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Greek Life groups are some of the most social groups on campus — and no vehicle promotes a good time quite like a bus.

On college and university campuses throughout the United States and Canada, GreekLife — the various chapters of fraternity and sororities — is a staple. Each Greek group of brothers and sisters typically runs a heavy schedule of social and fundraising events, both on and off campus. These short or long trips typically involve big head counts, so Greek groups will always need a convenient and safe form of transportation. As a leader or organizer with a GreekLife group, you can trust Bus.com to share the responsibility of finding the best, most efficient, most affordable charter bus option for your trip. Bus travel is the safest way to travel in big groups, keeping everyone together and ensuring no one has to take the wheel and worry about directions.

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Introduction to Greek Life


What is a sorority?

A sorority is a female-only Greek group of typically undergraduate students (and alumni in some capacity) that commonly identify with a sorority name and set of letters. These groups of “sisters” often live together in a large house owned by the sorority or paid for by its alumni, and participate in all sorts of philanthropic, fundraising, social, or ritualistic events. Members remain involved and retain their status throughout their student tenure, and often remain devoted to the organization after graduation in the form of donations or social involvement. New members are admitted each year during the “rush” period after going through a months-long vetting process.


What is a fraternity?

The male-only Greek organizations are called fraternities — or frats. These groups, much like sororities, tend to encompass like-minded individuals who wear their letters proudly and become bonded for life during these formative college years. Fraternity newcomers undergo the same vetting as sororities, and their living arrangements are similar too. While the frat’s reputation is such that we often think of secretive groups and lots of partying — and this depiction isn’t necessarily untrue — there is also a large philanthropic and social element to the organizational philosophy. Many American elites still identify with their fraternities, including a few former presidents: Clinton, Reagan, Ford, Roosevelt, and both Bushes.

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Types of Greek Life events

Philanthropic fundraisers

Every Greek chapter has a cause or charity it supports on a regular basis. Greek fundraising efforts should not go unnoticed — but often are. Fraternity and sorority sponsored fundraising events often take months of planning and require lots of participation. Lots of people going to one place at the same time — all for a good cause? Sounds like a job for the charter bus.

Formals and semi-formals

Formals and semi-formals may be the ultimate GreekLife events. While many of your fraternity or sorority’s events are limited to your single-gender group, these parties allow each member to bring a date. As its name suggests, the dress is at least one step above casual. Think of the formal as the Greek Life equivalent of your high school prom — but better.


Each school and chapter does socials — also known as mixers — differently, but again, these events include both fraternities and sororities, bringing the other side out of hiding. These events are often given a theme that dictate the dress code, like Thrift Shop, Anything But Human, or Duck Calls and Overalls.

Sisterhood retreats

These events are where sisters truly form their long-lasting bonds. Retreats are meant for sorority members only — no dates, no invites, no fraternities. They typically occur once or twice a semester, depending on the sorority, and are often overnight events. It could be a spa getaway, a yoga retreat, or a weekend ranch stay. All that matters is that you and your sisters are together.


The fraternity or sorority group at your school is referred to as a chapter of the greater organization. Frats typically hold a regular (often weekly) chapter meeting, referred to simply as “chapter.” At these meetings, the group discusses upcoming events, issues, philanthropic efforts, important dates, and more.

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