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From conferences, expos and trade shows to a regularly scheduled employee shuttle service, corporations rely on charter bus rentals from for a variety of purposes – and with good reason! A corporate bus rental and corporate shuttle service is reliable, affordable and lowers a company’s carbon footprint. Plus, with lush seating and amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi, passengers in corporate shuttle bus services can strap in for a comfortable ride. Book your corporate charter bus rental today!

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Traveling with a corporate group? It can be quite harrowing to sort out all the details and keep everything on time. With a charter bus rental powered by you can skip the hassle of dealing with separate cabs and ride-shares that split up your group. Talk to our specialists about smarter mobility solutions and renting a corporate shuttle service from

Centralized operator search and communication

Customizable shuttle options

If your crew needs Wi-Fi while you’re en route to the office, a jobsite or corporate event, the booking specialists at will make sure you have all the on board amenities you desire. Whether you're looking for high-end amenities like audio-visual systems to keep you entertained or just the basics like air conditioning,’s versatile fleet of charter buses and fully customizable corporate shuttle bus services will be optimized to make your travel experience just right.

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Flexible change policies

Sometimes, travel plans can go off the course. At, we’ve got your back to help you with a reliable corporate charter bus rental. Additionally, with our handy Book Now, Pay Later policy, you can launch your corporate shuttle bus service without stressing about finalizing costs. Talk to our specialists today about the flexible charter bus options available.

Corporate Charter Bus Rental FAQs

Why rent a corporate charter bus rental?

Imagine this: you’ve got a big corporate event or retreat coming up, and you want to make sure everyone reaches the destination together and without any hassles. This is where corporate charter bus rental and corporate shuttle bus services can be invaluable. Whether you’ve got a small crew or a huge gathering, has the right transportation solutions for your expo, trade show or worksite. Rent a bus for a seamless corporate event!

What are the benefits of renting a charter bus rental for your corporation?

From sprinter vans for tight-knit groups to the full-size coach bus rental for a massive entourage, with you are assured of the optimum mode of transport. When you book a corporate charter bus rental or corporate shuttle bus service from, you’re actually helping the environment too. Offering a subsidized or a free shuttle service to employees can be a great incentive that can help you beat labor shortages. For cities and airports, a micro mobility solution can be the perfect way to reduce congestion. So be a part of the solution and make your corporate shuttle services run smoother than ever with!

What amenities are available on corporate charter bus rentals?

The available amenities on your corporate charter bus rental will largely hinge on your group’s size and needs. Coach bus rentals, for example, can be outfitted with Wi-Fi, vehicle-wide air conditioning, modern audio-visual systems, power outlets and even onboard restrooms. If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly charter bus rental option, we also provide school bus rentals or minibus rentals with fewer perks to keep corporate shuttle service costs streamlined.

How much does a corporate charter bus rental cost?

The cost of your corporate shuttle bus service will depend on key factors like the total distance traveled, the number of stops and the overall duration of the journey. If you’re aiming for the most budget-friendly choice for larger groups when you charter a corporate bus rental, we’d suggest looking into a school bus rental. If you have a bit more flexibility in your budget, you could explore a coach bus rental or a mini coach bus rental. Simply provide our booking specialists with the relevant dates, times, the number of passengers and any specific storage needs to get a quote!

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest corporate charter bus rental price?

If the itinerary for your corporate retreat or event is already set, there’s no time like the present to secure your charter bus rental. While we can certainly accommodate last-minute requests for corporate shuttle bus services, reserving your corporate bus rental well in advance – particularly during off-peak periods – can significantly curtail overall expenses. Take the initiative today by inputting your travel dates and particulars into’s online booking system to receive an instant estimate for your corporate bus rentals!

How do I book a corporate charter bus rental?

Securing your corporate shuttle services is a breeze with’s user-friendly online booking tool. Just enter the essential information, including dates and destinations, as well as the number of passengers. Alternatively, if your corporate bus rental needs are more intricate, involving multiple stops, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our booking specialists to rent a bus. They’re ready to assist you in crafting an optimized travel itinerary and securing the best rental prices for your corporate shuttle bus service.

