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Field trip charter bus rentals

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Field trips are great learning opportunities for K-12 students. However, whenever children are being transported, the number one concern is always how to keep them safe. A field trip bus rental from is the best way to get your class where they need to be. Not only is traveling by bus safe, but it requires fewer drivers and chaperones (compared to private vehicle transportation). A bus rental also allows you to keep an eye on your entire group at once — an invaluable advantage for teachers.

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In order to better protect our customers and our bus partners, we have implemented new measures such as the disinfecting of buses between trips
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Field trip organizers frequently asked questions

Are field trip bus rentals safe?

All drivers and partners have gone through our thorough vetting process and possess up-to-date and valid licenses. We conform to all federal and state or provincial charter bus safety stipulations which includes US D.O.T regulations or regulations put forth by the Federal Government of Canada. Please contact us if you have any specific concerns about any of our safety procedures.

Do you offer accessible school buses?

Equal access for students with special needs to all educational activities is not just a legal requirement. We recognize that, as a teacher, you want every student to participate in field trips and share the opportunities with the group. If you require an accessible school bus for your bus rental, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can find the right charter bus for your needs.

Do bus rentals have room for children's backpacks?

It depends on the charter bus. All coach bus comes standard with a spacious undercarriage that can be used to store all kinds of luggage and equipment. If you rent a school bus for a field trip, some do offer storage in the undercarriage — please contact us if you believe you may need a large storage area for your group’s cargo.

How many people fit on a bus?

From smallest to largest, the bus capacity numbers are: minibus (21), mini coach bus (32), school bus (47), and coach bus (55). Pro tip: when calculating the number of passengers that you have, don’t forget to include teachers, parents, and any other chaperones who may be present.

Do your buses come with a driver?

The majority of rentals from are chauffeured, meaning they come with a fully-licensed professional bus driver. However, if you prefer to drive your group on your own, we do offer sprinter van rentals that do not come with a driver.

Do you offer bus rentals for overnight trips for my students?

Yes, when you rent a bus, it can be used for overnight trips. The most common charter bus type for this type of trip is the coach bus, as the trips tend to be longer. Please note that all of our drivers compile with all federal regulations, which mandates the amount of time that a driver is allowed to drive for without stopping. If your trip includes overnight stops, the cost of a hotel for your driver will be included in your bus rental price.

I have a question that is not answered here. Who can I talk to?’s support team is there for you 24/7. Please reach out by calling us 1-855-428-7266 or emailing us at Also, don’t forget to check out our full FAQ to see if your question is answered there.

Which vehicle is right for my group? is trusted by companies big and small
Types of grade-appropriate field trips
Preschool field trips focus on fun, but they also deliver educational value. It is advisable not to travel with your preschoolers too far: stick to the distance within an hour's drive or shorter. Very young students get bored and homesick quickly. This is excellent news for your budget: a minimal package of 4-5 hours of the field trip bus rental is likely to cover your entire trip. You will be surprised how many preschool learning opportunities there are within just 30 minutes by bus! Here are a few field trip ideas: a local bakery, pet caring lessons at a nearby shelter, visiting a fire station, a library, a nursing home, an apple orchard, a local aquarium, a children's theater, a farm or a greenhouse nursery, a pumpkin patch. Many of them are free to visit.
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Do you have a smaller group and a destination within 2.5 hours of driving? Renting one of our minibuses is a great option for short trips taken by small groups. Mini coaches, which are a smaller version of the coach bus, are also another option for small groups who are looking for the highest comfort level available. While mini coaches are great for hops across your town, they particularly excel at longer trips.
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Middle school
A day field trip can vary in length from a few hours to the full day, and be an academic field trip to showcase the concepts you study in class, or an extracurricular field trip to introduce new interests and incite the imagination. Food banks, shelters, recycling plants, environmental facilities, museums, plays, or even a sports arena backstage can make for great middle school field trips. While sitting on the bus together or working on the activities, your students will improve their teamwork and communication skills, too.
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High school
Experiential learning through high school field trips can help to shape values and impact the future of students. By being exposed to life experiences that they would never get in the classroom, working through them as a group, and processing the impressions with your guidance, they can learn real-world skills or connect to an interest that will become their future profession. Hospitals, the mayor's office, laboratories, assisted living facilities, community services, animal farming, and local businesses can make meaningful and useful high school field trips.
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