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Affordable and iconic school bus rentals

Looking to rent a school bus for your next trip? offers a variety of affordable and reliable school bus rental options for all your transportation needs. Book your school bus rental online or call us at (855) 428-7266 if you need assistance with your booking.

Why rent a school bus?

Streamlined costs

School bus rentals help keep costs low and are ideal for transporting large groups of people wherever they may need to go.

Safe and reliable

Every school bus rental comes with a fully-vetted and experienced driver ready to get you to your destination safely and efficiently.

Add technology

Whether it’s tracking or payment you can add any technology or amenities to your school bus rental when you book with

About School Bus Rentals

School bus rentals are among the most practical of charter bus rentals available, offering an affordable transportation solution for groups and trips of all sizes. The average school bus rental can typically accommodate up to 47 people with the minimum of fuss, and is perfect for all your shorter trips.


School bus rentals are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of different purposes beyond K-12 field trips, including transportation for sports teams, festivals or events, and even for corporate events. Book yours today!

Why choose

Scale your transport cost-effectively

With a fleet of over 40,000 vehicles at your disposal, be assured of cost-efficiency and flexibility.

Technology enhancements

Add tracking, route-planning, and payment features to your school bus rental.

24/7 Reliable Customer Support

Whether it’s the weekend or late night shuttles, our team is always there to support your business.

Popular school bus rental uses


School bus rentals ensure your guests or employees get to your event venues safely and reliably without having to grapple with securing their own transportation. Businesses can rent a school bus for a variety of events, such as team building exercises or for out-of-town retreats.

Event Organizers

Event, festivals, and conference organizers regularly turn to school bus rentals for all their events, securing affordable transportation for larger groups. Ultimately, school bus rental serves as a great way for event planners to stay within budget with safe and reliable transportation. Indeed, when you rent a school bus with its iconic yellow colour, it adds a nostalgic touch that guests, attendees, or employees are sure to appreciate.

Shuttle services

School bus rentals have often been used for recurring shuttle services, offering travellers an affordable and reliable method of transportation from point A to B. has an abundance of experience with coordinating shuttle bus services and can customize your school bus rental to fit all your transportation needs.

Tour groups

School bus rentals offer tour groups a cost-effective and reliable method of transportation. School bus charters are ideal for multi-destination tours involving shorter distances, comfortably seating up to 47 travellers at a time. Every school bus charter comes with a fully-vetted driver, ensuring your tour goes smoothly.

School Bus Rental Options for Students & Sports

K-12 field trips

School bus rentals are an essential component to K-12 field trips and are great for large class sizes. School bus rental consolidates the entire group in one vehicle, seating up to 47 people at a time, offering chaperones and teachers the unique ability to quickly get an accurate headcount.

Student groups

School bus rentals are convenient for students of all ages, offering student groups safe and affordable transportation for all their college or university events. School bus charters are extremely versatile and can be used for a case competition, campus visits, and any other student events involving shorter distances.

Sports teams

School bus rentals offer sports teams an affordable and reliable way to their game, comfortably accommodating teams of up to 47 athletes, staff, and coaches. Seats at the front or back of the school bus charters can easily be repurposed to store equipment, making school buses one of the most convenient charter bus rental options available to sports teams.

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Commercial School Bus Rentals

Conferences and Trade Shows

School bus rentals are a convenient way to shuttle your conference attendees between hotels and venues with the minimum of fuss comfortably seating 47 people at a time. When you rent a school bus, you can easily eliminate the hassle of coordinating parking for conference guests and come with a fully-vetted and experienced driver.


School bus rentals are great for assembling construction workers as efficiently and affordably as possible, transporting your workforce to and from its destination with ease. School bus rentals are perfectly suited as a shuttle service for construction groups, keeping costs streamlined without unnecessary amenities.

Agricultural Businesses

Landscaping, or nursery businesses away from the city can also benefit from a school bus rental. With their large capacity, a school bus rental can carry large crews as well as gear for landscaping businesses trying to find a cost-effective and timely way to transport teams. When you rent a school bus with, you also get a fully vetted driver who can reduce the hassles of organizing carpools.

