At, we’re working hard to make researching bus suppliers, booking charter buses for group travel, and planning events easier than ever before.

In November 2017, we became one of the only charter bus rental platforms to provide event planners and trip organizers with an easy way to request instant bus rental quotes online, allowing them to find reliable suppliers for all the most common bus types, and accurate pricing for everything from short to long haul bus trips.

Introducing Book Now / Pay Later for Bus Rentals

Now, we’re making planning events and organizing group travel even more convenient with our Book Now / Pay Later option. Customers can consult quotes for charter bus rentals and book their group transportation in advance, and only need to finalize their payment 21 days before their departure date.

When we first launched the charter bus rental platform, we supported credit card payments, check payments, and wire-transfer payments. But, while customers who opted for check and wire-transfer payments could secure their bus rentals immediately and submit their payment at a later date, we neglected to offer this option to customers who were choosing to pay by credit card.

Not only was this oversight annoying for us (credit cards payments are way easier to process than international wire transfers!), it was also pretty unfair to the majority of our customers.

Many users need to book buses for group trips or events, and have a myriad of decisions to make based on the number of their attendees. Whether it’s a wedding, conference or student trip, making decisions surrounding suppliers can be really, really difficult if your guest list isn’t finalized yet. However, any event planner will tell you that sourcing and booking suppliers at the last minute is a really bad move, and can make you the victim of unavailability, or an unexpected price surge!

The strict pre-booking barriers imposed by your bus company’s typical rental process just weren’t making things easier for customers juggling the logistical difficulties of group travel, or event planning. We knew we could do better!

Since launching the Book Now / Pay Later option on May 10th we’ve seen that:

Plan Your Bus Trip at Today's Prices

In deciding to give our customers the option to Book Now and Pay Later, we’re enabling them to secure their charter buses at today’s prices, all while giving them the time they need to finalize their passenger list, figure out their exact pick-up and drop-off locations, and iron-out the details of their budget.

Get a charter bus rental quote in under two minutes.
Get More Time to Plan your Group Trip

This flexibility also comes in handy when several people share decision-making power over a booking. For example, in the case of beer league sports team renting a bus to travel to an away game or tournament, each and every passenger has a say on what type of bus to rent, or whether they choose to charter a bus over renting cars. We all know that planning an event and coordinating travel for a large group of people can be challenging! Requesting and booking a bus without having to immediately submit a payment gives groups of friends, teammates or colleagues more time to weigh their options, without having to risk a price-surge.

Book a bus for your team's next away game.

The Book Now, Pay Later option is only the latest of many changes to’s charter bus booking platform that are making bus rentals more accessible and are allowing people to travel together easily, safely and on budget!

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