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There are many reasons why your team may need to travel for business, including off-site meetings, product launches, or important conferences, not to mention holiday parties, team-building exercises, or even corporate retreats. Whatever your reasons for traveling, an Atlanta charter bus rental is an ecologically-friendly and scalable mode of transportation.

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Choosing a bus type that works best for your plans will largely depend on the number of people in your group, the distance you’ll be traveling, and which amenities you’d like to have on board. For specific questions about any of the bus types we offer, be sure to reach out to our 24/7 customer care team. is trusted by companies big and small

Atlanta team building events

Businesses are complicated machines with many moving parts, but your employees and how they work together is at the foundation of it all. One of the best ways to improve your business is to invest in your team, and a team-building event in Atlanta is a fun, accessible way to strengthen your group’s collective creativity, communication skills, and overall productivity.

Southern Food Walks

Delve into downtown Atlanta’s Southern Food Walk with your team to indulge in 15 delicious tastings across 6 to 7 distinct food stops. These Atlanta institutions serve up Creole and Cajun creations, classic Southern BBQ, Appalachian staples, and iconic Atlanta comfort foods along with a healthy dose of civil rights history, and a tour of Atlanta’s oldest marketplace to boot. This tour is sure to be a hit with any food-loving crew and a great way to strengthen bonds through fun shared experiences.


Atlanta CityHUNT is a specialist in team-building exercises, creating engaging scavenger hunts specifically aimed at the business community. These romps around Atlanta will have your teams explore neighborhoods from Decatur to Midtown Atlanta, chasing down clues, solving riddles, and learning about the city and its history along the way. A CityHunt experience is a great way to get your team out of the office and working together towards a common goal

Mission Escape Atlanta

Offering unique, interactive escape room challenges, Mission Escape Atlanta is southeast Atlanta’s premier spot for offsite team adventures. Mission Escape Atlanta features two separate themed challenges, with fun, built-in narratives that feature stolen jewels, sneaky detectives, and crazed hotel owners. Your team will have to use their critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork skills to work out the puzzles and brain-teasers that will solve the mystery and hopefully pave the path to your team’s escape before the timer runs out!

Whirlyball Atlanta

Whirlyball Atlanta, located in Roswell, just north of Atlanta, invites your team to experience Whirlyball, an unlikely team sport that folds together elements from jai alai, basketball, and bumper cars. Your team will have a blast as they pass around a wiffle ball while riding around in small electric cars called whirlybugs, ultimately trying to score points against an opposing team while developing long lasting bonds and memories in the process.

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The biggest industries in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of only 10 U.S. alpha-world cities and ranks fourth in the world for Fortune 500 companies headquartered within its city limits. Atlanta is home to the USA’s 10th largest economy and is home to highly developed finance, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing sectors, with a total annual citywide GDP of $324 billion.


Atlanta is one of the United States’ most influential financial centers, and is home to the district headquarters of the Federal Reserve System, overseeing a majority of the Fed’s operations in the Deep South. Atlanta is a leader in traditional banking, credit tracking, and investment management but is also highly specialized in emerging financial technologies. Recent estimates suggest that 70 percent of all global financial transactions are now passing through companies headquartered in the metro Atlanta area.


Atlanta’s nascent high-tech community has not only aided the financial sector but has helped create robust biotech and medtech industries as well. Atlanta is home to the headquarters of Emory’s Global Health Institute, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region II, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with the CDC alone responsible for employing over 15,000 people in the Atlanta area.


Logistics and supply chain management is one of Atlanta’s leading industries and is increasingly vital to the smooth operation of the global economy. Atlanta’s largest employer is Delta Airlines, and alongside its competitor, Southwest Airlines, the two transportation behemoths have been instrumental in the meteoric rise of Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport as the single busiest airport on the planet, both in passenger traffic and overall aircraft movements.


As was the case in all major manufacturing cities, the early 2000s saw several factory closures in the Atlanta metropolitan area, with the automotive fabrication sector particularly hard hit. Since those dark days, though, the number of Atlanta’s manufacturing jobs has steadily increased year after year. In 2009, with the opening of the first and only Kia plant in the United States in nearby West Point, even automotive manufacturing jobs are beginning to return with considerable force.

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