Sharethebus joins Y Combinator

The team at Sharethebus is very excited to partake in this experience yet at the same time incredibly humbled by the opportunity. We’re working hard to alleviate the pain points between event organizers, travellers and bus companies when it comes to booking and filling a charter bus. We want to change the way North Americans perceive riding a bus or figuring out how to rent one by providing the best experience possible for everyone involved in the process. 

We especially want to thank the Montreal Startup Community for being incredible in our journey thus far. We wouldn’t have got to where we are now if it weren’t for the help and support of our fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and ultimately the rad bunch of people we met along the way.

Last but not least, big shoutout to the entire Sharethebus family (who grew 5x in size over the past few months!) for being part of this inspiring yet at times bumpy ride, and doing what they do best: hustle, hustle, hustle! 

We’re now ramping things up and counting down the final days until YC’s Demo Day – a familiar but just as thrilling road as it once was when we first pitched at FounderFuel a year ago.