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For your next trip to Canada’s Wonderland, charter a Toronto bus rental for a comfortable and cost-effective ride.’s booking specialists love logistics, so they can help you plan the perfect route. Our Book Now, Pay Later option lets your reserve your Toronto bus rental early when the rate is at its best.

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Red rollercoaster ride in Canada's Wonderland
Red rollercoaster ride in Canada's Wonderland in front of mountains
Canada's Wonderaland
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About Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is more than a massive amusement park. It’s distinctly Canadian. On May 23rd, 1981, Wayne Gretzky himself raised the Canadian flag to honor opening day. Wonder Mountain, the centerpiece of the park, was built to look like a Canadian mountain. It was originally supposed to be a replica of the Eiffel Tower, but the residents of Toronto wanted something that reminded them of their country. With hair-raising roller coasters, a 20-acre splash park, two family-friendly areas, and a stunning antique carousel, Wonderland has something for everyone. It’s also a great place to host your next corporate event. Get a discount on group tickets or buy out a portion of the park for a unique evening party. Charter a Toronto coach bus to get your group to the park or to organize a shuttle bus service for a large event.

Why charter a bus to visit Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is 45 minutes from downtown Toronto and easily accessible by bus. If you’re coming from the downtown core, a Toronto school bus is sufficient. If you’re coming from further than two hours away, carrying lots of luggage, or transporting VIPs, rent a Toronto coach bus. The coach bus has extra amenities like wifi, audio-visual equipment, air conditioning, and on-board restrooms that will make your trip more comfortable.

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About the location and the surrounding area

Canada’s Wonderland is located in Vaughan, a neighborhood north of Toronto’s downtown core. At first glance, Vaughan looks super suburban, but there is so much more to it than malls and split-level homes. Vaughan is a huge part of Canadian art history. The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is a gallery with one of the largest collections of Tom Thomson paintings, also located within this borough. It also has 40 hectares of forest where you’ll find a sculpture garden, the Tom Thomson Shack, and a cemetery where six of the seven of Group of Seven painters rest. If you’re not interested in art or if you’re looking for something to please a crowd, visit Reptilia, Black Creek Pioneer Village, or the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame.
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