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Bus.com has developed programs and safety measures to protect our customers in a post COVID-19 world. Using our bus partners and our own logistics expertise, we have added special shuttle services that companies can use to safely transport their employees.

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Why offer an employee shuttle?

There are many benefits to running your own employee shuttle that go beyond convenience.


Congestion control

Employee shuttle services offer an affordable, reliable, and ecologically-friendly way to assemble your workforce, all the while reducing local traffic and ensuring employees arrive at workspaces together, on time, and ready to get to work. 


Team building

Employee shuttle services offer a rare period of loosely structured time for your employees assembled as a cohesive unit. Your employees can benefit from time to collectively plan for the coming workday or debrief and discuss results after the workday is through. These invaluable moments can go a long way in fostering increased team morale and creating more cohesive teams.


Increased productivity

By cutting out the stress of commuting, you can help increase productivity and overall workplace satisfaction for your employees. Staff shuttle services can also benefit greatly from the inclusion of optional amenities such as WiFi connectivity and onboard power outlets.

Sanitation and security

Bus.com is committed to the safety of our passengers, bus drivers, and communities. For your peace of mind, we are able to offer the following procedures during the time of COVID-19:

  • The disinfecting of hard surfaces
  • Hand sanitizer availability aboard buses
  • Mask and gloves being worn by driver
  • Bus driver stepping out of the bus for boarding
  • Masks for passengers (by request)
  • Social distancing bus layout (by request)

Additional services

Dynamic demand management

Bus.com can offer on-demand transportation that offers flexible service, payment and cancellation terms. Our technology allows us to adjust daily routes and the number of buses required according to user demand.

Technological management of the transportation environment

In order to guarantee a higher level of sanitary measures before and during trips, our partners can install camera systems that monitor body temperature and measure seating distance between users during transportation.

Cost and pricing considerations

  • We offer various bus types, including: coach buses (50-55pax), school buses (47pax), mini coaches (28-32pax) minibuses, (20pax), and sprinter vans (15pax)
  • Shuttle service includes one driver and gratuity costs, if applicable
  • Shuttle service will be adapted according to the employees’ shifts

Other considerations

  • Bus.com can facilitate the distribution of masks if they can be provided by the employer, and can facilitate the disinfecting of buses before and after trips, as well as provide hand-sanitizer as a mandatory action during all service stops (temporary and overnight)
  • We can deploy additional technology to increase control of the travel environment: 
    • Social distancing control: Inside the shuttle our camera with Artificial Intelligence can ensure safe distance between people and will give audible alerts if people are too close as well as notification to the shuttle driver that the shuttle is at safe capacity. 
    • Thermal screening: Thermal camera scanning of employees to clear them of high temperature before entry to the shuttle.

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