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Using a chartered bus for your corporate trips has a number of advantages. Not only does this allow your team to stay together on the road, but you can also leave worries about navigating and parking behind, as well as keep your company’s CO2 footprint lower by forgoing the private car. 

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No matter how efficient the tools of remote cooperation have become, face-to-face remains the most efficient way to close large deals or help team members bond. So running a profitable, resilient, and culturally-healthy company requires regular corporate travel. 


Being an innovative business ourselves, understands every aspect of modern corporate travel. bus charter is a perfect option for any business trip, regardless of its scope, destination, and purpose. is trusted by companies big and small

Types of corporate trips

Conferences, trade shows, and conventions

Conferences, trade shows, and conventions are a way to share knowledge, establish profitable connections, and network within a specific industry. It is hard to imagine a company that would not benefit from participating in industry events. With more than one staff member attending a conference in an unfamiliar city, renting a charter bus is the most convenient, restful, and stress-free mode of transportation.

Team building

Team building is a way to get to know team members in an informal atmosphere, learn about the person behind the role, and hone communication and cooperation skills. Team buildings take many forms, but all of them benefit to the company’s success by improving the efficiency of their teams. The best team buildings happen outside of the too-familiar office, and every team will appreciate the comfortable convenience of a chartered bus.


Training is done most efficiently in a group setting and often requires going to a remote location for several days in a row. Taking a charter bus shuttle from the office to the training site is more convenient and sustainable than relying on public transportation or asking staff to drive themselves.

Company retreats

Company retreats are a form of reward for the hard work or successful cooperation for the company’s staff and partners, as well as a boost to the team’s morale and efficiency. Asking an employee or a client to take a family car away for several days might not be the most convenient option, so a charter bus is a useful and fair solution.

Which bus is right for my team?

All charter buses come with professional, local licensed drivers who are familiar with local destinations and law.
School bus
A classic school bus is a lean and functional vehicle that does the job of delivering even a very large team to a destination. School buses have special privileges on the road and when parking. The school bus is an excellent choice for short trips.
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Coach bus
A coach bus can carry 55 passengers and has several amenities to make it extra comfortable for longer trips. A coach bus is an excellent option if you travel together with business partners or have a complicated itinerary with a lot of time on the road.
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Minibus/mini coach
Minibus and mini-coaches are compact versions of larger vehicles equipped with similar features. Just like their larger counterparts, mini coach has a more extensive list of features and more storage space compared to a minibus.
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FAQs about corporate charter buses

How many passengers can each bus type fit?

The coach bus fits the highest number of passengers, at 55. Most school buses can carry up to 47 passengers. Mini coaches and minibuses transport up to 31 and 21, respectively.

My team wants to keep working on the road — which bus should I choose?

For the team who wants to keep working during their trip, coach buses and mini coach buses are the best choices. Both buses are equipped with power outlets and WiFi, which means that your team can stay connected and keep their devices fully charged.

Where do buses come from?

Our vast network of bus partners includes both large and small operators from across the United States and Canada. Relying on local operators allows for a shorter trip from the bus partner vehicle park to the site of the pick up, which results in a more efficient and cost-conscious service. Don’t worry — we fully vet all of our bus partners to ensure that their service is safe and professional.

I will be traveling with many colleagues. Can I rent several buses at once?

Certainly. can accommodate very large groups — we have transported groups of more than 80 buses before! Thanks to our single booking dashboard, you can rent several buses at once and manage even a very complicated itinerary in a single booking dashboard.

Can I arrange for long-term shuttle service?

You most definitely can rent a charter bus (or several) for an extended period, be it several weeks or months. Our drivers will pick your team up and drop them off at the training location and the office or other designated point for as long as you need it.

Can I use across multiple cities?

Yes. has a long experience of handling complex itineraries, which include multiple states and even cross-country cooperation projects. If your teams are located in both the United States and Canada, you can still rely on to be your single point of contact for the booking.

Can I rent an ADA accessible bus?

We would be happy to arrange an accessible bus rental for you. We just ask that you mention this in your booking as far in advance as possible so that we can arrange the perfect vehicle for you.

Can provide my company with detailed required paperwork?

Yes — will supply you with all the paperwork required for both your reports to your senior managers and your accounting team. 

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