Bus rentals for touring bands and musicians

They say music makes the world go ‘round. But what makes the music go ‘round? The tour bus, of course.

The sheer amount of time touring musicians spend on the road makes a charter bus rental the go-to choice for record labels, tour managers, and bookers. And with Bus.com, it’s never been easier to rent a tour bus. From helping you build a custom itinerary online, to accommodating last minute schedule changes, and even personalizing your tour bus with a custom wrap, we work behind the scenes to get your group under the spotlight night after night, safely, comfortably, and on schedule.

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Bus.com offers ease and convenience in the face of planning a tour or musical event, as well as a host of tour bus options that suit your needs to a tee.

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Whether it’s a one-stop hop across town, or a months-long mega-tour, our priorities are the same: getting you there safely, on schedule, and on budget.

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Which kind of bus is right for me?

Comfort is paramount when traveling for months at a time, and a charter tour bus from Bus.com has got it in spades. Plush reclining seats, plenty of legroom, WiFi, A/V equipment for onboard entertainment; these are just a few of the available amenities our bus partners provide. Add to that ample storage space for everything from general necessities to the most personal creature comforts, and you’ve got the closest thing to home on wheels — a home that is conveniently waiting for you right outside the venue door.


Coach bus

This luxe living room on wheels is the pinnacle of tour life, used by the biggest names in show business, and it’s no wonder why. Equipped with everything from WiFi, to A/V equipment, to an onboard restroom, it’s the height of comfort - and rock-star style.


Mini coach

The compact version of the coach is just as sleek and comfortable as its larger counterpart, and is perfect for smaller groups who are facing longer stretches on the road, or who simply want to live their best tour life.


School bus

This big yellow classic is most useful for shorter tours and shorter distances, and when you’ve got more people to transport than gear. It’s perfect for larger traveling troupes, such as choir groups and musical theater cast and crew.

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Types of tours served

Stadium tours/big arena shows

The type of show with a million moving parts (sometimes literally), the stadium tour requires an extensive team of highly trained professionals working behind the scenes to convert arenas into dazzling sensorial experiences in just a few hours, night after night. Along with opening acts, who are vying for the hearts and ears of an excited audience, as well as headliners, for whom expectations are through the roof, everyone is giving it — in “arena speak” — 110 percent. As a tour organizer, your job is to ensure everyone is rested and able to give it their all, and providing a comfortable refuge on the road in the form of a charter tour bus is the most logical first step.

Indie music tours

The indie show is impressive in its own way, with a more intimate vibe and few accompanying audiovisual effects. Often with local acts as openers and a skeleton crew at best of roadies and technicians, there’s often not much more than the basics to transport. In true indie fashion, bands will often opt to chauffeur themselves, typically in what you might call a “vintage” tour van. And we’ve all seen it on social media at one time or another: a pic of a broken-down vehicle with a sad post about a cancelled show. By choosing a reliable tour bus rental from Bus.com, you’re ensuring that the only breakdowns on your tour are of the musical variety.

Musical theater tours

Taking Oklahoma! to Chicago? Chicago to Oklahoma? Whether you’re taking Broadway on a cross-country tour or bringing a local production to neighbouring towns, Bus.com has got you covered. Musical theater productions usually have an enormous cast of actors, singers, and dancers, as well as a robust stage crew. These touring shows typically stay in one place for days or weeks at a time before moving on to a new city. With this in mind, Bus.com will work with you to provide reliable transportation for your whole company, only on the days you need it. Staying on budget? Now that’s something to sing about.

Comedy tours

Live performances are an integral part of a career in comedy. As funny as our fave comedians are in movies and television, nothing compares to catching the live show. Fans clamor for tickets, hoping to bear witness to unscripted moments, new material, and old classics told in a new way. That said, comedians and comedy troupes are faced with the unpredictability of a new audience night after night, and, well, we think that’s enough uncertainty for one tour. Bus.com takes our clients’ needs and schedules seriously — the only downside of opting for a charter bus rental over air travel is that they might have fewer things to joke about.

Children's entertainment tours

Watching little faces light up when they see their favorite characters come to life on stage is a career highlight for many a children’s entertainer. This is why so many choose to hit the road and give their littlest fans what is often their first taste of live entertainment. Whatever the size or production level, shows aimed at children are almost always grandiose when it comes to spirit. This high expenditure of energy often requires a hefty dose of downtime between shows. Bus.com’s customizable tour bus rentals offer a secluded space while on the road for performers to recharge their batteries, so they can face curtain-up refreshed and ready to rock young minds.

Speaker/symposium tours

From motivational speaker engagements, to science symposiums, to industry keynote speeches, there’s a wealth of information being shared with eager audiences across North America on just about every subject you can think of. However, while the biggest names can still draw huge crowds, current trends indicate a preference for shorter talks on a variety of topics (think TED). For tour organizers and event planners, this means more people to shuttle around. Whether you’re looking for hassle-free transportation between airports and hotels, or have opted to take your whole team on the road — literally — Bus.com will hook you up with a charter bus rental that perfectly suits your needs.

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