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Popular types of corporate trips

Conferences and trade shows

Industry events such as conferences, trade shows, and conventions are key opportunities for people to meet other professionals and grow their network. Renting a charter bus is a convenient and stress-free mode of transportation to move many staff members to an event, especially in an unfamiliar city. If you’re a conference organizer, shuttle services are also available to transport participants back and forth between your event venue and their hotels.

Team building

Team building activities are indispensable building blocks of corporate life. They allow employees to work together in a less formal setting as they hone in their communication and collaboration skills. Add a chartered bus into the mix, and you’ll extend the experience beyond the event itself as your team will be able to mix and mingle during their trip as well.


Whether they’re located in remote locations or within the city, training sessions and offsite meetings often require group transportation. An easy solution that ensures that everyone gets to these safely and without worry is to book a corporate charter bus.

Company retreats

Company retreats are great occasions to build relationships and boost team morale. Rather than having to organize their own transportation, offer your company’s staff and partners a convenient way to travel to the retreat with a charter bus rental.

Why rent a bus or van for your corporate trip?

No matter how advanced remote tools have become, face-to-face interactions remain the most efficient way to close large deals or help team members bond. Moving your employees to those important meetings and events is essential for building a healthy and profitable company.

Renting a bus for your corporate travels allows you to organize easy, convenient group transportation that can be adapted to all your different business trip needs.

Which vehicle is right for my corporate trip?

Frequently Asked Questions about Corporate Bus Rentals

How many passengers can each bus type fit?

There are bus types of varying sizes to accommodate different groups. Being the largest vehicle, the coach bus can fit a total of 55 passengers. Most school buses can carry up to 47 passengers. Mini coaches and minibuses transport up to 31 and 21, respectively. The average sized sprinter van seats 12, although they can seat as many as 15 and as few as 8, depending on the model.

My team wants to keep working while we're on the road — which bus should I choose?

For teams who want to keep working during their trip, coach buses and mini coach buses are your best bet. Both buses are equipped with power outlets and WiFi, which means that employees can stay connected and keep their devices fully charged while en route to their destination.

Where do buses come from?

Our vast network of bus partners includes both small and large operators across the United States and Canada. Having established trusting relationships with local bus providers allows us to get you the best rates on the market and source from a multitude of available bus types. All of our bus partners are also fully vetted to ensure that the service you receive is safe and professional.

I will be traveling with many colleagues. Can I rent several buses at once?

Definitely! can accommodate very large groups — we even helped organize trips with more than 80 buses before. Through our platform, you can rent several buses at once and manage complicated itineraries all within a single, comprehensive dashboard.

Can I arrange for a long-term shuttle service?

Yes — you can rent a charter bus (or several ones) for an extended period, whether it’s for several weeks or even months. Vetted bus drivers will pick your team up and drop them off at the office, training location, or any other designated point for as long as you need. We can help you organize shuttle services for your company for various occasions.

Can I use across multiple cities?

Absolutely. is experienced in handling complex itineraries, which also include trips across multiple states and between the United States and Canada.

Can I rent an ADA accessible bus?

We would be happy to arrange an accessible bus rental for you. Simply let us know during your booking process as soon as possible, so we can source the right vehicle for your group travel.

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