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The coach bus, sometimes called the motor coach, is more comfortable than your average car or school bus. Amenities like audio-visual equipment, wifi, and air conditioning can be included in your coach charter bus rental—all adding up to create one very pleasant ride. Even the most seasoned traveller must acknowledge that the coach bus has worked its way up in the ranks in terms of becoming the comfiest means of group transportation.



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Coach bus rental prices

Whether you’re ready to rent a coach bus or you’re just beginning your travel planning, you’ll want to be well-informed of charter bus costs. Motor coach rentals are budget-friendly, but not typically an impulse buy. Here are some answers to some of the most-asked questions customers have regarding the cost of a bus rental.

How much does it cost to rent a coach bus?

The average coach bus rental cost ranges from $600 to $1200 per day. Please note that a charter bus cost is subject to vary based on many factors such as your trip date, length, and location. Visit our online booking tool to receive an instant accurate overview of the charter bus cost of your particular trip.


When chartering a coach bus, there are certain factors that come into play to affect charter bus costs. The most important factor that changes a charter bus price? Time.


When you book––from the time of day to the time of year––will have a significant impact on the cost to rent a charter bus. For example, coach buses typically run higher bills during night routes, given that suppliers often need to pay drivers a premium when driving after dark. Prices also peak during longer trips.


The more time spent on the road, the higher your bus rental costs will be due to mileage rates, fuel surcharges, and the possibility of employing multiple drivers to cover the distance of the trip.

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest charter bus prices?

There are a few ways to hunt down a low bus rental price. One strategy is to book in the off-season, as this tends to be when charter bus rental prices are at their lowest. The off-season is generally between December and March. Even if you are not traveling during this time, it’s still possible to secure a better bus deal by booking far in advance.

Coach bus amenities

Coach buses are the perfect charter bus option for longer trips or for groups that require more space for luggage. Check out these FAQs to learn more about what amenities are available on a coach bus.

What is a coach bus?

A coach bus is a large motor vehicle used for transporting groups of up to 55 people. A coach charter bus rental is the preferred type of bus for a variety of groups, from sports teams that use them for tournaments or bands who use them as a tour bus.

How many people fit on a charter coach bus rental?

Most coach buses transport up to 55 passengers. Depending on the design of the bus, there might be one or two fewer seats. When you calculate the amount of buses needed to accommodate your trip or shuttle service, remember to include the number of chaperones, tour guides, or other facilitators in your guest list.

Who usually rents coach buses?

Many types of teams charter coach buses, from corporate clients to sports teams to student groups.

Sports teams will benefit from the undercarriage, which has room to store huge duffel bags full of hockey, football, or track and field equipment. Corporate clients will benefit from the level of comfort office workers and executive travelers tend to expect. You’ll also want to charter a coach bus any time you’re traveling for more than two and a half hours. Having fewer pit stops lets you spend more time on the road, shortening the driving time and ultimately making up for the bump in price. And if you’re traveling in a hot region, like Miami or Los Angeles, you’ll definitely want to spring for air conditioning.

Which amenities are available on a coach bus?

Out of all the charter bus types, the coach is the most luxurious. But there are levels of comfort to the coach bus that depend on the amount of features you request. The standard coach bus rental includes an on-board restroom, a vetted and courteous driver, and a massive undercarriage for extra luggage or sports equipment.

Coach buses are the roomiest option out of all the bus types, with plenty of undercarriage space for any and all of your luggage. With the possibility of having dedicated storage both below and above seats, you’ll be able to bring along your baggage worry-free and access your carry-on during your journey.

Are coach buses wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most coach buses are wheelchair accessible. However, to be sure that your specific coach is equipped to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs, confirm with your Booking Specialist.

Are coach buses comfortable?

In short, absolutely. On top of the standard features, you can request audio-visual equipment, power outlets, wifi, and air conditioning to make your ride all the more cushier. With every extra amenity, your ride only becomes more comfortable and fortunately, adding amenities doesn’t add a lot to the price of your coach bus. It simply narrows the field of bus companies from which we can source your bus. Our network of charter bus companies is over 2,300-strong and spans all across North America, so we’re sure to find a coach in your region that checks all your boxes at an affordable price.

What is the average length of a charter bus?

The coach bus is long and wide. On average, a full-sized coach will measure 39’4” (12 m) long and 8’4” (2.55 m) wide.

Are there other coach sizes available?

Yes, it is possible to rent a motor coach that is smaller than the standard size in the form of the mini coach.

What are the benefits of renting a coach bus?

The most obvious benefit of renting a more comfortable vehicle is that you can spend more time on the road without complaint. When you travel by coach bus, you’ll still want to make the occasional pit stop, but you won’t have to scour the road for parking every time one of your 55 passengers has to use the restroom. The air conditioning and entertainment equipment also make it so passengers don’t get restless during your trip.

