Charter a bus to Legion of Honor

Charter a bus rental to the Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor sits in a unique location on the southern shores of the Golden Gate. The renowned museum offers stunning views of the bridge and the bay. It’s also within walking distance of a number of other attractions, which makes renting a San Francisco charter bus the best and easiest way to make your way to and from the Legion of Honor. 

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Why charter a bus for the Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor’s location in Lincoln Park makes it necessary to park a good distance away. Because there are a number of other attractions nearby, it’s best to make a day of it when visiting the Legion of Honor. For this reason, groups should consider renting a charter bus in San Francisco to drop you off at the park and pick you up when you’ve had your fill. Larger groups can take advantage of the amenities in a coach bus while smaller groups might find a minibus more aligned with their budget. For groups that want to visit multiple destinations, a door-to-door shuttle service is recommended. 

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About the Surrounding Area

About the Surrounding Area

The Legion of Honor’s Lincoln Park location makes it a great spot for a full day of activities. The other memorials within walking distance of the museum include the Holocaust Memorial, the Memorial for Peace, and the USS San Francisco Memorial, where you can learn about the ship’s important role in the events surrounding World War II.    If your group is looking for an adrenaline-packed adventure after visiting the museum, walk over to the Fort Miley Ropes Course. Run by the Pacific Leadership Institute, this ropes course can offer your group some unexpected team building challenges.      Another historical landmark close to the...

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About the Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor is part of San Francisco’s series of Fine Arts Museums. This particular collection features art from more than 4,000 years of history. The building itself was designed in the French neoclassical tradition and is a sight to behold. The museum lies within the boundaries of Lincoln Park, which also contains several other memorials and multiple viewpoints from which you can see the Golden Gate bridge.    The California Palace of the Legion of Honor was actually a gift from Alma de Bretteville Spreckels. Having visited the city in 1915, Alma was inspired by the French pavilion built for the city’s Panama Pacific International Exposition. Her inspiration was enough to convince her husband, Adolph B. Spreckels to design a new art museum for the city in the image of the original pavilion.    Several events delayed both the design and construction phases, but the Legion of Honor was eventually completed in 1924. The museum contains a number of profound art exhibitions and consistently updates their collection to display some of the most impressive collections of the times. The museum also offers Free Saturdays, during which visitors can enjoy a variety of engaging art experiences. 

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