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The minibus is the perfect vehicle for an efficient charter bus rental

Discover the most convenient and cost-effective way to transport smaller groups within and between communities. Corporate groups, student groups, and tourist groups are all people who may rent charter buses, and many of these groups prefer a minibus rental. With a similar interior layout to a school bus, but on a smaller scale, minibus rentals are ideally suited for tours involving short distance hops between local attractions, or as nimble feet vehicles in a looping shuttle service for corporate events with multiple venues. A minibus rental is as versatile as it is convenient, and is a great alternative to an 18 passenger van rental or 20 seater vans. Every minibus comes purpose-built for economy and efficiency above all else.



New: looking to rent a charter bus that be can be driven by a member of your team? We now offer sprinter van rentals that come with or without a driver. More information here.

Minibus pricing FAQs

Before you rent a bus, there are many questions that you may have. Consult our FAQ for the most commonly asked questions about minibus rentals.

What is the average minibus rental price?

The average minibus costs between $400 and $900 per-day.

Please note that minibus rental prices are subject to vary based on many factors such as your trip date, length, and location. Visit our online booking tool to receive an instant accurate pricing overview of the minibus rental prices for your particular trip.

What impacts the price of a minibus bus rental?

Your minibus rental may vary according to local availability, the time of the year, gas prices, the distance you plan to be traveling, and the entire duration of your trip. It’s important to keep in mind that the amount of time a driver spends driving is what is usually the factor that is most impactful to the price of your rental in the end. For help in understanding exactly what this means for your rental plans, consult our quick guide on how minimum drive times factor into your charter bus rental quote.

Minibus amenity FAQs

Minibus charter bus rentals are more suited for shorter distance trips and groups without luggage. But that doesn’t mean they don’t offer amenities to make those short jaunts comfortable. Learn more about minibus amenities from these FAQs.

How many people fit on a Minibus?

A minibus charter bus rental will provide seating for up to 21 passengers. If you’re planning a group trip with more than 21 passengers but need transportation within a similar price range, there are other charter bus options for you. A school bus rental can keep you on budget while providing seating for up to 52 people. As a van rental can generally accommodate up to 15 passengers, a minibus is a great option for groups of 16 passengers and more.

Which amenities are available on a minibus charter bus rental?

The standard minibus charter bus rental purposefully features a set of bare-bone amenities in order to keep your rental as inexpensive and streamlined as possible without loading the vehicle with amenities that you and your group won’t need. That being said, certain minibus configurations can be fitted with extras such as air conditioning, DVD/TV audiovisual equipment, and power outlets.

To ensure you book the charter bus rental that works best for you, be sure to speak with one of our award-winning booking agents. If your group requires more in the way of amenities and has fewer than 31 people, consider a mini coach bus, which includes standard overhead and undercarriage storage, and can be equipped with AC, DVD/TV equipment, power outlets, and WIFI connectivity. If your group is larger than 31 people, you may want to consider renting a full-size coach bus, which includes all of the aforementioned amenities in addition to an onboard restroom and can accommodate up to 57 seats depending on the configuration.

Is there a lot of storage on a minibus?

As is the case with the amenities available aboard, the storage space of a minibus rental is limited. Bear in mind that seating space can easily be repurposed as storage space, but if your group will be traveling with baggage or equipment, you may want to upgrade and rent a bus that comes with more storage — like a mini coach bus — which comes standard with overhead and undercarriage compartments designed to accommodate anything your group might need to bring along.

Are minibuses wheelchair accessible?

Although not a standard feature, we do offer minibuses with full wheelchair accessibility. To ensure that you rent a bus that meets your group’s needs, contact one of our award-winning booking specialists at least two to three months before the date of your trip. Our specialists can reach out to our network of over 2,300 bus partners, and connect you to the bus that best suits your needs.

Are minibuses comfortable?

Modern minibuses are purpose-built for efficiency and convenience, and are equipped with spacious, cushioned bench-seats that are very comfortable when traveling short distances. If your group is planning a trip projected to take longer than three hours, however, you may want to consider other charter bus rentals, such as a mini coach charter bus rental specially fitted for passenger comfort with top-of-the-line seating or even a full-sized deluxe coach equipped with an on-board restroom.

How to rent a minibus FAQs

Have decided that a minibus rental is right for your group travel needs? Ready to book your minibus charter bus rental? Check out these FAQs on how to rent a minibus.