Rent a school bus today!

Hitting the road soon? A school bus rental offers an affordable and reliable charter bus option, transporting large groups of people with ease. Rent a school bus online or call us at (855) 428-7266.

School Bus Rentals for the Public Sector


School bus rentals have emerged as convenient transportation solutions for all branches of the military personnel, ensuring your team relocation goes without a hitch. Army or defense teams can rent a school bus with the assurance of GSA-approved and DoD-compliance requirements with

Government groups

School bus rentals offer municipal, state, and federal government groups alike the flexibility and reliability they need on the road. Government officials can rely on the lowest costs and make a statement about eco-sensitivity when they rent a school bus. The iconic color of school bus rentals can do wonders to promote any government event.


Non-profit organizations regularly rely on cost-effective and reliable transportation, making school bus rentals the perfect fit for all their needs. Coming equipped with a high passenger capacity and a fully-vetted driver, school bus rentals provide non-profit organizations a seamless transportation solution for all their events.

Community & Event School Bus Rentals


School bus rentals provide festival-goers the most convenient charter bus rental option, forgoing unnecessary amenities and keeping the entire group together thanks to its high passenger capacity. Every school bus rental comes with a fully-vetted and experienced driver, ensuring safe and reliable transportation to and from the festival and any stops in between.

Spiritual/Church groups

School bus rentals are designed with cost-efficiency and reliability in mind, offering one of the most affordable and reliable methods of transportation for your church groups. Accommodating up to 47 people at a time, school bus rentals keep your entire group together and accounted for while in transit.

Touring bands

School bus rentals offer touring bands an affordable alternative for all their transportation needs, representing a more economical option than renting a number of separate vehicles. Simply set seats aside for your musical equipment, and enjoy the ride as a fully-vetted and experienced driver gets you to your destination safely and on time.


School bus rentals have grown in popularity for weddings, transporting large groups of people from the ceremony to the reception with the minimum of fuss. Whether you’re looking for a quirky backdrop for photos, or simply want to keep the party going on the road, school bus rentals are among the most cost-effective and reliable charter bus rentals.

Companies big and small rent charter buses from

Other available bus types

Every trip is different, but the need for reliable and cost-effective transportation remains the same. School bus rentals remain the most cost-effective method of transportation for larger groups, safely accommodating up to 47 people. Ultimately, school bus rentals keep costs streamlined, avoiding unnecessary amenities and ensuring your group stays within its budget.


Minibus rental
Small groups, big moments
21 seats


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats

Sprinter van

Sprinter van rental
Compact efficiency.
12-15 seats

Frequently Asked Questions Before You Rent a School Bus

Can you rent a school bus?

You can certainly rent a school bus! The iconic yellow school bus is a common sight across North America. While they’re closely associated with safely carrying students, you can also rent a school bus to transport people of all ages for a wide variety of events. Ask our team about school bus rental options today.

How many people fit on a school bus rental?

The average school bus rental fits 47 people. When you decide how many school buses you need for your trip or shuttle service, remember to account for chaperones and other leaders. Most school buses do not have undercarriages like coach buses do. That means you’ll have to account for luggage space. Reserve a few rows of seats if you are transporting lots of equipment. This is an important consideration for sports teams and campers. If you’re planning a shuttle service for a wedding or an office party, you may want to book more than one school bus. Speak to a booking specialist for shuttle bus details.

Who usually goes for a yellow school bus rental?

If you’re looking to save money on short trips, you can consider the yellow school bus rental as your dependable, go-to vehicle. From corporates to festival organizers, just about any sized group will benefit from the affordable flexibility a yellow school bus rental offers.


For some lighthearted, rustic flair, the yellow school bus rentals have become a popular choice for festival planners as well. Not only are they a fun and affordable way to get your guests between venues, but you might be surprised how their iconic yellow color and retro design can make the perfect backdrop for social media.

What kind of trips are a school bus for?

You can rent a school bus for a wide range of groups or transport needs due to their versatility. Additionally Bus.con specialists can work with you to customize your school bus rental.

