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Using our easy online booking tool, you can compare bus rental prices for a variety of transportation scenarios. Take some time to play around with the booking tool to find the perfect chart bus for you. You’re under no obligation to accept a quote, so compare a coach bus to a school bus, a minibus to a mini coach bus, a single bus to a whole fleet. When you’re ready, pick your bus, round up your group, and head out on the open road!

Different bus rental options


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats
The big four

There are four types of charter bus rentals and every bus has its own advantages. Your choice will depend on the type of trip you have in mind and the level of luxury your passengers expect. Even if you’ve already made your choice, take a minute to review the features of all four bus types.

Coach Bus
Big, beautiful, and super comfy—that’s the coach bus! With amenities like air conditioning, wifi, power outlets, and reclining seats, the coach bus is top of the line when it comes to charter bus rentals. They hold up to 55 passengers, include on-board restrooms, and are best suited for large groups of executives, athletes, or long distance travellers. Choose this bus if you expect to be on the road for longer than three hours.
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Mini Coach
If you want all the luxury of a coach bus for a smaller group, opt for the mini coach bus. These chart buses seat up to 32 people and can be equipped with air conditioning and wifi. Wedding planners love the mini coach bus because they make great shuttle buses between the ceremony and the reception. You might also select the mini coach bus for corporate event shuttle service, family reunions, or seniors’ outings.
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School Bus
The school bus inspires nostalgia in travellers of all ages. Seating an average of 47 passengers in a classic, no-frill setting, school bus rentals are great for student travel, sports teams with little equipment, and wedding parties looking for a cute background for vintage photo sessions. School buses are not ideal for long trips, but they’re great fun for festival shuttle service.
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Sweet and petite, the minibus is a comfortable option for travellers planning short to medium length trips on a charter bus. Host an intimate gathering of 21 passengers with a fully equipped minibus. Despite their small size, these charter buses can be very comfortable and are ideal for a wide range of trips—from field trips to tour groups.
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Ready to charter a bus?

You know which charter bus you need and you know where you’re going. There’s only one thing left to do – book that bus!

Don’t have all your questions answered? Our booking specialists are here to help you get your trip started.

What do I need to know before I rent a charter bus?

With so many viable transportation options out there, how do you make a final choice? Simply assess your needs and request a quote. Think about whether you’ll need storage, how many people are on your guest list, how long you’ll be on the road, and which level of comfort you’d like to provide.

Number of Passengers
Before you settle on the perfect charter bus for your trip, you’ll need a best-guess-guestlist. Buses are at their most energy efficient when they’re full, because a full bus means there are fewer cars on the road. So try and select the appropriately sized bus for your trip. And of course make sure you have enough seats. It’s illegal to go over a charter bus rental’s capacity. Don’t forget to include chaperones and tour guides when you’re counting your guest list!
Storage Requirements
Luggage is easy to accommodate but it still needs to be considered when you choose your bus type. Coach buses have the most available storage space, with a huge undercarriage that can hold everything from tents to sports equipment. School buses, on the other hand, have no undercarriage, so save this bus for low-luggage trips.
Amenities and Luxuries
Transporting corporate groups or students preparing for exams? You’ll want to equip your charter bus with wifi so work can continue on the road. Maybe you’re transporting a wedding party and need air conditioning to keep the bride looking her best. And that coach bus undercarriage is a must-have for football teams! When you book your charter bus rental, make sure to have your Booking Specialist be aware of the amenities you need.
Distance Travelled
If you are travelling longer than three hours, you’ll want to charter a more comfortable bus. You don’t always need a bus rental with audio-visual equipment and wifi (though these amenities are very nice), but you should choose a bus with an on-board restroom and air conditioning for long trips.

Charter bus FAQs

Have questions about renting a charter bus? We have answers!

What are the benefits of renting a charter bus?

The cost alone is a huge benefit! Compare the price of renting a coach bus to the cost of renting the 12-15 cars necessary to transport the same amount of people. When you charter a bus, you’re also putting fewer vehicles on the road—a great way of making your vacation or business trip more sustainable. There’s also the social aspect. Build bonds, strengthen team spirit, and network on the road with a top of the line coach bus or a nostalgia-inducing school bus.

How much does a charter bus rental cost?

The cost of a charter bus rental depends on the type of bus you choose, the time of year you rent, and the amenities you request. However, the largest portion of the cost of a charter bus is the driver’s time. That means there isn’t a wild difference between the cost of a school bus and that of the coach bus. Your final bus price will include the driver’s time, his or her accommodations (if necessary), the time it takes to get from the bus depot to the departure point, and an industry standard gratuity.

How far in advance should I book my bus?

As early as possible! As your departure date approaches, the charter buses in your region will get snapped up by other event planners. This leads to price surges for last minute charter bus rentals. It can also mean your bus driver will come from farther away, increasing the drive time for which he or she must be paid. To get the best price for your bus, book as soon as you know your departure date. We’re talking at least six months in advance. Nine months, if you’re travelling during your region’s peak tourist season. To facilitate easier booking, we offer a Book Now, Pay Later option. Secure a charter bus at early bird pricing by accepting your quote months in advance. One you’ve confirmed your booking, wait to pay until 21 days before departure. This is perfect for coaches planning away games, brides looking for a bargain, corporate event planners trying to make the most of their travel dollars, and college hopefuls operating on a student budget.

How do I find the best service for renting a charter bus?

That’s exactly what is for! When you use our online booking tool, we automatically scour our nation-wide network to find the best bus service for your trip. We take into account your preferred bus type, your desired amenities, and any special requests. Whether you’re booking a coach bus, school bus, mini coach bus, or minibus, we’ll select the bus service that is closest to your departure point. This brings down costs by decreasing the amount of time your driver spends on the road. So, how do you find the best service for renting a charter bus? Easy!!

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