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Book a trip works closely with a North-America wide network of bus providers offering a range of convenient and affordable bus types, including coach buses, mini coach buses, minibuses, traditional yellow school buses, and compact sprinter vans


Whether you’re looking to set up transportation for an employee shuttle service, or want to rent a bus for a long distance trip,’s easy online booking platform ensures you get the best rates. Our team takes off the hassles of planning your trip, ensuring you have a safe, reliable and stress free experience. 


Safe and reliable

In order to better protect our customers and our bus partners, our bus partners have implemented various COVID19 safety measures such as disinfecting of buses between trips.

Fully-vetted service

Making a change? No problem. customers benefit from a flexible change and cancellation policy, including no-fee changes and cancellations for most trips

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Our award-winning team of bus experts can offer custom solutions for you and your team — and our support team can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Vehicle types offered by

Sprinter van

Sprinter van rentals offer travellers a compact and fuel-efficient vehicle to transport groups quickly over shorter distances. Comfortably seating between eight and 15 people, sprinter vans make for a great fit in tight urban environments, handling the most complex parking situations with the minimum of fuss. Indeed, sprinter van rentals are great for multi-destination trips, including conferences, weddings, and employee shuttle services.


Mini bus rentals are purpose-built for fuel-efficiency and economy in mind, offering travellers a compact bus rental. Mini bus rentals are ideal for transporting small to medium-sized groups over shorter distances, comfortably accommodating up to 21 passengers at a time. A variety of groups turn to mini bus rentals for their affordability and versatility alone, including corporate groups, school boards, government agencies, transit authorities, and more.

Coach bus

Coach buses or motor coaches are the most luxurious charter bus rentals offered, comfortably accommodating up to 56 passengers at a time. Coach bus rentals are designed with your comfort in mind, featuring a wide range of amenities, including significant undercarriage storage, an onboard restroom, and a plethora of optional amenities, featuring spacious, leather bucket seats, hi-speed WIFI, and power outlets. Coach bus rentals are best suited to transporting larger groups of people over longer distances, ensuring you get to your destination safely and in complete comfort.

Mini coach bus

Mini-coach rentals offer passengers many of the same optional amenities as a full-sized coach bus, albeit in a more compact package. Mini-coach bus rentals can comfortably seat up to 21 people at a time, making it an attractive option for corporations, government groups, and individual bookers alike. A mini-coach bus’s sophisticated interior and exterior styling ensures it blends seamlessly with formal events, weddings, and corporate conferences, offering a cost-effective option.

School bus

School bus rentals are designed to transport larger groups of passengers over shorter distances on a budget. Accommodating up to 47 passengers at a time, school bus rentals have emerged as the go-to bus rental option for educational institutions for field trips, student conferences, college tours, ski trips, and more. These vehicles offer groups an inexpensive option, and eliminate the need for renting more than one charter bus given their high capacity. 

What kind of groups use serves a diverse group of clientele, from businesses to personal trips and government groups.

Professionally Managed Weddings

Securing reliable transportation is of the utmost importance on the special day for your clients. offers affordable charter buses for rent for professionally managed weddings, bridal showers, and bachelor and bachelorette parties, ensuring  your guests get to their destination on-time and safely.


Businesses often turn to charter bus rentals for their corporate retreats and out-of-town conferences. provides convenient charter bus rental options, ensuring your team can stick together and stay productive on the road.

Shuttle services has an abundance of experience at coordinating recurring shuttle services, be it for construction workers, airport shuttles, employees, or even for festivals. Shuttle services simplify group transportation, offering your workers a convenient way to get around.

Companies big and small trust

Charter bus use cases

Coach bus use cases

Coach bus or motor coach charters can be booked for a number of different purposes, ranging from sports trips, tours, campus visits for student groups, weddings, to corporate events, and government functions. Simply put, coach bus rentals feature amenities other bus rentals simply do not, including the onboard restroom, which can be used to reduce the number of stops. All coach bus charters come equipped with a fully-vetted driver.

Minibus uses

Minibus rentals are especially beneficial for multi-destination trips and shuttle services, making them a perfect fit for tour groups and corporate events alike. This vehicle type offers travellers the perfect in-between a sprinter van and a full-sized coach bus, representing a cost-efficient option in busy urban environments. Mini bus rentals may not come equipped with all of the amenities of a coach bus, for example, however, their simplistic layout helps keep overhead costs low. Every minibus rental comes with a fully-vetted and experienced driver with thorough knowledge of areas you intend to travel.

