Charter Bus Types and Rental Prices

The great thing about traveling by charter bus? Your specific needs don’t have to fit a one-size-fits-all solution. Private buses come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate various events and trip requirements. We’ve helped people all over North America source the most reliable and top quality bus charter rentals for their unique needs.


Whether you’re looking for a charter that’s big enough for your entire sports team or class, or need bus transportation for your wedding party or corporate retreat, we’ve got you covered.

Charter a Bus

Here's a quick guide to the most common types of buses to get you started

School Bus
School Bus rental
47 seats
$81 per hour

Coach Bus
Coach Bus rental
55 seats
$115 per hour

Minibus rental
21 seats
$98 per hour

Mini Coach Bus
Mini Coach Bus rental
32 seats
$105 per hour

How Do I Choose the Right Bus?

A chartered bus can be the easiest and most cost-effective transportation solution available. Whether you’re looking to charter it for a wedding, corporate event, field trip, or any other special occasion, there are various important details to consider before choosing your charter bus rental. Keep in mind factors like local availability, calculating your entire trip distance, special equipment/bus access, and any additional items (like WiFi or a wired PA system) that need to be accounted for.

Number of Passengers
The type of bus you need to rent largely depends on the amount of people you’re looking to move. Luckily, seating arrangements can vary from as little as 21 seats on minibuses, while some coach buses can accommodate up to 57 passengers. For smaller groups like bridal parties, we recommend opting for a mini bus. However, if you’re planning transportation for an entire sports team or a large corporate retreat, chartering a few 55-passenger coach buses will be more practical.
Storage Available
Buses come with different storage solutions. Although coach buses are a safe bet with dedicated storage space above and below seats, you can also get creative with school buses. Whether you're moving a sports team with tons of bulky equipment or you're headed to a festival with camping gear in tow, reserve rows in the front or back of the bus to serve as makeshift storage for your baggage.
Amenities Required
Heading out for special a occasion and want to pull out all the stops? A mini coach bus decked out with its own entertainment system and leather seats for a night out on the town will surely impress your guests! For longer rides where comfort and productivity are your top priorities, a full size coach bus comes equipped with reclining seats, air conditioning, power outlets, and WiFi as per your request. Just looking for a simple way to get from point A to point B and extra amenities aren’t necessary? A school bus will serve your needs just right.
Trip Distance
For long distance trips, a coach bus is your best option. On top of having all the amenities needed for extra comfort, like an onboard bathroom and reclining seats, they’re built with suspension that school buses don’t have. Stick with a coach bus, and that long-haul ride will go by in a flash!
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