Why should I rent a minibus for my trip?

Renting a minibus for your group’s trip is a great idea when convenience and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Minibuses are great options when efficient, timely transportation over short distances is required.

Why do people typically rent a minibus?

If your smaller group requires transportation for distances up to 300 miles, and added amenities or storage space isn’t required, then a minibus is ideal. Compared to full-sized school buses or coach buses, their smaller frames make pick-ups and drop-offs easier in urban centers, and allow for easier parking. Minibus charter bus rentals are also ideal for city or country tours with multiple destinations. and multiple minibuses can easily be used as a shuttle fleet for ferrying passengers between hotels and conference venues.

Is it possible to rent a minibus without a driver?

No. As a special driver’s license is required to drive a minibus rental, we only offer chauffeured minibus rentals that come with professional drivers. However, we do offer sprinter van rentals that can be driven by a member of your group.

Which details do I need to know before booking a minibus rental?

Before you rent a minibus, it’s important to determine the number of people that will be in your group. Also, determine the date of your trip, your itinerary, and your route.  Finally, input your trip parameters into our easy to use instant booking tool and generate a custom quote for your charter bus.

How do I book a minibus rental?

Once you’ve decided on the details of your trip, renting a minibus is simple with our online booking tool. Simply input your trip’s particulars and the tool will generate a custom quote. The tool won’t lock you into your quote before you’re ready, so feel free to experiment by adjusting your trip’s variables to find the perfect option for you.

Once you you’ve received a quote that fits your budget, you can take advantage of our book now, pay later option. This way you can secure your current quote and defer payment up to 21 days before your trip. A full 24 hours before your trip begins, you will be given your driver’s name and contact information, as well as an emergency 24/7 contact number that will connect you with our helpful staff if you experience a problem at any point.

How do I know if there's a minibus rental available near me?

Inputting your trip information into our quick, easy-to-use booking tool will not only find you the best minibus price options but the best minibus price options in your area. If you discover there aren’t any minibus rentals available near you for your required booking dates, please reach out to our customer care team for 24/7 support at 1-855-428-7266 or [email protected].

When should I rent a minibus?

The earlier you can book your minibus rental, the better. We recommend booking your trip six months in advance, or even nine months if you’re planning a trip during the peak season in your area. Of course, our staff can also help with last minute booking, but the closer you get to the date of your projected trip, the more likely it becomes that the bus you need will be more difficult to secure — and may be subject to price surges that can easily be avoided by booking well ahead.

After accepting a quote, you will be contacted by one of our award-winning booking specialists who will finalize your booking and answer any questions you may have. If you’ve received a quote you’re happy with, but are still finalizing your guest list or securing financing from your group, you may want to take advantage of our book now, pay later option. This will allow you to reserve your quoted price, but defer payment to up to 21 days before your trip.

Who usually rents minibuses?

Minibuses are rented by a wide variety of groups and organizations for an equally varied list of roles.

Schools, church groups, seniors groups and youth groups enjoy the cost-effectiveness as well as the roomy passenger cabins that make loading and unloading easy.

Corporate clients and wedding planners rely on minibus rentals to ferry their guests quickly between multiple locations. A minibus with all your guests onboard will guarantee your group stays together and arrives on time.

What are the benefits of renting a minibus?

Strange as it may seem, a large part of what makes a minibus rental appealing for group organizers is what it lacks. A minibus is intentionally lacking in unnecessary features that would only drive up the price of your rental. A minibus is ideal for keeping small groups together and getting them between local destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible. Their smaller frame grants them the versatility and maneuverability that larger buses lack, and makes parking in difficult areas much easier. This makes them perfect for field trips, sightseeing tours, and airport shuttles.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can talk to?’s customer service team is here for you to answer any questions about your charter bus rental. Please reach out by calling us 1-855-428-7266 or emailing us at [email protected].


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Available minibus models

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Other available bus types

Not sold on what kind of charter bus rental is right for you? offers a variety of options.

Uses for minibuses


If you have wedding guests to transport, why not rent a minibus? Most minibus rental configurations comfortably seat groups of up to 20, making them the perfect size for keeping your bridal party together and accounted for while you switch venues. A small bus rental is the perfect touch for your perfect day.

A minibus charter bus rental is a smart choice for corporate events when efficiency and affordability are key. As is the case with all of our charter bus rentals, our minibus rentals come with a vetted hired driver who knows the area you’ll be traveling through and will handle all your trips driving, parking, and navigation.