They’re a popular choice for student ski trips, sports teams, and other student groups and they’re commonly used by tour groups, church groups, not-for-profits, fundraisers, or other large community organizations that need to make frequent short distance trips. School buses are even a trendy choice for weddings and make a great backdrop for a fun photoshoot.

What are the main reasons to rent a school bus?

School bus rentals are super practical, as well as one of the most inexpensive group transportation options out there. Instead of having a stream of cabs lined up outside your venue (making navigation a bit harder to do!), rent a school bus charter to guarantee a smooth ride for your guests, whether it’s for your conference, corporate retreat, or field trip.

Can I buy an intercity or a single school bus ticket?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have individual intercity bus tickets for sale, but we offer shuttle tickets for some of North America’s most popular music festivals.

How can I rent a school bus with planned pit stops?

When you rent a school bus with, you get full control over any stops you make in your journey. We strongly recommend at least one stop for every four hours of driving time for your school bus rental.

Can I rent a school bus for myself and my family?

You can! A school bus is a safe and affordable way to organize large family gatherings. A typical school bus fits up to 47 people, but keep in mind that there aren’t any dedicated storage bays like those found on a coach bus, so if you’ve got lots of luggage to bring along, be sure to take that into account. And if you don’t quite need space for 47 people, you may want to consider a smaller bus type such as the minibus or Sprinter van.

Can I rent more than one school bus?

You can rent as many school buses as you need. The easiest way to rent multiple buses is to check out our enterprise page which we’ve tailored for larger-scale events that typically involve more than one charter bus.

Can help me organize a shuttle service with one or more school buses ?

We certainly can! For more information on organizing a shuttle service, be sure to check out our shuttle page or email us directly at [email protected].

Can I organize a school bus shuttle service instead of having two school bus rentals doing 1 transfer each?

Absolutely! A shuttle service with a single vehicle can be a great way to keep your transportation budget in check when you need to move groups across relatively short distances. Be sure not to forget that doing this means some of your group will have to wait for the bus to make a full round trip, so it’s not always an option when your destination is further away.

When do I learn which company will be servicing my school bus rental trip?

We can provide you with all the information for the bus partner that will be servicing your booking 24 hours before your departure.

Are school bus rentals a sustainable mode of transportation?

Yes! In fact, charter bus travel is actually one of the most environmentally sustainable modes of transportation when comparing fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and passenger count. The Union of Concerned Scientists and the American Bus Association Foundation have found that group motor coach travel is the most sustainable form of transportation in the United States. To learn more about the sustainability of charter bus travel, check out our blog. 

Are school bus rentals a safe mode of transportation?

School bus charter rentals are very safe. Every bus is equipped with security features like specialized brake systems, lighting, emergency exits, and escape hatches in the roof. The driver has also been strictly vetted to ensure quality and safe service. Many people wonder about the safety of school buses because they don’t typically have seat belts, but their lack of belts is actually a safety feature. The school bus was designed to transport children, and historically, passenger groups have been mostly kids and one or two adults. The belts were left off because it would be too unsafe for the adults to undo all 40 kids in the case of an emergency. To make up for the lack of belts, the seats are designed to absorb impact. Before you rent a charter bus, learn more about school bus safety.

Is it possible to rent a school bus for a wedding?

Absolutely! Renting a school bus for wedding shuttle services is very on trend, after all. Their gorgeous yellow color and retro design is a perfect addition to any wedding photo. Please consult our wedding page for more information.

Any tips for transporting students?

Whenever you’re transporting minors, planning becomes a bit more complicated. There are a few extra items to add to your to-do list when you rent a school bus. At the top of that list should be collecting permission slips. It’s also important to plan on having chaperones on your school bus. We recommend having at least two chaperones on every charter bus. For more information about student transportation, read “The Ultimate Guide to Student Bus Rentals.

School Bus Specifications, Amenities, and Accessibility

Do school bus rentals come in different sizes?

Several different school bus sizes are available when you rent a school bus with Some of the most common and popular are the International RE300 which has room for up to 42 passengers, the Bue Bird Vision which seats up to 46, and the iconic Thomas school bus which seats up to 52.

What amenities are available on a school bus rental?

