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Not quite a mini van but not quite a bus, sprinter vans are a cost-efficient and comfortable way to transport small groups. Although similar in appearance to cargo vans, a sprinter van is actually a commercial vehicle that can sit up to 15 passengers. A sprinter van is a great option for anybody seeking a 8 to 15 passenger van service. Sprinter vans feature large windows and comfortable fabric seats with adequate leg room. They are an ideal option for groups who are not large enough to require bus transport, or for groups that are heading to areas with limited parking or that may be hard to access by bus.

Sprinter vans are also popular due to their versatility: you can use them for nearly any type of group, and they allow you to transport your bags as well (both under the seats and in the very large trunk). This sets them apart from most minibuses, which have more limited storage capacity. Additionally, they are highly customizable. 

Sprinter van FAQs

What is a sprinter van?

A sprinter van is a large van that can sit up to 15 passengers. They are highly-customizable and known for their spaciousness and comfort.


Why do groups rent sprinter vans?

Groups usually rent a sprinter van when they are traveling a small distance and have a smaller sized group. Private van service can be intimate and allows a group to relax and recharge without having to worry about finding parking at the destination. Sprinter vans also work well when used as a shuttle service.

What is the average price of a 12 passenger sprinter van?

The cost of a sprinter van rental rates will vary according to a number of factors, such as region, season, and drive times. There is usually a minimum hourly fee. To get a detailed pricing breakdown for your individual trip, check out the instant booking tool.

How many passengers fit inside a sprinter van?

The maximum passenger number that can fit into a sprinter van is 15. However, some vehicles have a maximum capacity of 12 passengers.

Does the sprinter van have enough room for my luggage?

An average sprinter van can fit up to 14 regular sized bags. There is storage space available in the trunk as well as underneath the seats.

How do I know if a 15 passenger van rental is available near me?

The best way to determine market availability in your area is by starting with our online booking tool. If no results show up, please reach out to us with your request at

What kind of amenities can be found on a charter van?

A sprinter van comes with all of the amenities you would expect in a modern van. There is a spacious trunk behind all the seats where you can stack your luggage. You’ll have cup holders and arm rests along with reclining seats so that you can relax en route to your location. Sprinter vans do not have electrical outlets or WiFi. Some do have 1 USB outlet, generally located next to the driver.

Is it possible hire a rental van with a TV?

Special amenities, such as a TV, may be available upon request. Please include any special requirements or comments in your booking request.

When is the best time to book a sprinter van?

The best time to book your sprinter van is as soon as you know the date of your trip. Six to nine months in advance is ideal, especially if you plan on using the sprinter van during peak season. Booking earlier means you have a better chance of acquiring the vehicle you’d prefer at a better price.

How do I book a sprinter van?

After you know the logistics for your trip (date, locations, etc), booking a sprinter van is very simple with our online booking tool. You can experiment and see how different variables change the price. When you see a price that matches your budget and needs, you can book now and pay later. This locks in your price and allows you to defer payment until 21 days before your trip occurs. You’ll receive your driver’s name and contact info 24 hours before your trip plus a 24/7 customer care number in case anything goes wrong.

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Other available bus types

Sprinter van uses


Whether for meetings, retreats, seminars, or product launches, a sprinter van can provide quick and efficient transportation for a variety of corporate events. A sprinter van is a versatile transportation solution, with multiple seating configurations perfect for ensuring small workgroups stay together in transit and arrive on time at their destination. Their small size also makes them ideal for navigating and parking in busy city environments, even during peak hours.

Corporate events

Student groups

College service trips, clubs, sororities, and fraternities. What do they all have in common, apart from their college location? They usually need to go places for events. A sprinter van rental is ideal for trips of this nature.

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Shuttle services

Sprinter vans make for exceptional shuttle services. Their compact size makes them the perfect fit for many teams and groups that have a need for a shuttle to get them from point A to point B. Their affordability also makes them a desirable shuttle type.

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When you’ve spent so much time leading up to a wedding in preparation and event-planning and corralling all the things that go into that special day, it can be nice to relax moving from the ceremony to the venue where you’re celebrating. A private van service can allow your wedding party to celebrate together.

