We’re Attending XLIVE 2016!

Why Are We Going to XLIVE?

XLIVE brings together top industry leaders in music, film, culinary, beverage, eSports, and technology with one common goal: creating amazing experiences for festivals and live events.

Festivals are what sparked the beginning of Sharethebus. Upon meeting, our co-founders Wolf and Kyle realized that they shared a mutual dilemma. They both loved attending live events, but needed a better way to get to them. Together, they decided to change the industry by exploring ways in which they can create a better travel experience for attendees.

Naturally when the opportunity to attend XLIVE came up, the decision was an obvious one. We’re excited to rub shoulders with professionals from different industries and learn from their various areas of expertise to make the bus experience not only better, but also a seamless extension to any event.

Bus travel is a way to connect people and places, and that’s exactly the kind of experience we want to bank on by extending an event’s reach to beyond the event itself.

Patrons are looking for a better option that’s simple to organize and won’t cost them an arm and a leg. With direct bus travel, you’ll attract more attendees by saving them the hassle of figuring out their transportation and by saving them money so they have more budget for other festival goodies. By choosing a bus solution that’ll create a positive rider experience, organizers will make their event more unique, more memorable, and more accessible.

What Are We Doing at XLIVE?

We’re a tech-driven transportation company that’s bent on improving the travel experience to festivals and live events with a full-stack suite of tools built specifically for event organizers.

With features like live GPS tracking, easy trip management, and integrated customer service, we want to modernize your bus experience while providing you with all you need for seamless transportation to your events.

These last few months were spent listening to client feedback to tweak and refine our tech. We’re excited to attend XLIVE, meet other live events aficionados, and showcase the work our team has done so far through live demos!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect.  If you’re also going to XLIVE, make a pit stop at our exhibitor booth, ask all your questions, and give our tools a spin!