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How we got here

There’s been no easy way to move groups or rent buses. Not for any event, not for any tour, not for any group of people. We knew this because we dealt with it as travel agents, sports fans, and music lovers. So we built Bus.com.
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Our story

Wolf and Kyle met in 2013 helping a friend move when they realized they could change bus transportation. You see, in Germany, Wolf organized buses to help his friends get to their favorite team’s away soccer games. It was hard. Kyle was a developer and designer, and was confident he could make tools to let everyone organize their own trips. In 2015 they created Sharethebus, and they’re changing the bus industry.

We’re now starting a new chapter as Bus.com. The future is bright and full of buses. Join us on this journey.

Our team

We’re hackers, builders, thinkers, and dreamers. We’re hipsters, athletes, musicians, artists and geeks. We play ball, sing at open mics, foster dogs, travel the world, crack a few smiles, shoot pool, and love to have a great time.

And we absolutely love what we do.

Backed by some of the best

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