Minibus Rental Pricing Guide for Coordinators and Managers

Whether you are looking to organize a sightseeing trip across different cities, or are simply looking to secure transportation for a one-off event, there are various types of charter bus rentals available for your group travel needs. Minibus rentals are one of the most convenient options for group transportation, striking a perfect balance between a coach bus rental and a school bus rental.

Accommodating up to 21 passengers at a time, minibus rentals epitomize comfort and convenience on the road. This vehicle is ideal for transporting smaller groups of people over a short distance, offering travellers a cost-effective and safe mode of transportation. From student and corporate groups, to professional tour operators, a minibus rental takes the hassle out of transportation all-while helping your group stay within budget. 

Before renting a minibus, it is important to consider the different factors impacting minibus rental prices and costs, as well as different ways to save money on your charter bus booking. Let’s take a closer look at minibus rental costs and break down important considerations you should make before booking.

How much does a minibus rental cost?

Minibus rental costs are typically the first consideration when looking to secure safe and reliable transportation. After all, your budget, in large part, will ultimately dictate what type of charter bus you can rent. On average, minibus rental prices fluctuate between $400 and $900 per day depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to, trip date, length, and location.

The best way to access accurate and up-to-date minibus rental prices is to input your trip details into our online booking system. From there, a detailed quote can be generated in mere minutes, giving you a quick and comprehensive overview of your trip. Our dedicated customer care team is also on stand-by 24/7, should you have any questions when renting a minibus. 

Factors That Might Affect Your Minibus Rental Price

Before confirming your minibus rental, it is important to consider all the factors that may affect your total cost. From group size and distance travelled to time of year and the driver’s on-duty time, familiarizing yourself with these factors is a great way to avoid unwelcome surprises when renting a minibus.

Group Size

When it comes to minibus rental prices, group size plays a pivotal role. It is ultimately essential to tailor your charter bus rental according to your group size, limiting the cost per person. Minibus rentals can comfortably accommodate up to 21 passengers, making them ideal for smaller groups. If you don’t anticipate filling up the entire minibus, more compact options such as sprinter van rentals represent a more budget-friendly option. 

As a result, it is always recommended to get an accurate headcount of the travelling group as early as possible. This way, our award-winning booking specialists can connect you with a right-sized minibus rental. 

1. Distance Travelled

The next factor to consider when renting a minibus is your final destination. Put simply, do you need a charter bus rental for a long-distance or short-distance trip? Minibus rentals are particularly suited for outings over shorter distances, typically anything under three hours. 

We usually recommend inputting your trip details into our easy-to-use-online booking system, or in Google Maps before renting a minibus. This will ultimately give you a quick overview of the distance the trip encompasses, outlining the charter bus rental best suited for your group. For example, our coach bus rentals and mini coach bus rentals are ideal for longer trips over three hours. 

2. Time of Year

Seasonality plays a major role in setting minibus rental prices. In short, bus rental prices are likelier to surge during peak season due to a lack of local availability, which is usually in the summer or during the holiday season. With by your side, however, renting a minibus has never been easier – no matter the time of year. 

Over the years, has fostered meaningful relationships with over 3,300 trusted, local bus suppliers, ensuring we can connect you with competitively-priced minibus rentals all-year round. Rent a minibus for your next trip and eliminate the hassle of group transportation.

3. Fuel Prices

Minibus rental prices can also experience slight fluctuations due to changes in fuel prices, however, this will not dramatically change the overall minibus rental cost. In fact, this only becomes a factor if there is a significant spike or decline in fuel prices. 

It is also worth noting that charter bus rentals boast the most economical per-person fuel consumption among transportation choices, ensuring you pay less. Additionally,’s award-winning booking specialists can optimize your itinerary to minimize unnecessary fuel consumption, preserving both your budget and the environment!

4. Driving Time and On-Duty Time

A primary factor when considering minibus rental prices and overall rental costs is undoubtedly driving time and on-duty time. In fact, this factor alone has the most significant impact on minibus rental prices. Driving time and on-duty time refers to the time the driver not only spends on the road, but in-between pit-stops, restroom breaks, and lunch breaks. 

As such, it is crucial to optimize your itinerary as much as possible before hitting the road, limiting the amount of time spent in-between destinations. 

