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What is a corporate trip?

Whether you are traveling between campuses or are headed to a work event off site such as a conference or convention, you might want to consider a charter bus rental for your group’s transportation needs. Corporate trips take many forms. In Washington, DC there are numerous convention centers and industries that hold events. 

Perhaps you need to move between locations. Or maybe you’re bringing your team to the city for team building before a convention. Corporate trips take many formats, and we’re here to help with all of them.

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Bus types offered

Bus.com offers a variety of vehicles from coach buses to minibuses to mini coach buses. A coach bus is ideal for a longer trip with a larger group, and a mini coach or a minibus is the perfect size for shuttle services between events or workshops.

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Washington DC team building events

Whether you have come to DC for a convention or are local to the city and looking for something to strengthen your team’s collaborative skills, there are a plethora of options to consider for team building activities. Here, we’ve highlighted four of the most popular that involve hands on gamification. Not only will your team build community and collaboration, they’ll also have fun doing it.

Day at the Museum

With more than 100 museums to choose from, DC is one of the best places to visit a museum. Many of the options are affiliated with the Museum day Smithsonian Institute and free of charge. There are museums to match every type of interest, whether your employees love art or history or politics, and most museums are open between 9:30 and 5:30. You could also spend time on The Mall and visit some of the outdoor spaces that surround the museums. Best part about it? You can select a tailored-to-your-team scavenger hunt team building activity based at any of these locations. Your team members will have to work together to find all the items and complete the challenge.

Beat the Box

Beat the Box features an innovative approach to team building. Mimic the puzzle and challenge of an escape room, but put it into a case that you have to determine how to open. Once the case is opened, there are puzzles inside that must be solved within a preset time frame. In order to progress with the game, participants must work collaboratively. And to be clear, this is not your ordinary team building activity with complicated instructions. Your team will watch a short video and then jump right into action. There’s a debrief, once the game is finished.

City Build

City Build allows your team members to innovate and collaborate to build a giant mobile city. Not only do they build the city, but they also design it. The city is built out of everyday materials that each group is given. It’s possible to divide your team into smaller groups if you have a large number of employees, however the activity is also great for small teams. The activity helps develop a common vision and shared strategy among players.

The Great Escape room 76

The Great Escape Room in DC has three different rooms that your team can choose to play. You could elect to play the normal rooms, or you could work with them to design the perfect corporate event for your group. Their three rooms are: Professor Moriarty’s Gameroom; the President’s Bunker; Sherlock Holmes’ Library. For those with larger groups, there is an off-site event titled On the Run. It is possible to rent out a room so that only your team members are in it and they do have options outside of normal operating hours.

Biggest industries in Washington DC

DC is home to numerous industries. While perhaps the government is the most associated with the city along the Potomac, there are other industries that call this area home. The DC metro area is a thriving metropolis with all of the urban sprawl associated with large cities. Alongside that sprawl comes industries that meet the needs of the people and the city.


DC is home to politicians of all stripes. As a result, the city’s population is split between transient people who are working with the politicians of the day, and the strong local population that has been there for generations. As the capital of the United States, DC is the center of the country’s government. You’ll find all three branches— Executive, Judicial, and Legislative— throughout the city, although mostly in the regions around the Capitol Building and the White House. The workers who support different administrations live and work throughout the DC metro area, making this one of the largest industries in the city.


DC is also home to numerous universities and colleges, along with an abundance of corporate trainers and learning and development specialists. Georgetown University, founded in 1789, is the oldest and George Washington University, founded in 1821, is the largest. The city is also home to two historically black colleges and universities: Howard University and the University of the District of Columbia. The Carnegie Library was the first non-segregated library in the country, providing open access to learning to all people from its inception.


The tourism industry in DC is healthy and thriving. The city’s diverse population means that there are numerous award-winning restaurants to meet every palate. Free museums and regular annual events such as the Cherry Blossom Parade draw visitors from around the world every year. People come for work and for school field trips, but they return because of the variety of options and the free museums and parks available to all. If tours are more your style, there are many of those to choose from as well, whether you’re looking at house tours that show you homes of influential historical figures or a trolley tour that takes you through old town.


One of the largest industries in DC, healthcare provides for the wellness of the people throughout the DC metro area. Although there are teaching hospitals and many medical facilities throughout the city, the healthcare industry is not solely composed of these. It also includes home health aides, dental and medical assistants, nursing aides, and various types of technicians. More and more there is also overlap between technology and healthcare, as tools become more rigorous and advanced, and patients require access to healthcare via apps and 24/7 chat.

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