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Charter bus rentals for event planners makes it easy to find group transportation for your next event

Events can take place under a variety of circumstances — whether they be for a business, a celebration, entertainment, personal, or community causes. By typical attendance, the most popular events are conferences, promotions, launches, fundraising galas, music or sports performances, festivals, and trade shows.

Transportation is a crucial part of the majority of events: one of the best-known principles is that “guests do not like to walk any longer than the red carpet stretch”. Lack of accessible and convenient transportation to the event locations can cost the organizers as much as 47% of the attendance. Charter bus saves the guests time, energy, and keeps the attendance rate up.

Popular event types

Event management is a diverse sector with many kinds of roles available, from financial planning to catering. Events can be related to business functions (from conventions to hackathons), performance arts and sports (roadshows, concerts, and matches), public events (from election campaigns to festivals), charitable work (galas and ceremonies), private life (weddings and celebrations) and much more.

Corporate events

Corporate events pursue business goals and celebrate new product launches, marketing campaigns, team-related events, or represent regular industry-wide occasions. Charter buses are commonly used to transport teams and guests to the venue and shuttle between the office and the location. The scope varies from “select leaders only” to thousands of convention participants from around the world.

Family reunions

Family reunions are gatherings where members of an extended family get together for a meal, discussion, and entertainment. Whether the reunion is arranged at home or a venue, a bus shuttle can keep the family together on the road and remove one task from the vast list of things to take care of.


Galas are major fundraising events associated with charitable causes. The quality of the experience directly impacts the financial outcomes of the fundraising, so every part of the guests’ experience is essential. ensures that their transportation is sustainable, comfortable, and timely.


Parties are a vast category of events, from corporate celebrations to student gatherings to weddings. Whether it is getting to the venue in high heels and fancy outfits, reaching a remote location for a thematic open-air, or getting back to the accommodation late at night, no guest wants to be left behind. 


Festivals are gatherings organized by communities to celebrate their local traditions or shared hobbies. Festivals commemorate fundamental aspects of cultures, religions, seasonal events, or specific forms or types of art. Festivals gather large crowds and foods, crafts, and entertainment vendors, all of which require affordable and reliable transportation for their staff. 

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What does an event planner do?

Event management is type of project management applied to the ideation and execution of events. Due to the complexity of the tasks and the rapidly changing environment, event management is one of the busiest and most stressful professions where those involved have to be ready for the unexpected. At the same time, it is one of the most exciting careers that allows for the development of a robust mix of soft and hard skills. 



Event managers plan, organize, and execute different types of events. They are responsible for creative, technical, and logistical elements alike. The process of managing an event from start to finish is often called “5C”: Concept, Coordination, Control, Culmination, and Closeout. 



Even before the launch, an event manager has to understand every detail about the occasion, the audience, and the goals. They need to know what excites and engages future guests. When the perfect concept is devised, the budget, schedule, and technical aspects of future events need to be planned in every detail, including logistics, transportation, and parking.

Which bus is right for me? offers a variety of vehicles to fit every type of event, audience, location, and schedule. All charter buses are safe and secure; the difference that defines the choice of the vehicle is the number of people to carry and the distance they need to travel.
Coach bus
A coach bus is fitted with extra comfort options and a large luggage area. If your event participants are traveling longer than 2.5 hours or carrying a lot of equipment with them, a coach bus is the preferred choice. Coach bus’s A/C can be especially beneficial if the weather is expected to be hot.
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School bus
A school bus is a lean and functional vehicle ideal for short-distance trips and shuttles. The school bus carries up to 47 people and can serve as a retro-style background for pictures when parked.
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Mini coach/minibus
Mini coach and minibus are compact options similar to their respective larger vehicles in terms of features. They fill up faster when serving as a shuttle and are great for late-night transportation of the staff and volunteers helping with an event.
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What is sustainable event planning?

Sustainable event management (also known as “green” event management) is the process of organizing events with a particular focus on their environmental footprint and social impact. Sustainability principles are applied in every aspect of planning, organization, and implementation of the event. Adherence to sustainable practices is required from both stakeholders and vendors.





Transportation is among the most environmentally impactful elements of any event. Transport is responsible for a significant part of greenhouse gases speeding up climate change. Traveling to and from the events is necessary, but it can be accomplished with much lower “costs” for the environment.

How? By transporting the event attendees by bus. A bus is the third most sustainable option right after walking and cycling. A bus is a large vehicle, but it allows us to transport up to 55 event attendants at once, while an average car would only carry two. Even accounting for the bus size, using a bus charters cuts the event’s carbon footprint at least in half.

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