5. Desired Amenities

Contrary to popular belief, equipping your minibus rental with amenities will not significantly increase the overall minibus rental cost. In any case, minibus rentals are designed with cost-efficiency in mind, eliminating the need for unnecessary amenities. Minibus rentals can nonetheless be equipped with vehicle-wide air conditioning, audiovisual equipment, and power outlets for added comfort and connectivity. 

However, if you are looking for onboard bathrooms or a state-of-the-art sound system, different bus types, such as the coach and mini coach bus, would be better options to accommodate your needs.

A minibus is one of our most versatile and affordable charter bus rentals.

Ways to Save Money on a Minibus Rental 

There are ways to save money with your minibus rental before even hitting the road. From booking it well ahead of time to limiting pit stops and shopping around, let’s take a deeper look at ways you can rent a minibus without breaking the bank.

Secure your minibus rental as early as possible

Timing is critical when renting a minibus, or any charter bus, for that matter. We strongly recommend securing your minibus rental well in advance of your departure, ideally six months ahead of your travel date. also offers a flexible Book Now, Pay Later policy, allowing you to defer the full payment of your minibus rental up until 21 days before your departure date.

For peak season trips, reserving as early as nine months in advance is usually advisable. While our booking specialists excel at handling last-minute requests, it may be challenging to find the ideal bus provider on short notice. As illustrated above, last-minute bookings can also result in higher costs due to limited local availability. 

Fill up the minibus rental to capacity

Filling your minibus rental to capacity is a savvy strategy to keep costs streamlined and your trip within its budget. Ensuring all 21 seats are occupied effectively limits the cost per person, resulting in significant savings. We always recommend getting an accurate headcount of your group before renting a minibus as different charter bus rentals are ultimately suited to different group sizes.

Smaller groups, for example, typically turn to cost-effective sprinter van rentals, seating between eight and 15 passengers, while larger groups rely on school bus rentals or mini coach bus rentals, accommodating up to 47 and 31 travellers respectively. 

Limit stops

Streamlining your itinerary is ultimately one of the best ways to save money on your minibus rental. Put simply, the more stops you make, the higher your minibus price will be. Be sure to prioritize essential stops only, meticulously plan your routes, and effectively communicate your schedule with fellow passengers to avoid any potential delays.

Pro tip: Allocate an extra 15 minutes for each intended stop, considering that boarding a minibus rental often takes longer than anticipated. By accounting for potential detours, traffic congestion, and any lingering passengers, you can avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of your journey.

Travel during offseason

The time of year during which you book your charter bus rental will have a direct impact on your minibus rental price. If your group is flexible with its arrival and departure times, it would be wise to check the area’s social calendar for any competing events. It goes without saying that travelling during offseason will reduce the overall minibus rental cost. 

For example, Coachella in California typically falls around the end of April, and that may drive transportation prices up. The less competition there is with major festivals or events, the lower minibus rental prices will be since there’ll be more bus providers to source your rental from.

Shop Around

One effective way to save money on a minibus rental is by shopping around and comparing quotes from different charter bus rental companies. In other words, don’t settle for the first offer you receive. Instead, cast a wide net and explore multiple options when renting a minibus. 

Also, be sure to take full advantage of’s price-matching program. If you’ve found a minibus rental price at a more competitive rate, let us know and we will do our best to match it. Shopping around ensures you secure the best deal that aligns with your budget and transportation needs, ultimately maximizing your savings.

Don’t worry about amenities too much

Getting a clear consensus on your group’s desired amenities is an essential step when booking a minibus. Oftentimes, trip organizers overestimate their group’s wants and add unnecessary comforts that end up boosting the minibus rental cost. In any case, equipping a bus with optional comforts and onboard technology, as seen above, does not have a significant impact on minibus rental prices. 

Get in touch with our award-winning booking specialists and rent a minibus for all your transportation needs – whatever they may be your needs.

Once you have your trip details settled, you can book your minibus charter using our online booking tool within minutes.

Minibus Rental Models currently offers one minibus rental, the compact and affordable Ford E450. Ultimately, this vehicle is designed to safely transport smaller groups of people over shorter distances, and can be used for a variety of trip types. Here’s a detailed breakdown of this minibus rental! 


When trip organizers are in need of an affordable and comfortable method of transportation, they regularly turn to the Ford E450 minibus rental. This versatile charter bus rental comfortably accommodates up to 24 passengers at a time, getting your group to their destination safely, reliably, and on time. 