I have a question that wasn't answered here — is there someone I can talk to?’s customer service team is here for you to answer any questions about your charter bus rental. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

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Access to the right charter buses

Reliable transport across North America

No matter your starting point or destination, is prepared to handle journeys for groups of all sizes throughout North America. Our extensively screened professional drivers possess comprehensive knowledge of the roads and the optimal routes to ensure seamless transportation to event venues, hotels, restaurants and anywhere else on the itinerary in your corporate bus rental.

Centralized operator search and communication

Right sized, on-demand buses

Whether it’s a small corporate meeting with up to 15 attendees or a large-scale conference, trade show or expo involving thousands of participants, corporate bus rentals cater to your specific needs. Customize your travel experience and rent a bus to enjoy the amenities you desire. Or you can also opt for a streamlined corporate shuttle bus rental tailored for your business’ requirements.

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Customize your corporate charter bus rental

Planning a lengthy journey to a conference center or expo? Need a private onboard restroom and Wi-Fi to remain productive? Whether you’re looking for top-notch amenities like air conditioning and entertainment systems, or a more cost-effective charter bus rental option, we’ll customize your corporate shuttle service to optimize comfort and convenience.

Stay safe during your travels

Opting for a corporate charter bus rental not only facilitates group transportation but also enables you to establish essential safety protocols to mitigate the spread of diseases. Our team also screens all staff and drivers to uphold passenger safety standards. By collaborating with our booking team, you can efficiently coordinate transportation between hotels, venues and eateries while staying safe.

Flexible model, pay only for use

While striving for meticulous precision in corporate event planning is ideal, the truth is that things can often change when you rent a bus. That’s why event planners often make use of’s Book Now, Pay Later policy, enabling them to make further adjustments as the dates approach and the final vision takes shape for their corporate bus rentals.

Access to 24/7 support

At, our booking experts are committed to exceeding expectations in order to provide you with a seamless corporate travel experience when you rent a bus. As experts in transportation solutions, we are prepared for the unexpected and provide 24/7 customer service and assistance to manage any unforeseen circumstances for your corporate bus rental.

Popular types of corporate trips

Although corporate bus rentals and corporate shuttle services can be used for anything from a casual business luncheon to an employee shuttle service, what follows are some of the most popular reasons organizations book charter bus rentals with Whether it’s for a conference or trade show, a team building exercise, a training event or a company retreat, feel free to customize the onboard amenities of your corporate shuttle service to suit the specific needs of your passengers. Or take a look at some custom decal ideas and turn your corporate shuttle service into a billboard on wheels.

Conferences and trade shows

Business gatherings like conferences, trade shows and conventions present pivotal chances for individuals to connect with fellow professionals and expand their circle. Opting for a charter bus rental offers a hassle-free and convenient transportation solution for ferrying numerous team members to corporate events, particularly when in an unfamiliar city. Additionally, corporate shuttle services can be arranged to seamlessly transport attendees between event venues, hotels and the airport.

Team building

Team building activities stand as essential cornerstones of corporate culture. Team building provides employees with the opportunity to collaborate in a more relaxed environment, refining their communication and teamwork abilities. Introducing a charter bus rental into this equation takes the experience a step further, extending the impact beyond the event. As your team travels together, they can continue to interact and bond when you rent a corporate shuttle bus service, enhancing the overall experience.


Whether situated in distant areas or urban centers, group transportation on corporate bus rentals is frequently required for training sessions and offsite meetings. A convenient solution involves renting a corporate shuttle bus service to guarantee the secure and stress-free arrival of all participants. A corporate charter bus rental not only simplifies logistics but also promotes a sense of unity among attendees during the journey. With the option of W-Fi, employees can also get some work done en route to the training session when you rent a corporate shuttle service.

Company retreats

Corporate retreats offer excellent opportunities for fostering relationships and enhancing team spirit. Instead of arranging individual transportation, consider providing your company’s employees and associates with a hassle-free travel option for the company retreat through a corporate charter bus rental. Retreats are a place to relax and connect. So avoid adding extra burdens and pressures on your travel plans with expensive taxis and complicated rideshares or carpools. Rent a corporate shuttle bus service to simplify your transportation.

Featured Corporate Charter Bus Rentals

Corporate travel requirements will vary based on the specific event and group in question. Sometimes, even daily factors can have a significant impact on overall planning. Regardless of the number of passengers requiring ground transportation, can always offer the perfect charter bus rental solutions for corporate ground transportation across North America. Our versatile fleet allows you to customize transportation solutions to match your group’s size, travel distance, preferred amenities and budget. Choose for all your corporate shuttle bus rental needs!

