Better together

We believe that making the group transportation and transit industry more accessible, enjoyable and efficient is a team effort.

Why join our Bus Partner program?

As a preferred bus operator partner, you’ll have access to a powerful network of potential clients and bookings. You’ll also enjoy customized sales and marketing support, effective operational and financial solutions, and tools to fast-track your growth.

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What perks do partners get?

• 24/7 trip support
• Priority access to requests and bookings
• Flexible insurance adapted to your usage
• Powerful insights and peer performance
• Quality driver recruitment services
• Best operational practices and plans
• Accessible vehicle financing programs
• Electric vehicle transition support
• On-demand tracking and support services: Samsara, Telematics, Driver app, Passenger app, Routing app

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How we pick our partners

Our bus partners are just as dedicated as we are to these core corporate values.

Clients come first

We look for partners that put their clients and their transportation experiences front and center.

Keep pricing competitive

To keep buses accessible to all, our pricing experts work with partners to find a fair rate that scales.

Offer quality services

To standardize operational best practices, we turn to partners with good reviews and great buses.

Trust must be earned

To keep everyone safe, we regularly audit our partners and hold them to the strictest of safety standards.

Make it flexible by design

To help partners adapt to changing ridership needs, our technology enables simple, on-demand flexibility.

Access to the right charter buses

There’s strength in options

To help us serve diverse clients, our partners offer all kinds of vehicles, routes, amenities, and services.

A partnership that works for everyone

We don’t just pass on reservations, we help partners understand their clients, identify their needs, and bridge demand with their services.

Exclusive technology

To keep drivers safe and informed, our partner support can include automated alerts, live GPS tracking, simplified passenger check-in, and continuously updated COVID-19 regulations.

Direct access

To help partners grow and improve, we offer priority access to our best clients and guaranteed business deals.

Dedicated trip advisor

Customer service

To reduce the time drivers spend on customer service and logistics, we take care of collecting, filtering and relaying key information including names, phone numbers, and addresses.

Easy centralization

To save you time digging for itineraries, passenger lists and contact info, we’ll pack them all in one same spot for you.