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Commuting to work can be a challenge in the busy LA traffic. A Los Angeles shuttle bus rental or an on-demand bus transport solution can help employees, event attendees and residents living in remote areas move seamlessly in and around LA. works with a trusted network of over 400 bus providers, offering your group a versatile set of charter buses and the best rates available. From full-sized coach buses, to school buses, and minibus rentals, your transportation options are endless. Our award-winning booking specialists help you take care of all aspects of managing a shuttle or charter bus, ensuring your employees, event attendees or customers have the best experience.

Los Angeles charter bus rentals


Our easy-to-use online booking tool simplifies your short term Los Angeles shuttle bus rental, and our team of logistics experts can help you create a long-term transit solution for your business, event venue, or county. Los Angeles shuttle bus rentals eliminate the need for heavy, upfront investment, providing a convenient solution to capacity issues.

Reliable transport across America’s NorthAmerica-wide network of over 3300 vetted bus providers ensures coast-to-coast connectivity, and a standardized experience across cities. . We work with our local bus companies to find the perfect charter bus for all your group transportation needs and source the best possible rate for your Los Angeles shuttle bus rental.

Right sized, on-demand buses has a network of over 40,000 vehicles at its disposal, including coach, school and mini-coach buses, guaranteeing the perfect Los Angeles bus rental. Our booking specialists will keep your budget, the number of bus days, and special accommodations in mind to optimize your Los Angeles shuttle bus rental experience. Rent a bus that best fits all your transportation needs with’s on-demand transportation model.

Access to the right charter buses

Customize your charter bus rental

Renting a shuttle bus rental from for travel needs in Los Angeles allows you to customize your charter bus with best-in-class transit technology and amenities. From WiFi to real-time bus location apps, and ADA compliant lifts, can help you integrate any technology or service features. Simply get in touch with our booking specialists and they’d be happy to help with your Los Angeles shuttle bus rental.

Flexible model, pay only for use

The main advantage of choosing for group transportation in Los Angeles is our flexible fleet that can better respond to surge or valleys in peak traffic. We help your business or event optimize transport costs with our on-demand transit model, providing efficient and reliable Los Angeles bus rentals.

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Access to 24/7 support

Our team of booking specialists work around the clock to ensure your employees, customers, or area residents are never left hanging without support. is at your disposal 24/7 and is there to resolve any issues you might have before, after, or during your trip with devoted customer service.

Stay safe during your travels is committed to following regulations and safeguarding communities from COVID-19, putting a number of safety measures in place so you can get to your destination with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Embarking on a trip to Los Angeles is as equally exciting as it is daunting — especially if you’ve never been. Here’s all you need to know about Los Angeles charter bus rentals and Los Angeles shuttle bus rentals.

What is is the most convenient online marketplace for charter buses, connecting event organizers, businesses and public transit authorities to bus suppliers. We have a wealth of experience with coordinating group transportation for any trip type, relying on our network of reliable and fully-vetted bus companies across North America. With, group transportation is simple, affordable, and comfortable, offering you safe transportation to your destination — wherever that may be! Simply get in touch with one of our booking specialists or use our online-booking tool to get your trip to Los Angeles started. Whether you need a fleet of shuttle bus rentals, a one-off Los Angeles bus rental, or are looking to coordinate a microtransit option to connect communities, we have you covered.

How do I rent a bus near me in Los Angeles? simplifies your Los Angeles bus rental experience, offering an easy-to-use online booking system. Input your trip details into our tool and it will offer you a comprehensive breakdown of Los Angeles bus rental . Get in touch with our booking specialists if you’re planning to start a shuttle bus service for your employees, event attendees, or residents living in your public transit service area.


Our booking specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you find the perfect Los Angeles shuttle bus rental for your trip. is here to iron all the final details of your trip, help with any special accommodations, and can even secure a last-minute Los Angeles  bus rental for you , if needed. Rent a bus in Los Angeles and eliminate the hassle of group transportation for your staff, conference attendees, and out-of-town guests.

What determines the price of a Los Angeles charter bus rental?

Los Angeles shuttle bus rental prices are determined by a number of factors, including the dates of your trip, local availability of buses in Los Angeles, the time of year of your request, and the driver’s time on duty. For a long term shuttle bus service, amenities needed, the number of bus days, and the frequency of the service might also be important factors in calculating the shuttle bus rental price.