Sprinter van uses

Sprinter van rentals come in a number of different configurations, including a full passenger variant with room for up to 15 passengers, or a crew configuration that comes equipped with enough room for travellers and equipment. Finally, a full dedicated cargo variant exists, representing a cost-effective way to transport equipment and personal belongings.

School bus uses

School bus rentals are extremely versatile, serving many different purposes, ranging from shuttle services, quirky photo backdrops for weddings, and even for individual bookers looking to get away. School bus rentals are purpose-built for efficiency and convenience in mind, keeping costs streamlined due to its lack of optional amenities. Every school bus rental comes with a fully-vetted and experienced driver, ensuring your group gets to its destination safely and on time.

Mini-coach bus uses

Mini-coach bus rentals come equipped with a plethora of optional amenities, ranging from power outlets for charging devices, to hi-speed WIFI, and TV/DVD support. The mini-coach bus is designed to navigate crowded downtown areas with the minimum of fuss and is ideal for multi-destination trips due to its compactness. As is the case with all charter buses for rent, mini-coach bus rentals feature a fully-vetted and professional driver, providing your travelling party with a reliable and affordable ride.

Other groups we serve

Student groups regularly works with student groups for all their transportation needs, ranging from campus visits, case competitions, debate clubs, and hackathons. Charter buses for rent are the most convenient and affordable way to ensure your student group arrives at its destination safely and reliably.

K-12 Field Trips

Charter bus rentals play an integral role in any K-12 field trips, providing schools a safe method of transportation for all their students. Whether you’re visiting a nearby museum, or organizing an out-of-town field trip, has you covered.

Sports teams offers convenient transportation solutions for professional athletes and local sports teams alike, offering your team a reliable ride to the big game. Get in touch with a booking specialist to set up group transportation for an entire season!

Charter bus rental trip types


Charter bus rentals represent a great fit for conference organizers that rely on reliable transportation for their events. From a compact passenger van rental, to a full-sized motor coach bus rental, offers a host of compact charter buses for rent to accommodate conferences of all sizes.

Construction provides shuttle services and charter bus rentals for construction groups, offering safe and reliable transportation to remote and hard-to-reach work sites. A fully-vetted and experienced driver will be there to greet your workers and pick them up when finished.

Event planners

Reliable transportation is crucial to the smooth running of any event, saving guests time, energy, and keeping attendance rates up. works closely with event planners to offer affordable and convenient charter bus solutions for all their transportation needs.

Charter bus rental trip types

Spiritual/church groups

Charter bus rentals offer spiritual groups the most convenient transportation option for popular church events, spiritual retreats, missions, and community outreach. A charter bus rental keeps the entire group together, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable ride.

Festivals provides convenient transportation solutions for festival-goers where parking and public transit options are limited. Shuttle services represent the safest way to and from your festival, and can be adapted to groups of all sizes.

Touring bands

Touring musicians spend most of their time on the road and need comfortable and reliable transportation. caters to touring bands, offering musicians bus types of all sizes for all their equipment, and instruments.

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Charter bus rental trip types

Military personnel works with Department of Defense-approved charter bus supplies who can safely and legally transport military members. Whether you need a shuttle service to and from a military base, or to transport military equipment, we understand the unique challenges posed by military transportation.

Non-profits provides non-profit organizations with affordable and reliable charter bus rentals for all their events, including fundraisers, community meets, and more. Non-profits ultimately rely on affordable transport solutions, and we are here to help, offering a wide range of charter bus rental options.

Government groups

Government groups regularly need safe and reliable charter buses for rent to transport civil servants between event sites, conferences, and local workshops. provides a variety of cost-effective transport solutions, ensuring your team gets to its destination on time. 

Other groups we serve

Transit authorities

Transit authorities in the U.S. and Canada rely on to arrange safe and reliable charter bus rental for all their transportation needs, often without much notice. Whether it is for an emergency school bus service, a recurring shuttle service in remote neighborhoods, or ad-hoc transportation for specific residents, has a fleet of versatile bus types at its disposal.

School boards

School boards require safe, punctual, and affordable transportation for students, parents, faculty, and administrators alike. While the iconic yellow school bus is the most heavily-rented bus type, works closely with school boards for a variety of special duties, and events, including field trips.

Independent bookers caters to individuals, offering travellers the most affordable, comfortable, and ecologically sustainable way to travel in a group. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a weekend getaway, or a custom tour, has you covered with its versatile range of cost-effective bus types for every occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bookings

Have questions about renting a charter bus? We have answers. For even more bus knowledge, please consult our full FAQ.

What are the benefits of renting a charter bus?

