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Online sprinter van rentals

Comfortable and efficient transport for small groups

Sprinter van rentals

Sprinter vans are a cost-efficient and comfortable way to transport small groups. Although similar in appearance to cargo vans, a sprinter van is actually a commercial vehicle that can sit up to 15 passengers. Sprinter vans feature large windows and comfortable fabric seats with adequate leg room. They are an ideal option for groups who are not large enough to require bus transport, or for groups that are heading to areas with limited parking or that may be hard to access by bus.

Sprinter van FAQs

What is a sprinter van?

A sprinter van is a large van that can sit up to 15 passengers. They are highly-customizable and known for their spaciousness and comfort.

How much does a sprinter van rental cost?

The cost of a sprinter van rental rates will vary according to a number of factors, such as region, season, and drive times. To get a detailed pricing breakdown for your individual trip, check out the instant booking tool.

How many passengers fit inside a sprinter van?

The maximum passenger number that can fit into a sprinter van is 15. However, some vehicles have a maximum capacity of 12 passengers.

What kind of amenities does a sprinter van have?

A sprinter van comes with all of the amenities that you would expect out of a modern van, with spacious seats, AC, arm rests, reclining seats, and cup holders.

Does the sprinter van have enough room for my luggage?

An average sprinter van can fit up to 14 regular sized bags. There is also storage space underneath the seats.