Corporate clients expect a certain standard of travel. Make sure you fulfill their expectations byrenting an executive coach bus.

Why do people typically rent a coach bus?

Typically used for long-distance travel, coach buses tend to be chartered by large groups that need transportation from one city to another. Coach buses are rented by big groups like sports teams to move coaches, players, and their entire support staff to out-of-town games, or even sports fans looking to rent a coach bus to attend tailgate parties for their favorite teams.

If you simply want to be more comfortable during your trip, renting a coach bus is also an excellent option, especially when you consider all the amenities that may not be available on other bus types. Companies often use coach bus charters in order to bring their employees to corporate retreats or conferences. With outlets on board and the possibility of adding WiFi, people are able to remain productive and stick to their routine, even while on the road!

How to rent a coach bus

Ready to charter a coach bus rental? Check out these FAQs on how to rent a coach bus and learn how to best plan your next group trip.

Which details do I need to know before booking a coach bus?

To start, you’ll need to know the number of guests you’ll be transporting, the date of your trip, the venues you’ll visit, and an idea of the type of bus you’d like to ride. You’ll also need the contact information of the person responsible for booking transportation—which may be you. Input this information into our online booking tool to receive a custom quote for your trip. You’re under no obligation to accept a quote, so feel free to play around with different group sizes, different dates, and different bus types.

How do I book a coach bus rental? makes this process easier than ever. Rather than calling a dozen providers to find a coach bus, simply request a price option using our online booking tool. We’ll scour our network of bus partner companies to find the one that can provide your ultimate coach bus rental at the best price. Once you have accepted a quote, our award-winning booking specialists will reach out to complete the booking. You can then take advantage of our Book Now, Pay Later option, and put off paying until 21 days before your departure. 24 hours before you leave, you will receive your driver’s name and phone number and an emergency number to contact if there are any problems. If you have questions, our customer-service team is here to help!

What's the best way to charter a coach bus near me?

You can check on the local availability of coach buses in your area by filling out the details of your upcoming trip into our online booking tool. If you can’t find an available bus that suits your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 customer care team for assistance at 1-855-428-7266 or [email protected].

When should I rent a coach bus?

It’s best to book your motor coach rental at least 6 months in advance. As your departure date approaches, bus availability tends to dwindle and consequently, prices tend to increase. We can provide last minute coach bus rentals, but it won’t be at that sweet early-bird price. Our Book Now, Pay Later option makes booking early easy.

Pro tip: Find out when your city’s tourism industry is at its peak. If you’re traveling during that time, book even earlier. For example, the prime time for weddings in San Francisco is autumn. If you’re renting a coach bus for a wedding shuttle service in the fall, aim to book your bus at least 9 months in advance.

Is it possible to rent a coach bus without a driver?

No. As a special driver’s license is required to drive a coach bus, we only offer chauffeured coach bus rentals. However, we do offer sprinter van rentals that can be driven by a member of your group.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?’s support team is there for you 24/7. Please reach out by calling us 1-855-428-7266 or emailing us at [email protected].


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In order to better protect our customers and our bus partners, we have implemented new measures such as the disinfecting of buses between trips

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Available coach bus models

When it comes to renting a coach bus, one size does not fit all. That's why is happy to offer a variety of modern coach bus models with various passenger capacities and amenities, to better fit your trip size and budget.












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Other types of bus rentals

Every bus rental offers its own perks, so it can be hard to determine which one is a good fit for your group. However, there’s a reason why a deluxe motorcoach is often the most preferred option among renters. Unlike school buses and minibuses, the coach bus offers comfortable amenities like a washroom onboard.

Coach bus uses

Corporate trips

Whether you’re hosting or attending a trade show, a conference, an off-site meeting, or a company retreat, your transportation needs to run smoothly. Corporate groups rent charter buses for a variety of reasons. A motor coach rental is perfectly suited for large groups, offering seating for upwards of 55 passengers and unparalleled comfort that is sure to impress your guests.

K-12 field trips

Field trips can be a great experience for students, but they can also be a logistical hassle for educators. Whether you need to rent a charter bus to get you to a museum exhibition, a science demonstration, a theme park, or an out-of-town wilderness adventure, a coach bus is our most comfortable bus type and is perfect for keeping your students together.


Weddings are special occasions, but they can present transportation challenges. Wedding planners, brides, and grooms rent coach buses to help their wedding run smoothly. No matter the exact needs of your ceremony or reception, if you want to rent a charter bus, we can help. Our sleek coach buses easily match the formal tone of a wedding and are a great fit for larger wedding parties.