As it is typically the case in the travel industry, the sooner you rent a charter bus, the better. Traveling during peak season in Los Angeles also has a direct effect on the final shuttle bus rental price of your charter bus rental as you will be competing with other groups seeking transportation. Booking earlier and avoiding the busy season increases the number of Los Angeles charter bus rental providers we can source your vehicle from, so we can offer you the best shuttle bus rental price. In any case, we work closely with our network to keep your dream trip to LA within your budget.

Where do you get your Los Angeles buses from? has built strong relationships with local charter bus companies over the years, offering its clients an exceptional charter bus service in Los Angeles at competitive rates. Our network of charter bus providers spans across all of North America, including over 40,000 vehicles, ranging from coach buses, to sprinter vans, shuttle bus services, and school buses.


Local availability will always play a factor in the estimate of your Los Angeles shuttle bus rental price. Define your trip parameters as soon as possible and secure your LA charter bus rental to avoid price surging. Use our online booking tool to get an accurate snapshot of your shuttle bus service and rent a bus ahead of your next trip!

How do I rent a bus in Los Angeles with a driver?

Each LA bus rental  comes with its own fully-vetted and trusted driver, getting your group from point A to B and back again without a hitch. Los Angeles can be tricky to navigate and find parking near your destination. A Los Angeles bus rental is one of the most convenient ways to get around the city of angels, while keeping your group together in one convenient Los Angeles shuttle bus rental. Our driver will worry about the LA traffic so you don’t have to. Both the driver’s gratuity and hotel accommodations are included in our Los Angeles shuttle bus rental prices. Rent a bus for your upcoming trip to Los Angeles and simplify group transportation.

What kind of bus rentals can I book in Los Angeles? has a versatile fleet of Los Angeles bus rentals available, including a coach bus, a school bus, a mini-coach bus, a minibus, and a sprinter van. Each charter bus comes with its own unique advantages and amenities, offering travelers different features. Typically, a coach bus and mini-coach bus are ideal for trips over three hours, while a school bus and a minibus, by contrast, are better suited for shorter trips. Consult our quick guide on choosing a bus type for more information or get in touch with one of our booking specialists to help you find the perfect vehicle for your transportation needs. Rent a bus or organize a shuttle bus service and avoid LA’s infamous traffic and congestion with

How soon do I have to book my Los Angeles charter bus rental?

The sooner you book your Los Angeles bus rental, the better. This will ensure that we can source your Los Angeles bus rental from more providers and get you the best possible Los Angeles shuttle bus rental price. Typically, we recommend booking your LA bus rental anywhere between six and nine months in advance to avoid price surging and guarantee local availability.


Take full advantage of our Book Now, Pay Later policy and defer the final payment of your Los Angeles shuttle bus rental up until 21 days before your trip. This offers you ample time to secure the financing from your group and locks in your Los Angeles shuttle bus rental price. This policy is especially advantageous if your group is planning to travel during peak season, but wants to secure a charter bus ahead of time.

Book the right bus type for your Los Angeles Trip

Renting a bus  in Los Angeles has never been easier thanks to’s easy-to-use online booking tool and vast network of bus providers across North America. Ultimately, the charter bus type you choose will depend on the number of passengers, distance traveled, and desired amenities among other factors. Typically, a school bus is recommended for transporting larger groups (between 40 and 55 passengers) over shorter distances, while a full-sized coach bus is the way to go for longer trips, seating comfortably up to 55 passengers.


Alternatively, the minibus is best suited for groups of 25 people looking to get around, offering an affordable in-between option. Finally, a sprinter van rental is perfect for smaller groups requiring a 14-passenger vehicle.

Rent a shuttle bus service in Los Angeles

A shuttle bus service in Los Angeles is a great way to safely and comfortably navigate this chaotic city. Shuttle bus services can be used for a number of different purposes, including an employee shuttle, a corporate shuttle, and a shuttle bus service to support transit authorities among others. works directly with its vast network of over 3,300 bus providers and 40,000 vehicles in North America to accommodate trip types of all sizes and budgets. Whether you need a shuttle bus service for a one-off event, or require a fleet of Los Angeles shuttle bus rentals, we have you covered. A shuttle bus service will simplify your travel in Los Angeles, helping you save both money and time.

