Why Rent a Bus With WiFi Connectivity?

A charter bus is a large vehicle that you “own” temporarily without any of the downsides of actually owning a bus. In short, you are in full control of your destination, schedule, and vehicle features, but do not need to worry about drivers or insurance.

Charter buses are the best-loved transportation mode for many types of groups, including corporate travel. They are cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and easily fit a range of purposes. Coach buses are an especially popular choice among our corporate customers, thanks to their extra legroom and ample storage. However, one of the best amenities that the coach bus has to offer is onboard Wifi.

The Benefits of Onboard Wifi

Your trip can range from 30 minutes to many hours, and from a regular, five-days-a-week commute to a multi-day business trip. Destination certainly matters, but your time onboard adds up, too.

The demand for WiFi on-board keeps growing. Why? With the combination of WiFi and portable devices, you have all the tools to spend travel time productively. Plus, the connection expands your options for trip enrichment.

Save on Data Usage

On-board WiFi comes with the coach bus package, so every passenger on board can use it for free. It is a great way to save on mobile data bills, especially if your job requires you to travel via charter buses often.

Stay connected even when you are going through areas with spotty reception

Losing connection in the middle of a call or halfway through a document upload can disrupt our workflow, and get on our nerves. This problem is more likely to occur on long trips, crossing state boundaries, or passing through rural areas. Charter bus WiFi might also lose connection at times, but it typically has more powerful LTE or satellite uplink than any personal device.

Stay connected to your team

Gone are the times when you had to wait until you get to the hotel to reconnect to your team, only to find desperately blocked colleagues craving your replies. With internet access, you still set the boundaries yourself: it is up to you whether you stay present for your team, or opt for a quiet time. Most importantly, you now have a choice.

Catch up on your personal emails

Getting up, going to work, coming home to spend time with your family. Trying to find a few minutes to catch up with friends and book dentist appointments in between. If it sounds familiar, you will love to have on-board WiFi. Many professionals use their commute hours to stay on top of personal correspondence. 

More work done during the commute = fewer hours in the office

When you live in the suburbs and commute to work every day, it is not unlikely to spend up to two hours on your commute. With the on-board WiFi’s office-like performance, many employers will let you count that time into your working hours.

The best travel guide right in your pocket

The world is changing by the year, and the Internet is the most up-to-date source of information that we have. It is a lot of fun to instantly find information on all the curiosities you see out of the window. What is that cloud on the horizon? What is the animal I just saw? When was this bridge we are passing built? What is the weather like at my destination right now? 

Gamify the trip 

When the trip’s purpose is to help your team connect and bond, the travel time can add to the experience. Both offline and online games count. Gaming is also a popular way to unwind on the commute back from work.

No more “mobile hotspot” juggling

Do all of your devices connect to mobile networks on their own? If going through the routine of “setting up your mobile hotspot just to provide the internet connection for your laptop” is something you have to deal with, an on-board WiFi is something you have been craving for a while. 

Share the trip with your loved ones — or your followers

Occasionally, our family and friends cannot join us on the journey. With on-board WiFi, you can include them in your experience via video calls or instant messaging. They will not have to worry if the trip takes you very far from home. For avid bloggers or popular social network personas, streaming the trip is an excellent way of keeping your audience engaged.

Simply more fun!

Dark or rainy outside, or the regular commute route you have seen many times before? Travel companions chose to rest during the trip? Or do you simply prefer to have your “me-time”? A stable and free internet connection adds a few more options for those hours.

Whether you are booking a charter bus for leisure or work, having a WiFi aboard expands your on-board options for both business and leisure. This amenity is just another factor that contributes to the comfort of your bus rental.

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