Transit options that work for everyone

Looking for reliable, turnkey transit that’s both human and efficient? Our on-demand technology and 24/7 support makes public transit more accessible, enjoyable, and affordable.

Powerful technology at your fingertips

Our on-demand technology empowers transit authorities, riders, and communities alike. Our web and mobile apps update routes, schedules, and GPS data for real time visibility.

Flexible fleets: only pay for what you use

Having an expanded range of vehicles with different sizes, accessibility options, and cost structures allows us to efficiently match the right vehicle with the right passenger at the right time.

For municipalities

Broaden your reach

Include underserved communities and reduce operational costs with flexible, on-demand transit technology that helps you scale and cover new ground.

Flexible fleets

Only pay for what you use. The right size vehicle at the right time.

Inclusive routes

On-demand transit means no passenger gets left behind.

Wider coverage

On-demand transit technology reaches more neighborhoods.

For transit agencies

Improve your experience

Boost ridership and transit capacity with customizable transit technology that builds upon your existing infrastructure to simplify operations and enhance rider journeys.


Upgrade without rebuilding. On-demand transit solutions that fit with existing infrastructure.

On-demand access

We provide transit solutions as soon as they’re needed, all over North America.

City scale

With advanced technology, we can offer custom solutions at the public scale.

For large infrastructures

Stand out from the crowd

Offer riders the perfect balance of public access and individual flexibility with agile, on-demand technology that efficiently scales and adapts to changing needs.

Cost effective

On-demand transportation that gives more and takes less.

24/7 customer service

Last-minute agility

On-demand solutions that can adapt to meet last-second needs.

Priority support

On-demand bus transit means your priorities are first in line.

Travel green

Proven to be one of the safest and most ecologically sustainable ways to get around, the charter bus is a great way to connect communities and reduce our collective footprint without compromising on safety and flexibility.

Reduce mileage

On-demand technology adapts routes to demand and circumstance.

Go electric

Our team has the knowledge and EV supplier network you need to convert your fleet.

Increase appeal

Connect with new riders by offering sustainability without compromise.

We can help you move to an all electric fleet

Adopting and integrating electric vehicles requires new knowledge, capabilities, and investment. can help simplify your transition to an all-electric fleet by leveraging our partnerships with EV manufacturers and suppliers.

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Get in touch

We’re eager to find new, innovative ways of helping you boost ridership. improve transit experiences and bolster sustainability.

We scale well

Our on-demand technology powers operational efficiency and real-time flexibility.

Access to the right charter buses

We have what you need

From school bus to coach, we have 40,000 vehicles at your disposal, coast-to-coast.

Dedicated trip advisor

We’re here 24/7

You’re never alone with our round the clock, award-winning customer care team.

Not what you’re looking for?

We provide simple, flexible, and scalable bus solutions for individuals, companies, and transit authorities alike. Explore our use cases to see where you fit in.

Shuttle to client pitches

Need to get your A-team to a client pitch a few hours away? Keep them focused with simple, cost-effective, and ecologically responsible charters on demand.

Host a bespoke bus tour

Organizing a local foodie tour? We’ll make transit easy with a painless booking process, flexible change and cancellation policies, and 24/7 support.

Bus to team retreats

Need to get your team off-site for a strategy retreat? Keep them connected and focused with simple, cost-effective, and ecologically responsible charters on demand.

Safety first

Our Covid-19 safety policy

Getting everyone to their destination safe and sound is our number one priority. That’s why we’re carefully following evolving North American guidelines and continually updating our safety measures to stop the spread.

Cleaning protocols

Before every trip, we meticulously clean every hard surface and purify the air.

Masks and gloves

Once your group has boarded, our drivers will wear masks and gloves at all times.

Hand sanitizer

Throughout your trip, you’ll have access to complimentary hand sanitizer.

Custom accommodations

To help you feel safe, we’ll gladly take extra steps like adapted seating plans.