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Whether you’re dabbling in bass music or you’re a full-blown headbanger, you’ll be thrilled to find out that transportation to Lost Lands Festival just got a heck of a lot easier. has partnered with Lost Lands 2019 to provide Long Haul group transportation for the event on September 27th to 29th. Get your festival shuttle ticket and board the bus to Legend Valley for an epic weekend of dinos and dubstep. Lost Lands is a dinosaur-themed festival, so go prehistoric and bring your camping gear. offers rides to Lost Lands from multiple cities

Despite being only three years old, Lost Lands Festival is massive! Headbangers flock to the grounds from all over. That’s why set up departure points from multiple cities, including Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, and more. Some of these trips can be pretty long (that’s why they’re called Long Haul), so coach buses will be used to ensure a comfortable ride. You can buy a ticket on a festival shuttle, or, if you’re traveling with a big enough group, charter a private bus from whichever city you’re in.

Why should you book a shuttle seat?

When you book a seat on a festival shuttle, all of your transpo-woes disappear. You don’t have to worry about parking. You don’t have to worry about directions. And gas? Not your problem. There’s also a huge undercarriage to hold all your festival gear, so you don’t even have to play trunk Tetris. While you’re on the bus, you’ll be seated with like-minded folk who are part of the headbanger community. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet new friends. And, it’s super cost-effective!

Lost Lands music festival transportation.
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Get ready for an unreal festival experience!

If you’ve never been to an EDM festival, know that Lost Lands is something unique. Not only does it feature the very best of dubstep, jungle, and drum and bass (we’re talking HeroBust, Space Jesus, Ekali, and of course Excision), it does it with a dinosaur theme! Using an epic venue, Legend Valley, Lost Lands takes you back in time to the prehistoric era. But don’t worry. You’ll still get famous light shows that headbangers are accustomed too. You also won’t be sleeping in a cave. Lost Lands offers camping options, ranging from bell tents with queen-sized beds to a simple spot to make your own. The festival is what you make of it. Arrive with an open heart, a love of electronic music, and whatever supplies you need. For more festival tips, check out’s Guide to Festival-Going. And if you love this festival experience, check out the other events services.

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Festival shuttles are the easiest way to get to Lost Lands, and they fill up fast. Book your seat before the shuttles fill up!