Coach Bus Rentals

Coach bus rentals stand out as the zenith for luxury corporate bus rentals, offering an unparalleled travel experience. Coach bus rentals can be equipped with an array of contemporary amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi, efficient climate control, convenient power outlets, cutting-edge audio-visual equipment and even an onboard restroom, eliminating the need for unnecessary pit stops. Each coach bus rental can comfortably accommodate up to 55 passengers, making them the ultimate choice for extended journeys with larger groups. Secure your booking for your corporate bus rental today and prepare to embark on your trip in both opulence and comfort.

Minibus Rentals

Each delightful minibus rental accommodates up to 21 passengers, providing a rather cost-effective option compared to more expensive charter buses. The versatility of a minibus rental is especially evident when used as transportation for employees during busy conferences or even for a business meeting. For shorter journeys, minibus rentals provide a cozy and worry-free ride, guaranteeing top-notch quality. Complete with luxurious seating, state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, pleasant air conditioning and easily accessible power outlets, traveling in a minibus rental offers a seamless blend of comfort and effectivity.

School Bus Rentals

Perfectly suited for a variety of events, the iconic yellow school bus rental offers a remarkably efficient transportation solution as a corporate bus rental and corporate shuttle service. Although it may not feature an array of extravagant amenities, the simplicity of a school bus rental can be instrumental in maintaining a budget-friendly approach. Beyond its conventional role for students, a school bus rental can also transcend its typical application to emerge as an ideal choice for corporate shuttle services during expos and trade shows, with a capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 47 passengers per bus. School bus rentals are particularly advantageous for shorter to medium-length excursions with well-timed breaks en route.

Sprinter Van Rentals

When it comes to corporate events or retreats with fewer guests and shorter travel distances, opting for a sprinter van rental offers a blend of adaptability and comfort. Sprinter vans can accommodate up to 15 passengers each and also provide ample room for luggage. Some sprinter vans even feature amenities like power outlets and Wi-Fi. When combined with the efficient services of a fully-vetted professional driver, a sprinter van charter bus rental can transform into a mobile workspace. This allows team members to bond while en route to the meeting or special event when you rent a bus.

Mini Coach Bus Rentals

If your group consists of 32 to 40 passengers and you’re looking for the lavishness and convenience of a full-sized coach bus rental, a mini coach bus rental could easily be your go-to corporate bus rental and corporate shuttle bus service. In this case, opting for a mini coach bus rental not only presents a more budget-friendly option compared to a full-sized coach bus rental, but a mini coach bus rental should also perfectly cater to your space requirements. Despite being smaller, mini coach bus rentals still provide equivalent luxuries as their larger coach bus counterparts, including features like air conditioning, power outlets, audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi connectivity and generous storage.

Book the right bus type for your corporation is your ultimate partner for effortless corporate charter bus rentals. From conferences and trade shows to team building events and company retreats, we provide reliable, customizable transportation solutions across North America. With a variety of bus types at your disposal, you can tailor your corporate bus rental to suit your specific needs.   For large groups seeking opulence and comfort, our coach bus rentals offer luxurious amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi, climate control, power outlets and audio-visual equipment. Alternatively, minibus rentals strike a balance between affordability and efficiency, while school bus rentals are the most budget-friendly. Sprinter van rentals are ideal for shorter distances and smaller groups, providing adaptability and comfort with features like power outlets and Wi-Fi. And mini coach bus rentals cater to groups of 32 to 40 passengers, offering the lavishness of a full-sized coach bus rentals within a more budget-friendly and space-efficient package.’s on-demand model and award-winning booking agents ensure your trip is seamlessly organized. Our Book Now, Pay Later policy also allows flexibility for your corporate bus rental as you finalize the details of your event. Choose the right charter bus rental type and elevate your travel experience with, your trusted partner for hassle-free, comfortable and eco-conscious corporate charter bus rentals. Rent a bus today for a seamless corporate event!

Available bus types


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats


Minibus rental
Small groups, big moments
21 seats

Sprinter van

Sprinter van rental
Compact efficiency.
12-15 seats

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