Greetings Electric Forest 2024 Shuttle Purchasers,

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Bus tickets to Electric Forest 2024

While planning the journey to The Forest, consider taking an official Electric Forest shuttle!
Not only is it a sustainable way to travel to Rothbury, it’s also a great way to meet new Forest Family, and get complimentary Early Arrival.

Shuttles will leave from Chicago, Grand Rapids, Detroit and New York! Most buses stop at a grocery store on the way! See you in The Forest…

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Most buses stop at a grocery store

Catch A Ride to Electric Forest

Grand Rapids Airport Shuttle

Buses from and to Grand Rapids Airport

Starting $49

Chicago O'Hare Airport Shuttle

Buses from and to Chicago O'Hare Airport

Starting $99

Chicago Midway Airport Shuttle

Buses from and to Chicago Midway Airport

Starting $99

Chicago Downtown Shuttle

Buses from and to Downtown Chicago

Starting $99

Detroit Downtown Shuttle

Buses from and to Downtown Detroit

Starting $79

Detroit Airport Shuttle

Buses from and to Detroit Airport

Starting $79

New York Shuttle

Buses from and to New York

Starting $209

You've got questions? We've got answers.

This isn't our first rodeo.... or our first Forest.
No matter what you are wondering, we've got an answer.

Don't see your question below? Shoot us an email!

I’m headed to a camping festival. Will there be enough space on the bus for my camping equipment?

For camping festivals, we ask that passengers limit their gear to a total of three items. For example, you could bring one large bag, one tent and one cooler. We are unfortunately not able to accommodate any luggage wagons or trucks on the bus. We ask that you do not bring luggage wagons with you to the bus as they will not be permitted onboard.

Do the buses stop at a grocery store?

Yes! All our buses from Chicago, Detroit and New York stop at Walmart on the way. Most buses from Grand Rapids Airport also stop at Walmart on the way (shuttles departing Wednesday 11am, 11pm; Thursday 12:30am and 10:45am being the only exceptions).

How can I switch my bus ticket for another day or time?

Yes, if there is room on the trip that you want, then you will be able to change your ticket.

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Are buses ADA accessible?

ADA accessible shuttles are available upon request. Please email [email protected] to let us know which event you’re headed to as well as what date and time you’ll be travelling with us, so we can arrange the right vehicle.

Please note that ADA requests must be made a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start date of the event. Let us know as soon as you book your bus ticket!

I don’t see the departure time or location that I want.

Let us know! Email us at [email protected] with your preferred time and location as well as your contact information. You’ll be notified if the route is added.

What do I need to bring to board the bus?

You just need yourself, your bus ticket (either printed or displayed on your phone), and your ID. Be sure to also bring along your event pass/wristband in order to enter event grounds!

Are bus tickets transferable?

Yes, tickets can be transferred from one person to another. You don’t need to change the name on the ticket.

Please note, riders will be checked in. Once a rider is checked in, his/her ticket is expired and no one else will be able to board using that ticket.

Bus Routes to Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI

Why take the official shuttle into the Forest?
Storage for your camping gear? Got it.
Drop-off at the campgrounds to minimize walking? Check.
A bus full of incredible people? Check, check and check.
Oh, and a lower carbon footprint isn't a bad thing either.

Chicago Buses to Electric Forest

Why stay in the Windy City when you can enjoy the gentle forest breeze? Our buses connect you from O’Hare International Airport, Midway Airport, and the Inn of Chicago in Downtown.

Departure details:

Chicago O’Hare Aiport: Arrivals level (downstairs) Door/Gate E at Terminal 2 at O’Hare

Chicago Midway Airport: Use Terminal Door 5, Lower Level (through parking garage), signs for Charter buses/ Shuttles.

Downtown Chicago: Inn Of Chicago 162 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

Detroit buses to Electric Forest

The day after, when all is said and done, do you really want to drive 3 hours to get home? We didn’t think so.

Our buses take you from and to Detroit Airport and the Downtown Hilton Garden Inn Detroit.

Downtown Detroit: Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Downtown, 351 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48226, USA

Detroit Airport: Wayne County Airport: North Terminal Ground Transportation Center

Grand Rapids buses to Electric Forest

Leaving from River City? Our shuttle can be your lazy river as you ride in comfort into the Forest. The buses departing at the following timings from Grand Rapids Airport will not stop at Walmart on the way to the festival.
June 19: 11 AM, 11PM
June 20: 12:30 AM, 10:45 AM

Shuttles departing from Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Buses will leave from the commercial lane between Zone 2/3 outside the terminal. Use Door 3 to get to the Shuttle.

Long Distance buses to Electric Forest

A long ride – but a ride with friends. Join our New York bus.
Departures from:

New York from 528 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018.


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