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The world is changing, and the way that we travel is becoming increasingly more restricted. Fortunately, the expertise that we possess in the charter bus industry is highly transferable to other needs that exist within our communities. If you have to move a product or essential personnel, is here to help.

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Examples of essential services

Please note that has the right to refuse travel requests that we believe would endanger the safety of our bus partners or the general public.
Employee shuttles
We can offer shuttle services to any groups requiring essential travel (such as corporations, government workers, city workers, etc).
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Emergency and health personnel
We can offer essential transportation to health and emergency personnel, such as health care workers (including nurses and physicians), paramedics, members of law enforcement, and more. 
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Other essential services
Our buses are available to other groups that have been deemed an essential service. What is deemed as an essential service may depend on your local government’s definition.
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Available shipping services

Our bus partners are not only capable of transporting human personnel, but can also efficiently move goods, too. Buses provide a viable alternative for businesses whose supply chains have been threatened by the decrease of operating air routes. We are well-suited to transport different types of cargo, including but not limited to packaged food, medical supplies, and household supplies.

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Additional safety measures

While safety is always our #1 priority, we have enacted new measures to ensure that our trips are run in a way protects the well-being of our customers and drivers. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The disinfecting of buses between every trip
  • The provision of cleaning materials to bus drivers
  • Running buses at half-capacity (social distancing)


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