Consider the school bus rental as a reliable, no-frills option that provides all the essentials for your trip. They’re also extremely versatile and make a great choice for student trips, shuttle services, urban foodie tours, or corporate retreats. However, the lack of amenities like air conditioning, storage space, and onboard restrooms means you’ll need to be conscious of how you’re planning to use your charter bus rental.

Are school bus rentals wheelchair accessible?

We can provide ADA accessible buses that are available upon request. If you require accessible transportation, be sure to reach out to our booking specialists at [email protected] once you’ve completed your booking.

Is a school bus rental comfortable for short rides?

Yes of course! We wouldn’t call school bus rentals luxury vehicles—they’re no coach bus—but the school bus has come a long way since their first iteration. Early school buses took the form of a vehicle called “the kid hack.” They were designed by Wayne Works Company, and they were pretty much a big sled or wagon. Today, school buses are spacious and fitted with cushioned seats. But they don’t have onboard restrooms, so they’re not great for trips longer than 3 hours. But shuttle bus services, field trips, and other short rides are well-served by a school bus rental.

How much storage space does a school bus rental have?

School bus rentals typically come with limited or no storage, but with a little bit of creativity, you can make it work regardless. Set aside your own storage space by reserving a few seats in the front or back of the bus, and there you have it, extra room for baggage! Just make sure you rent a school bus with a number of seats that’s a little over your number of passengers.

Does my school bus rental come with a driver?

It does! All of our charter bus rentals come with a vetted professional driver who will handle all the transportation aspects of your booking.

Is it possible to rent a school bus without a driver?

No. As a special driver’s license is required to drive a school bus, we only offer chauffeured school bus rentals. If you are looking to transport a large group, your best bet is to rent a charter bus.

Can I take a school bus rental for a driving test?

We don’t currently offer buses for those needing to complete a driver’s test. That said, in certain areas, we provide driverless Sprinter van rentals. If this is an option that works for you, be sure to check out our page on renting a Sprinter van without a driver.

Where can I see pictures of your school bus rentals?

As soon as our procurement agents have confirmed your booking, photos will be available to show you what your bus will look like. Unfortunately, we can’t provide photos sooner as the interior and exterior look of buses can vary somewhat between our bus partners across North America.

School Bus Rental Cost

How much does a school bus rental generally cost?

Renting a school bus typically costs between $389 and $850 per-day. Please note that school bus rental costs are subject to vary based on many factors such as your trip date, length, and location. There is a four hour minimum rental fee, as per industry standards. Visit our online booking tool to receive an instant accurate pricing overview for your particular trip and to find a charter bus for rent.

What factors impact school bus rental costs?

Understanding how much it costs to rent a school bus is very important before you start your search.. Everything from the time of year you book your school bus to the time of day has a significant impact on school bus rental costs. For example, school bus rental costs are generally more expensive during the early mornings (since you’re in direct competition with school bus fleets dedicated to actual schools), and late at night, when it’s harder to secure a driver. The best times of year to book a school bus are during July and August, when school’s out and bus availability becomes abundant, which impacts school bus rental costs.

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest school bus rental cost?

Booking your school bus rental during the off-season is the best way to go, as this is typically when the school bus rental cost will be lower. Depending on your exact location in North America, this off-season generally falls between the months of December and March. If you’re unable to book during the off-season, it’s still possible to secure a much better deal if you book well in advance.


Note that we also provide a price-matching program. So if you’ve located a quote at a lower school bus rental cost than we’ve provided, be sure to let us know! We’ll do all we can to match it.

What is the service fee on my school bus rental quote?

The service fee represents our booking charge and goes towards maintaining our website.

What is the driver's hotel fee for in my school bus rental quote?

A driver’s hotel fee is added automatically whenever a driver’s total number of driving hours exceeds the daily limits set by the Departments of Transportation in both the United States and Canada. Our drivers can legally drive up to ten hours in the US and be on duty for 12 hours, but then they need to take an eight-hour break. In Canada, our drivers can legally drive up to 12 hours and be on duty for 14 hours, and then they have to take a break.

How do your insurance plans work for a school bus rental booking?