Book your shuttle bus

Rent a sprinter van in Los Angeles

Ideal for smaller groups looking to explore this city, a sprinter van rental in Los Angeles is one of the most convenient and affordable methods of group transportation. These vehicles are extremely compact and fuel-efficient and represent both a wallet-friendly and environmentally-friendly rental option for your group. currently offers three different sprinter van rentals, featuring a wide range of interior configurations well suited for any type of trip. Whether you are looking for a once a week shuttle bus service for your hybrid workplace or a daily service for your construction crew, a sprinter van rental will get your group there with the minimum of fuss while comfortably seating up to 15 people.

Book your sprinter van

Corporate bus rentals in Los Angeles

Organizing corporate events in Los Angeles can seem daunting, but is here to help you scratch one more thing off your to-do list. Whether you’re looking for a coach bus for a longer trip, or need a minibus for a nearby conference, we have an abundance of experience in coordinating group transportation in Los Angeles for corporations with convenient shuttle bus services. Simply get in touch with one of our booking specialists and we will help you find the perfect charter bus.

Planning Corporate Group Travel

Corporate retreats and off-site meetings allow your employees to disconnect from their everyday routine and build meaningful relationships with their fellow co-workers. Organizing these types of events promotes team bonding and fosters positivity in the workplace, helping employees recharge their energy. works with a number of local providers in Los Angeles to secure the best possible shuttle bus rental prices for your company’s group travel and ensure you find the right charter bus for all your transportation needs. From school bus rentals to a mini bus, we are here to help make your corporate event run smoothly with efficient Los Angeles shuttle bus rentals!

Corporate Retreats and Team Outings

Have your employees exceeded expectations this quarter and you’re looking for a way to reward them? Los Angeles offers a number of unique corporate retreats and team outings, ranging from a walking food tour around the city with Six Taste, to a custom camp experience at Camp No Counselor. A Los Angeles bus rental kickstarts the party, keeping your entire group together while on the road. You can even play a trivia game and host team-building activities on the Los Angeles shuttle bus rental. Otherwise, if your team is looking to remain productive on the road, look no further than a coach bus, offering hi-speed WiFi, power outlets, and supreme comfort.

Off-Site Meetings

Employees regularly get bogged down by their daily office routine. Foster their creativity with a change in scenery by hosting an off-site meeting! Whether you want to organize an impromptu work session in a park or at a local cafe, a Los Angeles shuttle bus rental is the most effective way to navigate the crowded streets of Los Angeles with ease. offers a variety of transport solutions, accommodating teams of all sizes with convenient and reliable shuttle bus services. Rent a bus for your next off-site meeting and reward your staff!

Conferences and Trade Shows

A big part of corporate culture is attending conferences and industry-related trade shows. These events offer your company the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals and showcase your business to the right people. Whether the trade show is held at the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel, or at the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center, a Los Angeles  bus rental is the best way to ensure you arrive at your destination safely and on time. A  coach bus rental is a great way to stay connected on the road and prepare for the conference due to its hi-speed WiFiand power outlets, transforming the vehicle into an office on wheels. Rent a bus and safely transport conference attendees to and from the venue safely and reliably

Shuttle Bus Services for Airports and Hotel Transfers

Have your employees landed in Los Angeles International Airport for an out-of-town conference and need a ride to their hotels? Organize a shuttle bus service from the airport to their hotels and a fully-vetted and experienced driver will be there to greet them. Rather than carrying all their luggages on the subway, or competing with tourists for expensive taxis, a Los Angeles shuttle bus rental helps your team work around their own schedule, transporting them to their hotels in comfort.

Sports teams bus rentals in Los Angeles

Organize safe and reliable transportation for all your sports teams in Los Angeles. Whether your team needs a ride to the big game, an out-of-town tournament, practice, or a tailgating party outside the home of the Los Angeles Rams, is here to help with reliable shuttle bus services. We have an abundance of experience in coordinating group transportation for sporting events, and are able to accommodate groups of all sizes and budgets. Get in touch with one of our booking specialists once you have your team’s schedule for the upcoming season, so that we can guarantee you get the best shuttle bus rental price possible.

Planning your Sports Teams Group Travel

Embarking on a bus ride to the big game with your teammates is one of the most memorable moments in a young athlete’s life. Whether you want to lighten the mood with some trivia, or talk tactics before kickoff, an LA bus rental keeps the entire group in one compact vehicle and is a great team-bonding experience.

