Bus.com provides safe transportation for healthcare workers to access COVID-19 vaccines across Ontario

The on-demand transportation removes barriers to access vaccination by making the process easy and convenient for healthcare heroes receiving their first and second doses

WATERLOO/KITCHENER – Bus.com has begun providing transportation for long-term care workers across Ontario to make access to the COVID-19 vaccine easy and simple. Multiple Bus.com shuttles have so far provided safe and convenient transportation for almost 400 Ontarians receiving their vaccinations. 

As Ontario plans for mass-vaccination in the coming months, Bus.com is working with its partners to make the process convenient. A centralized deployment of transportation will help avoid barriers to access such as limited local transit, finding parking or extra costs incurred by staff.

"At Bus.com, we’re honoured to be part of the solution, transporting healthcare heroes to their vaccinations, and helping serve the community to protect our most vulnerable. We are working with local long-term care homes like Lanark Heights to provide a centralized approach to vaccine deployment,” said Maxie Lafleur, CEO of Bus.com. “We are well positioned to take care of logistics for long-term care homes, who have already worked tirelessly to keep our seniors safe. Providing a seamless process for Ontarians to access vaccines is a small way we can help during this difficult time.”

Bus.com plans to keep the momentum going by using its operational expertise and on-demand technology, with a flexible fleet, and working in partnership with businesses, governments at all levels, hospitals, long-term care homes, and other vulnerable communities to provide group transportation to vaccine centres. 

“Supporting local businesses is a priority for the government, and with that goal in mind Lanark Heights partnered with Bus.com to help us coordinate transportation for our team members to Grand River Hospital and back for their first and second doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine,” said Debra Mann, Manager of Resident Care at Lanark Heights. “Our home is very excited to have the opportunity to get the front-line healthcare workers, our heroes, vaccinated to help protect themselves, their families and our residents as they continue to come to work daily to help provide quality resident care..”

Bus.com is proud to serve local communities by supporting long-term care centers, a sector of our population that has been especially hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing seamless transportation for healthcare workers and other groups that become eligible, reduces the barriers to access vaccines with effective and safe centralized deployment. 

About Bus.com 

Bus.com is a leader of on-demand and inter-modal flexible mobility solutions, offering a full range of vehicle types from the largest existing network of transportation partners across North America. Thanks to our world-class technology and logistical expertise, we offer powerful and efficient services for governments, transit authorities, school districts, airports, corporations, and group organizers.  

Bus.com has the largest existing network of transportation partner across North America, with deep connections in North America’s bus and motorcoach network with a core focus on over 3,000 small motorcoach operators (80 % of the industry) and thousands of private school bus operators who provide charter services besides their regular school bus routes. Its vast network allows Bus.com to offer vehicles of all types and sizes in multiple locations. Since its inception in 2015, Bus.com has moved over 1,000,000 passengers on over 30,000 bus trips in 45 states (USA) and 10 provinces (Canada).

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