Bus.com - Group transportation made simple

Group transportation made simple

Bus.com is a North American-based transportation leader known for
providing cost-effective, convenient, and enjoyable transportation solutions to Enterprise and Governmental organizations. We take pride in moving the world to make communities thrive through increased freedom of mobility, inclusion, and community development.


From its founding in 2014 to today, Bus.com has evolved from a ride-sharing platform to an industry leader in charter and transit services.

Bus.com by the numbers

Bus.com is a community leader, ISO 14 064-1 compliant.

10.4 Million

passengers moved

100 Cities

covered across North America

59,170 tons

of carbon emissions saved

Meet our Executive Team

Maxie Lafleur
Wolf Kohlberg
Co-founder and Head of Operations, Enterprise
Marie-Eve Prevost
GM Enterprise
Justin Pate
President, Transit
Dimitre Naoumov
Chief Financial Officer
Mikaël Calvez
Head of Product, Data and Technology
Clayton Collins
VP of Sales and Operations

North America's brightest investors believe in Bus.com