The cost alone is a huge benefit. Compare the coach bus rental cost  to the cost of renting the 12-15 cars necessary to transport the same amount of people. When you rent a bus, you’re also putting fewer vehicles on the road—a great way of making your vacation or business trip more sustainable. There’s also the social aspect, involving building bonds, strengthening team spirit, and networking on the road with a top-of-the-line coach bus or a nostalgia-inducing school bus.

How do I know which bus is right for me?

While every kind of bus and van rental has its own perks, chances are that there is one model that stands out above the rest as a best fit for your time. The best vehicle type for you depends on a variety of factors such as your passenger count, amenity expectations, and budget. For a how-to guide on how to choose a bus, please check out our blog.

Does operate in my area?

We operate out of over hundreds of cities across North America. To see our operating areas, please consult our list of cities.

Is charter bus travel a sustainable mode of transportation?

Yes. Charter bus travel is one of the most sustainable modes of transportation. Comparing CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and average passenger count, The Union of Concerned Scientists and The American Bus Association Foundation reported that buses and motor coach travel is the most environmentally friendly form of transportation in the United States. Check out our blog for more information on the sustainability of charter bus travel.

Is charter bus travel safe?

Charter bus travel is the 2nd safest mode of transportation worldwide. It’s four times safer than train travel (which is the third safest mode of transportation) and a staggering 50 times safer than private car transportation. For more information, check out our blog post on the safest ways to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing

How much does a charter bus rental cost?

The cost of a charter bus rental depends on the type of bus you choose, the time of year you rent, and the amenities you request. The average daily cost of each charter bus or van rental is as follows:

School bus: between $389 and $850

Minibus: between $400 and $900

Coach bus: between $600 to $1200

Mini coach: between $550 and $1000

Sprinter van: between $350 and $700

To get a detailed pricing breakdown that is applicable for you, check out the instant booking tool.

How far in advance should I book my bus?

As early as possible. As your departure date approaches, the charter buses in your region will get snapped up by other event planners. This may lead to price surges for last minute charter bus rentals. It can also mean your bus driver will come from farther away, increasing the drive time for which he or she must be paid. To get the best charter bus price , book as soon as you know your departure date. We recommend reserving at least six months in advance. Nine months is ideal if you’re travelling during your region’s peak tourist season.


To facilitate easier booking, we offer a Book Now, Pay Later option. Secure a charter bus at early bird pricing by accepting your quote months in advance. One you’ve confirmed your booking, wait to pay until 21 days before departure. This is perfect for coaches planning away games, bridal parties looking for a bargain, corporate event planners trying to make the most of their travel dollars, and college hopefuls operating on a student budget.

What factors impact the price of a charter bus rental?

Charter bus costs vary depending on what time of year it is, the distance you’ll be traveling, the duration of your trip, local vehicle availability, and gas prices. That said, the most important factor is your driver’s total driving time. For a detailed explanation of how this works, check out our in-depth explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Specifications, Amenities, and Accessibility

Do buses offer Wi-Fi?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available on certain bus types. Please include this request in your online booking and our procurement specialists will do their best to accommodate you.

Does a bus rental come with storage space?

This will vary largely by vehicle type. The coach bus, mini coach, and sprinter van all offer storage space with coach buses and mini coach buses having the most in the form of open undercarriages that can hold anything from tents to sports equipment. School buses and minibuses, on the other hand, have no undercarriage, so they’re generally better-suited for low-luggage trips.

What kind of amenities are available for my charter bus rental?

Our buses are available with a range of amenities, including AC climate control, power outlets for recharging devices, TV/DVD support, and onboard Wi-Fi. The amenities available for your charter bus rental will largely depend on what bus type you choose. For information on the amenities available for each bus type, click on their individual cards on this page or reach out to our customer care team at [email protected].

Are accessible buses available?

Yes, we are happy to accommodate requests for ADA accessible vehicles whenever possible. Please let us know of your needs as soon as possible before your trip start date or include this request in your booking.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Rent a Charter Bus

How do I rent a charter bus?

Renting a charter bus is quick and easy with our instant booking tool. Simply input the details of your trip and you’ll be provided with a list of local quotes. Once you’re satisfied with a quote, our booking specialists will reach out to you to confirm your booking and answer any questions you may have.

How do I find the best service for renting a charter bus?

That’s exactly what is for. When you use our online booking tool, we automatically scour our nation-wide network to find the best bus service for your trip. We take into account your preferred bus type, your desired amenities, and any special requests. Whether you’re booking a coach bus, school bus, mini coach bus, or minibus, we’ll select the bus service that is closest to your departure point. This brings down costs by decreasing the amount of time your driver spends on the road. So, how do you find the best service for renting a charter bus? Easy.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?

Our customer care team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Reach us by email at [email protected].

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