The majority of our United States-based bus partners have a $5 million coverage policy general liability and a $5 million for automobile liability.

What is your school bus rental cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is slightly different for each bus type, but for school bus charter rentals, we offer 100% money back on all cancellations that are made at least seven days or more before the trip date. We also offer 50% money back on cancellations made between six and three days before a scheduled trip. Unfortunately, we don’t provide refunds on service fees, or cancellations made 72 hours or less before a trip’s scheduled start.

How do payments work for school bus rentals? Do you have any payment plans?

We offer a  Book Now, Pay Later option which means you’ll only be charged 21 days before the departure date of your booking. Taking advantage of this offer also confirms your booking so our procurement team can make sure your bus is secure well in advance. Additionally, we can also set up payment plans. Be sure to send us a message at [email protected] for more information.

Can I get an estimate for a school bus rental booking without providing my email?

Unfortunately, no. We need your email address to make an account for your booking to be associated with so we can provide you with instant quotes. That said, you can unsubscribe from all email correspondence as soon as we’ve established your account if you prefer.

Can do a school bus booking at my budget?

We’re always working closely with our bus partners to get the best prices possible. Reach out to us with your budget, and we’ll do all we can to make your trip a reality.

Does offer discounts for multiple school bus rentals or for school bus rentals spanning multiple days?

Typically, we offer discount rates for multi-month contracts, trips that span several days, or for several recurring bookings in a calendar year. If you’re planning a large-scale or frequent booking, ask us about setting up an enterprise account, and we’ll see what we can do!

Does offer school bus rental discounts for nonprofit organizations?

At present, we don’t offer discounts specifically for nonprofit organizations. That said, we offer discount charter bus rental rates for certain situations, such as multi-month bookings, recurring trips, or some longer trips. If you’re curious about our discount criteria, be sure to contact us at [email protected]

Does offer school bus rental discounts for veterans?

We don’t currently offer charter bus rental discounts for veterans specifically, but we offer discounts for certain scenarios like multi-month contracts, recurring bookings, or trips that span multiple days. To discuss a possible discount for your booking, reach out to us at [email protected]

How to Rent a School Bus

How can I rent a school bus?

To explore school bus rental options, start by inputting your trip date, destination, and preferred bus type into our easy to use booking tool. You are under no obligation to accept a school bus rental cost at this point, so feel free to play around with different travel scenarios. Also, keep in mind that when you’ve accepted a school bus rental cost option, you then have three days before it expires. Once you’ve confirmed your booking with our booking team, you can move on to collecting funds from your participants, communicating your transportation plan, and organizing any necessary permission slips (very important if you’re traveling with minors). If at any point you need help, be sure to contact our 24/7 customer care team or consult our travel guides. For all school bus road trips, we recommend reading our guide for packing carry on luggage.

Which details do I need to know before I rent a school bus?

Before you find a school bus to rent, add up the amount of people who’ll be traveling in your group, determine the date of your trip, the venues you’ll visit, and an idea of the type of bus you’d like to ride. You’ll also need the contact information of the person responsible for booking transportation—which may be you. Simply enter this information into our online booking tool to receive a custom quote for your trip. You’re under no obligation to accept a quote, so feel free to play around with different group sizes, different dates, and different bus types.

How do I find a school bus rental near me?

By inputting the details of your upcoming trip into’s easy to use online booking tool, you’ll be given a range of school bus rental options in your area. If there aren’t any school buses available in the region for the dates you’ve chosen, be sure to contact our customer care team at  or [email protected]. We’re standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to turn your trip plans into a reality.

When should I book my school bus rental?

It’s best to rent a school bus at least six months in advance. We recommend this time frame because it allows renters to benefit from early bird prices. The closer you get to your departure date, the fewer buses will be available. As bus availability dwindles, school bus rental costs tend to increase. That’s why booking early is important. If you’re waiting for funding and don’t have the full amount up front, take advantage of our Book Now, Pay Later option. Accept your quote at the best price, but wait to pay until 21 days before departure.

If you are traveling with a smaller group, a minibus rental may better suit your needs.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?’s support team is there for you 24/7. You can contact a reservation specialist by  emailing us at [email protected]

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