K-12 field trips

A minibus rental from also comes standard with a professional hired driver, carefully vetted and picked for their knowledge of the area you’ll be traveling through. When you rent a bus, your driver will handle all the navigation, driving, and parking throughout your trip. This will free you up to focus on your students, guaranteeing them the best possible educational experience while you’re out of the classroom.


Cost-effective and efficient, a minibus charter bus rental is an ideal choice for conference organizers. A minibus is well suited for small to medium-sized groups, or for running continuous shuttles between conference venues.  The small size of a minibus also ensures it can travel where larger buses might have difficulty.  A minibus can easily cross dense downtown cores, and facilitate loading and unloadings on even the busiest streets.

Shuttle services

Aside from traditional charter bus rentals, also offers dynamic shuttle services that can be adapted to fit any company or group’s specific needs. The minibus is a great choice for shuttles due to its compact size and affordability.

Event planners

The versatility and affordability of a minibus make it the perfect charter bus rental for event planners. Whether operating as a wedding shuttle, as bus transportation for a corporate seminar,  or a safe and reliable end-of-night service for a company holiday party, a minibus can fill a wide variety of roles. When you rent a bus, it is a great way to make sure your attendees won’t get lost in transit, and that they arrive together and on time.

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Companies big and small use

Student groups

When it comes to college and university events, their bus transportation needs can vary greatly. The minibus is our most economical bus type and is purpose-built for short hops across town, ideally with travel times of less than two hours, or as efficient circuit shuttles between multiple venues.

Spiritual/church groups

Transportation needs for spiritual group events can vary greatly. A minibus charter is perfect for smaller groups of up to 20 people and is a great way to avoid the hassle, cost, and confusion that can come with your group members having to arrange for their own but transportation.

Construction projects

Assembling workers for construction projects can be challenging, but the functionality and cost-effectiveness of a minibus can be an enormous help.  Whether a simple one-way charter or a recurring daily shuttle service, a minibus is a great way to transport small and medium-sized teams to worksites quickly and efficiently.  A minibus can contribute to team morale, providing time for your team to bond, while ensuring your workforce shows up together and right on time.


A minibus is an affordable choice for sports teams, particularly small to medium-sized teams without much equipment.  As with all charter buses from, a minibus comes with a vetted, professional driver with knowledge of the area you’ll be traveling through, guaranteeing none of your teammates will get lost trying to find a venue on their own.  Chartering a minibus for your sports team also provides a valuable opportunity for morale-building while in transit.

Military personnel

A minibus is a great choice for any branch of the military that needs to quickly and efficiently transport military personnel across short distances. A minibus is a functional and affordable choice, offering a comfortable ride without unnecessary amenities.  As with all charters from, a minibus charter also comes with a vetted, professional driver who will handle all driving and navigation, ensuring your team always arrives together and on time.

Tourist groups

A minibus makes a great option for small and medium-sized groups who require comfortable transportation but don’t need the size and specialty amenities provided by several of the other bus types. The minibus is ideal for efficient trips between one, two, or even several locations, and as is always the case at, our charter buses include a professional driver with knowledge of the areas you’ll be traveling through.


For small and medium-sized groups in need of affordable and reliable festival transportation, a minibus charter is an excellent choice. Your booking automatically includes a vetted, professional driver who will handle all the pickups and drop-offs,  leaving passengers free to bond on the ride in and recuperate while swapping stories on the way out.

Touring musicians

For touring bands, a minibus can provide comfortable and efficient transport without going over budget. As with all charter rentals from, a minibus also comes with a vetted, professional driver who will handle all the navigation, driving, and parking, so that all bandmembers can get the rest they need before each gig.


Non-profits often need transportation to fill a wide variety of roles. A minibus is an adaptable candidate to fill these roles thanks to its reliability, affordability, and focus on functionality. The minibus is a great fit for small to medium-sized teams, and our professional drivers ensure your teams won’t have to worry about the logistics of navigating, parking, or driving.

Government groups

A versatile minibus is well suited to municipal, state, and federal level transportation needs when requiring the efficient movement of small to medium-sized groups over short distances. Purposefully lacking some of the unnecessary luxuries of other bus types, the minibus remains surprisingly comfortable and is a perfect balance of functionality and cost-effectiveness.

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