In sports, timing is everything. rusted and fully-vetted drivers will be there to greet you at your pickup location and get you to the championship game well ahead of schedule. A sports bus rental in Los Angeles minimizes the stress of organizing group transportation for your team and gets your athletes to their destination in style and comfort. Our booking specialists can help you coordinate season-long travel or help you rent a bus to travel for a one-off sporting event.

Out-of-Town Tournaments

Los Angeles is the West Coast’s undeniable sports hub, boasting no fewer than 11 professional sports teams. Tournaments are a great way for young athletes to showcase their skills to recruiters and take the next step in their sporting careers. A Los Angeles charter bus rental ensures your sports team can safely make its way to an out-of-town tournament well-rested and raring to go. offers a number of different charter bus types, ranging from a coach bus to an iconic yellow school bus.

Typically, a coach bus is the best option for out-of-town tournaments, as it offers significant undercarriage storage for all of your team’s equipment. These LA bus rentals are synonymous with  comfort and luxury on the road, boasting a variety of modern amenities, including an onboard restroom, hi-speed WiFi, and power outlets. Rent a bus ahead of your upcoming tournament!

Team Practices

You know what they say — practice makes perfect. These training sessions are crucial for athletes to prepare them for the big game. Arriving to practice on time is the first step to start training on the right foot and ensures all athletes are locked in. A Los Angeles shuttle bus rental ensures your team makes it to those practices safely.

Rather than carpooling, or counting on unreliable public transportation schedules, shuttle bus services get your team from point A to B — and back again! Whether you’re looking to host a training session at a local stadium or a conditioning exercise in the mountains, a Los Angeles charter bus rental is the most convenient way to get your team around.

Shuttle Bus Services for Airport and Hotel Transfers

Organize a reliable and affordable shuttle bus service for your coaches and athletes from LA international airport to their hotel. If your sports team has just landed in Los Angeles ahead of an important tournament or game, waste no time securing a convenient shuttle bus rental and use our easy-to-use online booking system. Travelling can be exhausting, but a shuttle bus rental simplifies your stay in LA and offers you safe and comfortable group transportation.

A coach bus is typically recommended for sports teams depending on the size of the roster due to this vehicle’s massive undercarriage storage capacity. A coach bus can comfortably seat up to 55 people, including every player’s equipment.

Support Your Sports Team

Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s top teams spanning across all sports. From the Los Angeles Lakers, to the LA Rams and the LA Dodgers, this city is known for athletic greatness. Whether you’re heading to the Staples Center or Dodger Stadium, a Los Angeles bus rental keeps your entire group together and offers you the most effective way to encourage your favorite team. While nothing quite compares to a home game, a Los Angeles shuttle bus rental offers you the ability to support your team in enemy territory and hit the road with fellow fans. Grab your jersey, book your LA bus rental, and get going!

Dodger Stadium

Play ball! Dodger Stadium, the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is the third-oldest MLB stadium in the country behind Fenway Park in Boston and Wrigley Field in Chicago. Dodger Stadium has been home to five World Series wins, with its most recent one in 2020. Visiting this iconic stadium is a great group trip for sports and baseball enthusiasts alike and offers you a background look into one of the most historic teams in MLB. Located just a short drive away from downtown, a Los Angeles charter bus rental is perfect for getting your group to Dodger Stadium. Rent a bus and take in all the Dodgers’ historic triumphs at Dodger Stadium!

Student charter bus rentals in Los Angeles

Almost every student dreams of doing one semester in the heart of Los Angeles — or at least visiting once. From the historic UCLA campus, to world-famous museums and iconic sites, this city is perfect for a field trip or a student outing. Entrust with your group’s transportation and contact one of our booking specialists with all your trip details. We have a wealth of experience in organizing safe and reliable shuttle bus services for students of all ages and would be happy to make your LA trip a reality with 24/7 support.

Los Angeles airport bus rentals

Organizing transportation from Los Angeles international airport to your destination could be tricky. The most cost-effective and reliable way to ensure your group gets to where it needs to be after their flight is a charter bus rental. Instead of hailing expensive taxis, or coordinating your arrival with the public transit schedule, a charter bus rental allows you to make your own itinerary and reach your destination in complete comfort.

Each of LAX’s nine terminals has a convenient charter bus pick-up point, making it a seamless transition from airport to the shuttle bus rental. Our mini-coach and full-sized coach buses have significant undercarriage space, ensuring all your personal belongings and luggages can be stored safely for the ride. A fully-vetted driver will be there to greet your group at the terminal and navigate Los Angeles’ congested streets so you don’t have to.

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