Bus rentals for Los Angeles construction workers

Everything you need to transport your crew and supplies

The Los Angeles construction market is extremely robust, featuring billions of dollars worth of projects currently under development, with a strong and increasing demand for skilled construction laborers. Organizing the smooth transportation of construction laborers can be fundamental to a project’s success, and at Bus.com, we provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective charter bus rentals and construction site shuttle services that are ideal for efficiently assembling your workers to their worksites.

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Bus rentals are the most affordable way to reliably transport your workforce to their worksite.

Vehicle options

Our easy online booking offers you a comprehensive selection of vehicle options provided by our Los Angeles charter bus partners.

Fully-vetted service

24/7 customer support

Our expert 24/7 customer care team members are committed to your success at every step of your booking.

Bus types

At Bus.com, our range of bus types come in a variety of sizes, with a selection of possible amenities. Whether you need a comfortable coach bus for a large work team traveling across long-distances or a functional minibus for a small group making a series of quick, short hops, we have a bus type that is right for you.


Coach bus

Coach buses are our largest and most comfortable bus types that can transport up to 55 passengers, even across long distances. All of our coach buses feature onboard washrooms and can be outfitted with optional TV/DVD support, air conditioning, electric outlets, and WiFi. Furthermore, our coach buses are equipped with spacious undercarriage cargo bays to accommodate any tools and equipment that your workers may need to bring with them.


School bus

Our school buses accommodate up to 47 passengers and are ideal for trips of three hours or less. School buses are built for functionality, and while they won’t include the amenities of a coach bus, they’re purpose-built for rapid, cost-effective relocations for larger teams.


Mini bus

Minibuses have room for upwards of 21 passengers and are a popular choice for smaller teams traveling shorter distances. A minibus is more fuel-efficient than some of its larger counterparts and can deftly get into and out of much tighter parking spaces.

Construction bus rentals

We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly contracts to municipal, county, state, and federal levels of government in the Los Angeles area looking to provide efficient, timely transportation of construction workers to their work sites. A charter bus rental or shuttle service provides straightforward and dependable transportation for your workforce, so you can ensure they assemble exactly where you need them, exactly when you need them. This can be especially helpful for remote and rural projects for which transportation may otherwise be difficult to arrange.

Our charter bus rentals can be set up to perform door-to-door pickups of small teams, or our shuttle services can accommodate massive workforces with multiple rally points with several rotating shifts throughout the day. Whatever the scope and scale of your construction plans, our specialist 24/7 customer care team will work in conjunction with our LA area bus partners to find the best possible price options for your project.

Types of construction sites in Los Angeles


Despite a general dip in commercial construction, the Los Angeles area commercial space rental market continues to demonstrate a strong upward trend, filling many of the area’s vacancies. This trend is being fueled by the city’s status as a global hub city for the technology, media, and entertainment industries, particularly as investment shifts onto new content streaming platforms. This shift is necessitating a major expansion in the commercial enterprises adjacent to the digital content creation world, including branding and social media, advertising, and production and post-production industries.


Though new commercial construction projects have slowed, the commercial construction industry is mainly focused on interior improvement and repurposing projects for existing commercial office space, a trend that has continued to build strong momentum since 2018. Major players like Google and Netflix are persistently leasing and repurposing massive tracts of commercial office space for use in the nascent online streaming industry, and many smaller businesses are following their wake.


Los Angeles’s residential construction market is rapidly growing. Spurred by soaring housing costs on the coast, residents are increasingly looking to the east where major construction is taking place in the inland metropolitan areas, with multi-family housing construction projects specifically becoming very popular.


Owing to the commercial construction industry’s primary focus on renovation and repurposing projects rather than entirely new developments, residential development is forming a bulk of the new construction in the LA area. Recent reports have found that over 3,300 new residential units were completed in 2018, almost 7,000 were under construction at the end of 2019, and 35,000 total housing units are currently in development moving forward.


Investment is flooding into the LA area for multiple large-scale industrial construction projects, several of which are already underway. Chief among these and likely the city’s most ambitious current construction project is the five billion dollar future home of the NFL Rams and Chargers, the Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park. Even uncomplete, the stadium is already booked as the venue for the upcoming 2020 Superbowl, the College Football National Championship Game in 2023, and the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2028 Olympic Games. Nearing completion, the stadium has spurred a host of other large scale local projects, many tied to the upcoming Olympic Games. The LA area is also in the process of revamping its local highway systems, mass transit infrastructure, and several of its airports. There are also prospects of the long-awaited gold line light rail project from Pasadena to Claremont, as well as a proposed high-speed railway line running from Victorville to Las Vegas.