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Spiritual/church groups

For spiritual groups, a sprinter van can serve as is an efficient and cost-effective choice for all your transportation needs. Sprinter vans make excellent shuttles to pick up small groups of community members, even directly from their homes, while also making efficient pick ups and drop offs of spiritual leaders to quickly get them between events. All our sprinter van charter rentals also come with vetted, professional drivers to help your relocations go as smoothly as possible.

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For conferences of all kinds, a sprinter van is a nimble and affordable transportation solution for small groups. Sprinter vans come in a range of cargo and cargo/passenger configurations, and their small profile ensures they can fit in all standard parking spaces. Sprinter vans are a great investment to ensure your team arrives together and on time, and the professional driver included in your booking is there to make it happen.

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Event planners

Whether for a gala, a trade show, or a reunion, a sprinter van is a great transportation choice for event planners. Sprinter vans come in a variety of seating configurations, perfect for small and medium-sized groups while remaining compact enough to fit into standard-sized parking spaces. All sprinter van charter rentals from also feature a vetted driver who is responsible for handling all the navigation, driving, and parking to keep things moving on your schedule.

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Construction groups

For the construction industry, a sprinter van is an ideal choice for its wide range of cargo and passenger configurations in addition to its compact size, which allows it to slip in and out of even the busiest construction sites. Sprinter vans will ensure your teams arrive together as a unit and exactly when you need them. 

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Sports teams

A sprinter van charter rental is a great way for sports teams to quickly and affordably transport team members and equipment over short distances. Sprinter vans feature a variety of configurations depending on your needs, and each booking comes with a professional driver to help make sure you can assemble your team exactly where and when you need them.

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Military personnel

Sprinter vans are ideally suited to all branches of the military that require efficient and cost-effective transportation for small groups of personnel and their equipment over short distances.  A sprinter van has multiple seating and cargo configurations to suit your needs, and as is the case with all charter bus rentals from, a sprinter van booking includes a professional driver with knowledge of the areas you’ll be traveling through.

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Government groups

All levels of government will appreciate the versatility and cost-effectiveness of a sprinter van rental. Sprinter vans come in a variety of cargo and passenger variants, and their smaller size ensures they can park in all standard-sized parking spaces. Sprinter van charter rentals are a great way to ensure your government groups arrive at their destinations with all their equipment, on time, and together as a group.

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Tourist groups

For small-sized tour groups looking for affordable transportation, a sprinter van is a great choice. Sprinter vans feature a comparatively large passenger capacity in a compact package that can still park in standard-sized parking spaces. The carefully vetted, professional driver that comes included in your sprinter van booking also ensures all members of your group are free to enjoy the tour you’ve planned.

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Sprinter vans feature a variety of configurations, making them an ideal choice for festival-goers in need of versatile and affordable transportation. As is the case with all charter bookings from, sprinter vans include a professional driver, so your entire festival group can bond and relax both on the way in and on the trip out.

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Touring musicians

A sprinter van can be an excellent choice for smaller-sized touring bands in need of versatile, affordable transportation. They feature multiple seating and cargo configurations so you can choose a passenger and equipment space ratio that works for your needs. Furthermore, as is the case with all charter rentals, a sprinter van includes a professional driver with your booking to help ensure your band arrives together and well-rested for your performances.

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Non-profit organizations can benefit from the versatility and affordability of sprinter vans for the transportation small teams and equipment quickly and efficiently. Sprinter vans have the added benefit of featuring multiple seating configurations, and all sprinter van charter bookings include a professional driver who will handle the logistics of your transportation.

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Field trips

Sprinter vans are great choices for field trips, especially those with smaller class sizes covering short distances. The sprinter’s smaller size makes it a great candidate for safely and efficiently moving through even busy downtown cores, and it makes parking arrangements a breeze. All our sprinter vans also come with a professional driver to handle all aspects of your transportation, so chaperones and teaching staff can focus on students getting the most out of your field trip.

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