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Los Angeles is an iconic place for the US entertainment industry and filmmaking, as well as a stunning backdrop with beaches, hot weather throughout the year, and a relaxed atmosphere that is perfectly suited to hosting large events.

Event managers bringing their event to Los Angeles benefit from easy access to special effects equipment, props, and celebrities to accommodate any concept. LA offers a wide choice of venues as well as accessible, professional catering and event services.

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Thanks to its unique toolset, Bus.com remains budget-friendly while offering the highest standards of service. All vehicles are safe, secure, and insured according to state and federal regulations.

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Which bus type is right for me?

Bus.com offers a variety of chauffeured charter buses to fit any event, number of guests, and schedule. Multiple types of buses can be rented simultaneously to create a “perfect mix” for every day of the event. If you’re wondering which bus type is right for you, here’s a quick guide.


School bus

A school bus is a functional vehicle ideal for short-distance trips and shuttle services. With its classic yet noticeable design, it is easily identified by guests when parked. The school bus carries up to 47 people and gets the job done reliably, every time.


Coach bus

A coach bus is a flagman of comfort featuring a large dedicated luggage area, soft reclining seats, and power outlets. Coach bus's A/C feature can be especially beneficial in hot LA weather, especially considering the vast territory its urban area covers.


Minibus and mini coach

The Mini coach and minibus are compact versions of their large counterparts, accommodating up to 31 passengers at once. They work well for both guests and staff who travel in smaller groups.

What is sustainable event planning?

Green or sustainable event management relies on sustainability principles to achieve the event’s goals with minimal negative environmental footprint and maximum positive social impact.

Both stakeholders and vendors are expected to follow sustainable practices at every stage of planning, organization, and implementation of the event. Best practices include using a renewable energy source to power the event’s equipment, using local farms produce for catering, choosing biodegradable materials for disposable elements of decoration, etc.

The most environmentally-friendly forms of transportation are walking, cycling, and using a bus. A bus is a large vehicle, but it transports up to 55 event attendants at once. Compared to individual or family cars, using the Bus.com bus rental produces twice less harmful CO2 emissions per event.

Major events in Los Angeles

LA is associated with posh industry events like the Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy Awards. But Los Angeles welcomes more than just celebrities with several festivals and events that are accessible to everyone. Every major award is also accompanied by a flock of satellite parties in every part of the city.

Tournament of Roses

The Tournament of Roses in Pasadena was founded in 1890 as America’s community-spirited New Year Celebration on the first day of the year. The events include Tournament of Roses Pageant, the Rose Bowl Game, and the Rose Parade.

California Strawberry Festival

The California Strawberry Festival is an indulgent kick-off for the summer. Strawberries are served in every form imaginable, from chocolate-dipped strawberries, strawberry cocktails, strawberry pizzas, strawberry ice-cream, and more. Festivities include pie-eating contests, strawberry relays, strawberry tosses, cooking demos, and music. All proceeds go to California NPOs.

Los Angeles County Fair

In September, Los Angeles welcomes its County Fair at the Pomona Fairplex. The fair has been held for almost a century and attracts over a million visitors during the three weeks it lasts. In addition to traditional county fair exhibitions like livestock and farm produce shows, the attractions include live concerts, food tasting, and carnivals.

Los Angeles Pride

The Pride Festival illuminates cities across the US every June. Los Angeles hosts its Pride Parade in West Hollywood, celebrating the diversity and inclusion with a costumed parade, music, dancing, food, and art.

Golden Dragon Parade

The Golden Dragon Parade is held every February to celebrate Chinese New Year and the ties that unite the Los Angeles community and its historical China Town. Century-old tradition attracts thousands of people to Chinatown’s North Broadway, where the parade proceeds with traditional music, floats, and performances – and hundred-foot-long dragon decorations.

Dia de Los Muertos

In November, LA pays respects to its neighbor’s culture by celebrating Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, on the cemetery grounds of Hollywood Forever. One of the largest celebrations of its kind in the US, the event lights up the night with 40,000 participants, hundreds of colorful altars, music, foods, and arts.

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