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Teams and individuals assemble for hackathons from across the state, country, or even the world. In order for attendees to show up refreshed and ready to compete, there needs to be professional, reliable, comfortable, and safe transport that they can count on.


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Why take a bus to the hackathon?

According to the Hackathon League, charter buses are by far the most popular mode of transportation used by experienced hackathon organizers. There are rational reasons for it: by taking the the hassle out of transportation, it makes it easier for guests to attends events like hackathons because it saves them the trouble of arranging their own transportation, or even the hassle of parking. Accommodating one bus is much more manageable than 30-40 individual vehicles. When you make an event easy to attend, potential guests are much more likely to attend it. 


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What is a hackathon?

Think about hackathons this way: instead of meetings where we discuss how to tackle the world’s problems or conferences where we listen to the stories of others solving it, hackathons assemble brilliant minds to take the problems on right there and then. For the few days a hackathon lasts, contributors will team up around a specific problem and create a product or solution to address it. Sometimes, companies arrange hackathons for a change of pace or a massive influx of new minds to get out of the bottleneck. For example, one of the most well-known Facebook features — the “Like” button — was first created at an internal hackathon. 

What to expect at a Hackathon?

A hackathon is an exciting and challenging event by design. It can help communities solve difficult problems in a single break-through or give the company a new product idea. What does the experience look like? Attendees get to the venue, assemble teams, get the equipment, and, within just a few hours, they are already working on their project. Most hackathons last between 24 to 48 hours. Hackathons are famous for their adrenaline-infused atmosphere, very little sleep, and a lot of food and caffeine. In this short timeframe, the teams start from scratch and finish with a rough working prototype of an application or technology. During the last part of the hackathon, teams present what they have built and compete for prizes.


Why attend a hackathon?

Hackathons allow students or professionals to revisit their skills under pressure and with a team, to learn something new, try to translate purely technical skills into viable business ideas, and to network with peers and experts.  For students, Hackathons are perfect for networking outside the university. The participants get to spend time with their peers and experts from various backgrounds, see them in action, and get a sense of their approach and skills. All they need afterward is to exchange their contacts. Participating in a hackathon instantly increases the knowledge and skill level. Over a day or two, attendees learn new technologies, try different angles, and put every bit of their theoretical knowledge into practice. 

According to Major League Hacking, charter buses are by far the most popular mode of transportation used by experienced hackathon organizers. Here’s the kind of options we offer at Bus.com:

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Top hackathon cities

The US hosts a vast number of country-wide and international hackathons open for student applicants and young professionals alike.


PennApps calls itself “The Original College Hackathon.” It is held at the state’s first university in Philadelphia and run by students. It is a “classic” hackathon where engineering students showcase their skills.



MHacks is a famous 36-hour hackathon run by University of Michigan students. MIT provides attendants with mentors and resources, including cutting-edge equipment, and tries to encourage creative freedom and focus on learning as opposed to a purely competitive format. 


HackNY is one of the most popular regular programs in New York City. The program is a mix of internship and hackathon formats: it pairs quantitative and computational students with NYC startups. Students are provided with free housing and lectures while they’re working. 


Bitcamp is a huge 36-hour hackathon focused on developers, IT specialists, and engineers typically taking place in spring. In 2019 it was hosted by the University of Maryland.

TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco is a hackathon in the Bay Area and one of the most notable Silicon Valley gatherings. This 72-hour-long sprint of the non-stop coding is focused on investors and founders creating technological disruption.

Other events similar to hackathons

There is more than one way to learn-by-doing, compete with other creators, or have fun with tech-oriented peers. Here are some ideas:

Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam is the largest game development hackathon. It often includes criteria to promote game accessibility. The majority of participants are developers, scriptwriters, designers, artists, user experience specialists, and statisticians, and all levels of experience are welcome. As the name suggests, the event is happening simultaneously across the world — 860 sites in 113 countries — with NYC being the main US scene.

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a 48 to 54 hour long event where startup professionals from all business and tech functions gather to pitch startup ideas and work on prototypes. Startup Weekend gained a global presence and was acquired by TechStars. In 2020, there will be 15 events in the US and six more in Canada.

Campus Party

Campus Party is a week-long technology festival, conference, and hackathon held annually. Programmers, engineers, IT specialists, students, and bloggers of all kinds camp for seven days at a dedicated location with their laptops and work together on various topics centered around sustainable development and entertainment. In August 2020, the event is coming to Detroit.


Editathon or edit-a-thon is an organized event where editors of the largest online knowledge-base type communities Wikipedia or OpenStreetMap gather to edit and improve a specific type of content and train new editors. 

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