Typical minibus rental configurations come equipped with a standard set of amenities, helping keep costs streamlined. However, the Ford E450 can also be outfitted with a variety of additional modern comforts, ranging from vehicle-wide air conditioning and audiovisual equipment to power outlets. These subtle customizations ultimately ensure your guests can remain comfortable and connected while on the road. Rent a minibus today and enjoy seamless transportation!

Get a Minibus Rental Quote

Now that you are familiar with all the different factors that impact minibus rental prices, it’s time to start thinking about renting a minibus. With’s flexible on-demand transportation model and easy-to-use online booking system, securing safe and reliable transportation has never been easier.

In fact, has forged relationships with over 3,300 trusted, local bus suppliers across North America, connecting you with right-sized minibus rentals for your group. Begin by inputting your trip parameters into our online booking tool, including travel dates, group size, and destination, and a detailed price will be generated in less than two minutes. Minibus rental quotes are typically valid for up to three days, however, if it ever expires, simply request a new one. 

Alternatively, you can always contact our award-winning booking specialists and customize your rental according to your specific transportation needs. Our customer care team is at your disposal 24/7, before, after, and during your trip, ensuring a seamless experience when renting a minibus.

As easy as searching ‘rent a minibus near me’

In short, renting a minibus represents one of the most cost-effective and convenient methods of group transportation, particularly over shorter distances. takes the additional steps needed to find you the best local providers near you in terms of pricing and amenities. Relying on our team to do the heavy lifting for price search, coordination with bus companies, and managing communication with drivers makes your minibus rental experience enjoyable.

We hope we answered all of your questions about minibus rentals, including prices, the different models available, as well as how to rent a minibus, wherever you may be. In case we didn’t, however, be sure to get in touch with our award-winning customer support team and we’d be happy to assist with your minibus rental!

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we answered all of your questions, but in case we didn't, here are some frequently asked questions that will streamline your sports bus rental experience and ensure you don’t encounter any surprises along the way.

What is the average minibus rental price?

The average minibus rental costs between $400 and $900 per day. Keep in mind that minibus rental prices are contingent on a number of factors, including distance travelled, bus type, time of booking, and more. Visit our online booking tool and receive a more accurate and detailed quote in less than two minutes. Our booking specialists are available 24-7 to answer any remaining questions you might have about your quote, booking, and anything in between.

What impacts minibus rental prices?

Your minibus rental price will depend on a variety of factors, including time of year, gas prices, local availability, the distance traveled, and the entire duration of the trip. As we saw earlier, the driver’s time will ultimately impact the price the most, especially if you are looking to make various stops in between. Contrary to popular belief, adding amenities to your minibus rental will not have a significant impact on your final price. We recommend booking your minibus well in advance to lock in the best price possible.

Which amenities are available on a minibus charter rental?

The minibus is purposefully designed to keep costs low, featuring a rather standard set of amenities. This will ensure your rental is as streamlined as possible without any unnecessary expenses and amenities. Minibus rentals come equipped with air conditioning, a vetted and experienced driver, as well as sufficient luggage storage. However, certain minibus models can also feature DVD/TV configuration, audiovisual equipment, and power outlets.

Defining amenities is one of the most important steps when traveling. If your group desires additional comforts, a mini coach bus may be better suited for your transportation needs. Otherwise, if you will be traveling with more than 31 people, a full-sized coach bus will do the trick. In any case, our award-winning booking specialists are always ready to assist.

What details do I need to know before booking a minibus rental?

Before booking your minibus rental, there are a few details that you will need to have ready. Getting an accurate headcount is the first step to doing group transportation right and will immediately give you a better idea of the bus type you are looking for. In fact, it is illegal to transport more people than the bus’s capacity.

Secondly, define arrival and departure dates as well as the itinerary and preferred route. Typically, a simple search on Google Maps should suffice and give you a quick snapshot of your upcoming trip. This is especially important as it will essentially determine for how long you need the driver.

Finally, input your trip parameters into our easy-to-use online booking tool and your quote will be ready in under two minutes. Pretty simple, right?

When should I rent a minibus?

Time is of the essence when booking charter buses. We recommend booking your minibus rental as early as possible, typically six months before your trip. And if possible, even nine months before, especially if your trip falls during peak season!

Our booking specialists are great with last-minute bookings, but it will nonetheless be more difficult to find the perfect bus provider for you. Booking a minibus last minute may also subject the rental to price surging due to a lack of availability. In any case, our book now, pay later option gives you the flexibility to reserve your quoted price and defer payment up to 21 days before your trip.


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