Student groups

Coach buses are a great choice for college and university group trips. They’re our largest bus type, accommodating up to 55 passengers in most configurations and come standard with an onboard restroom that can make a huge difference on longer trips. If you’re looking for a luxury charter bus for rent, coach buses are also fully customizable with a range of amenities.

Spiritual/church groups

Religious and spiritual trips can vary greatly in their needs and specifications, but most of them rely on motor coach rentals for trips. Our coach buses are our largest charter bus type and are purpose-built for comfort, even over long distances. Our coach buses can be equipped with a variety of optional amenities including AC, Wi-Fi connectivity, TV/DVDs, and power outlets.


Coach buses are well suited for impressing conferences guests with spacious leather bucket seats, onboard restrooms, and generous legroom. Coach buses also offer a range of optional amenities, including DVD/TVs, WiFi connectivity, AC, and power outlets. A charter bus rental can ensure your guests’ comfort, connectivity, and productivity in-transit so that they arrive at conferences well-rested and eager to engage.

Companies big and small use

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Event planners

From seminars and galas to trade shows and reunions, the transportation needs of event planners can vary widely. Coach buses are a great choice for their versatility, featuring high passenger capacity, spacious undercarriage storage, a focus on passenger comfort, and professional styling that blends seamlessly into casual and formal events alike. Coach buses include standard onboard restrooms and also offer event planners a wide range of optional amenities, including WiFi connectivity, AC, power outlets, and more.

Construction projects

Construction projects often rely on efficient group transportation; be it to ferry workers, engineers, inspectors, or prospective investors to or between worksites, a deluxe motorcoach is a great choice for the job. Coach buses offer an ideal cost-effective transportation solution with high passenger capacity, generous undercarriage storage, and first-class comfort to ensure passengers arrive rested and ready for work.


Traveling sports teams looking for a comfortable and cost-effective mode of transportation are a perfect match for the coach bus. Ample undercarriage storage for team equipment, an onboard restroom, and roomy seating with plenty of legroom provide everything a team needs to arrive at their sporting events in perfect form. A Coach bus also provides the widest possible range of optional amenities, including TV/DVD equipment, onboard WiFi, power outlets, and AC.

Shuttle services

Alongside traditional bus types, also services shuttle services for employees, hospital workers, and more. A coach bus makes for a comfortable shuttle option for medium and large groups.

Military personnel

Deluxe motorcoach transportation is an ideal choice for all branches of the military in need of efficient and affordable options. Coach buses have the largest passenger capacity among charter buses, generous passenger capacities, onboard restrooms, and separate undercarriage cargo bays. Coach buses also feature many optional amenities that can ease long-distance relocations, including AC, power outlets, and WiFi capabilities.

Government groups

For municipal, state, or federal government transportation needs, chartered coach bus bookings offer high seating capacity, undercarriage storage, and a range of available amenities, including AC, WiFI capabilities, and power outlets. Furthermore, coach buses are a more cost-effective and sustainable option than commercial airline travel, and they provide roomier seating and more comfortable passenger accommodation overall. With, bus rental prices always include tax and tip, which makes financial planning easier than ever.

Tour groups

Coach buses are the most comfortable charter bus type, making them a great choice for tour groups. Coach buses feature the highest seating capacity of all bus types, generous storage compartments, an onboard restroom, large windows, and roomy leather bucket seats with ample legroom for all passengers. Additionally, they offer the widest variety of optional amenities, including AC, WiFi, TV/DVDs, and power outlets. Thanks to low charter bus prices, it may be the most cost-effective option for larger groups who are traveling together.


Coach buses are a great cost-effective fit for festivals for their high seat capacity, generous undercarriage storage, and comfortable guest accommodations, including an onboard restroom. Additionally, of all charter bus types, coach buses feature the widest variety of optional amenities to keep passengers comfortable and entertained when traveling to and from venues. These optional amenities include AC, TV/DVDs, WiFi, and power outlets. Oftentimes, the bus rental price will be less than the cost of renting a number of multiple smaller shuttles.

Touring bands

As the most comfortable of all bus types, coach buses are perfect for touring bands when proper rest and recuperation between shows can make all the difference. Coach buses include spacious seating, onboard restrooms, and dedicated undercarriage storage space for instruments and equipment. Additionally, coach buses can be outfitted with optional amenities like WiFi, TV/DVD, AC, and power outlets to provide a cozy home away from home for bands on the road.


Coach buses are a cost-effective and professional choice for non-profit groups in need of group transportation. Coach buses are extremely versatile, featuring high seating capacity, plenty of undercarriage storage, and an onboard restroom. Coach buses also feature a wide range of amenities that can make even longer journeys enjoyable, including AC, WiFi, TV/DVDs, and power outlets for recharging devices.

Ready to rent a charter bus? is here along with you every step of the way. Use our online booking tool to discover itinerary options and charter bus price overviews.