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Mini coach bus rentals

Stylish, comfortable transportation for small groups

Enjoy all the advantages of a full-sized coach bus in a compact package. Designed for comfort first, a mini coach bus is well suited for both short hops across town or longer hauls across state lines. Mini coach buses are ideal for a variety of events, including weddings, student ski trips or corporate conferences. And the impressive range of available amenities can bolster both the enjoyment and the productivity of your journey.

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Mini coach bus pricing FAQs

Are you wondering how a mini coach bus rental might work into your group’s budget? Do you have questions about the factors that go into the cost of a mini coach bus rental? We have the answers for you!

How much does a mini coach bus rental cost?

The cost of a mini coach bus rental will vary according to the season, your region, your distance traveled, and your driving time. For an accurate quote, use our instant quote tool. It combines all of the factors that contribute to the final price of your rental, including taxes and your driver’s on-duty time.

What impacts mini coach bus pricing?

The price of renting a mini coach bus for your group will vary based on local availability, gas prices, the time of year, the distance you will be traveling, and the duration of your trip. To learn more about how the amount of time you spend on the road affects the final price of your mini coach bus rental, check out our in-depth explanation.

Mini coach bus amenity FAQs

The mini coach bus and its larger counterpart, the full-size coach bus, are deluxe bus models that offer the widest range of amenities. Want to know more about which amenities are available? Have questions about the overall comfort or accessibility of a mini coach bus? Check out these FAQs.

How many people fit on a mini coach bus?

Mini coach buses come in a range of configurations, and can accommodate up to 31 passengers. Storage space above the seats and in the vehicle undercarriage ensures you won’t have to repurpose any seating space to accommodate your passenger’s baggage.

Which amenities are available on a mini coach bus?

Mini coach buses come standard with comfortable seating, overhead and undercarriage storage compartments, and the same heavy-duty suspension of a full-sized coach bus. Additionally, mini coach buses can be outfitted with AC, DVD/TVs, power outlets, and WIFI. Unfortunately, mini coach buses are not equipped with onboard restrooms. So if your group requires a restroom, you might want to consider a full-sized coach buses.

Is there a lot of storage on a mini coach?

The storage space of a mini coach bus is one of its strong suits. With large overhead and undercarriage compartments, even sports teams will have plenty of room onboard for their equipment.

Are mini coach buses wheelchair accessible?

Although not a standard feature, we do offer mini coach buses with wheelchair accessibility. If your group needs a wheelchair-accessible mini coach bus, contact one of our award-winning booking agents two to three months before your intended rental period. Our agents will call on our network of over 2,300 coach bus operators to connect you with a bus that meets your needs.

Are mini coach buses comfortable?

Our mini coach buses are very comfortable and come standard with roomy seats, a robust suspension system, and more legroom than commercial airliners. Our mini coach buses can also be equipped with a range of amenities to cater to your group’s comfort, including A/C, DVD/TV entertainment, power outlets, and even WIFI capability.

How to rent a mini coach bus FAQs

If you’ve decided a mini coach bus is right for your group, we’ve prepared a step-by-step FAQ to guide you through the booking process and answer any remaining questions you may have.

Why should I rent a mini coach bus for my trip?

A mini coach bus really shines when style and comfort are a priority. Mini coach buses are ideal for groups of up to 31 people who are traveling a maximum distance of 300 miles with a total transit time of no longer than five hours. The reduced size of a mini coach bus makes them perfect for handling pick-ups and drop-offs, and they’re much easier to park than their full-sized counterparts.

Why do people typically rent a mini coach bus?

A mini coach bus is a good match for groups who need the comfort and amenities of a full-sized coach bus, in a scaled-down package. Traveling moderate distances by mini coach bus is more comfortable than car or plane travel, and the many amenities available onboard a mini coach bus can enhance both your group’s comfort and productivity while on the road.

Which details do I need to know before booking a mini coach bus?

To begin, determine the number of people that will be in your group, your intended departure date, your itinerary, and your route. With this information in hand, use our charter bus quote tool to create a custom quote. This tool is designed to help you easily explore your options but won’t lock you into your quote at any point. Feel free to experiment by adjusting the variables to find the quote that best suits your group.

How do I book a mini coach bus rental?

If you’ve decided on the details of your trip, renting a mini coach bus is quick and easy with our charter bus quote tool. Input all the parameters of your trip, and our tool will quickly search our network of over 2,300 charter bus operators to find you the best possible quote. Once you’ve accepted a quote, one of our award-winning booking specialists will contact you to finalize your booking. Also, if at this stage you’re still confirming your final guest-list, you can take advantage of our book now, pay later option. Choosing this option will allow you to secure your quote and defer payment up to 21 days before your trip.

When should I rent a mini coach bus?

Generally speaking, the earlier you book, the better. Book your trip at least six months in advance and nine months if you’re planning a trip during your area’s peak season. Of course, our staff will always be able to help you if you need to book a last-minute trip

Just bear in mind, as your departure date approaches, your bus may become more difficult to source. Book early to avoid the possibility of having to pay surge pricing whenever possible. If your organization isn’t ready to pay at the time of your early booking, consider using our book now, pay later option. This option allows you to secure your quote and gives you the flexibility of deferring payment until up to 21 days before your trip.

Who usually rents mini coach buses?

Mini coach buses are one of our most versatile bus types and can accommodate a wide range of groups.

Mini coach buses are a great choice for weddings. They are a cost-effective mode of transportation that won’t clash in chic surroundings.

For student ski trips, sports teams, or anyone else who requires substantial storage space, the mini coach bus has overhead and undercarriage storage bays with tons of room to spare.

A mini coach bus comes standard with generous legroom and comfortable seating. For corporate clients or any group with a high standard for comfort, the mini coach bus handily beats out travel by air or car. 

For the high-tech crowd, a mini coach bus can be fitted with hi-speed WIFI. the including of this amenity could prove crucial for participants of a hackathon, or any other event that places a high value on staying connected while transiting between venues.

What are the benefits of renting a mini coach bus?

A mini coach bus is a comfortable, professional means of transportation that excels in a variety of roles. Its extensive optional amenities can guarantee your group’s comfort and productivity while traveling, and the vehicle’s size makes it particularly maneuverable when parking or navigating busy downtown cores. Additionally, as is always the case, all our drivers are carefully vetted, and our customer service is ready 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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