team with someone, sharing a ruck or battling through a scrum with them, you’re unified for life. So for all that’s been said about the chemistry-building element of the team bus, a rugby squad is the perfect fit for charter bus travel. Facing off against your rival school next week? Show up in a team vehicle and you’ll already be one step ahead of the competition.

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