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Bus.com gives you access to our large network of vetted bus partners and knowledgeable logistics experts that will help you provide safe transportation for your team, including special shuttle services to safely transport your employees during COVID-19.  

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Why offer an employee shuttle?

There are many benefits to running your own employee shuttle service.


Congestion control

Shuttles help your employees get to the office on time and avoid having to navigate local traffic, making their commute less stressful. Fewer employees driving in with their own individual vehicle means less traffic on the roads, which reduces the risk of bottlenecks for everyone.


Team building

Commuting with peers gives employees a rare opportunity to meet colleagues from different teams and network beyond the office. Fostering a culture where employees are encouraged to socialize can help boost team morale.


Increased productivity

With the option of adding amenities to your shuttles, such as WiFi and power outlets, you can offer your team a way to stay connected while in transit. Employees can use this time to plan for the coming workday or go over some last-minute details for their projects.

What is an employee shuttle service?

Shuttle services offer employees a convenient way to commute to the office, travel between different corporate campuses, or even attend company events. Staff shuttles are useful when transport options to the workplace may be limited or when employee parking is unavailable for private vehicles. They can also improve productivity and overall employee satisfaction by decreasing transit anxiety.

Bus.com is the top transportation provider for employee shuttles

Customizable shuttle options

Our shuttle services can be customized to fit your travel needs — whether it’s for a one-way trip, multiple stops, or looping routes.

Experienced transportation experts

You’re in good hands with our trusted team of logistics specialists and our network of vetted, professional bus drivers with knowledge of the area.

Flexible change policies for your itinerary

Need to modify your route or add more amenities? Our dedicated 24/7 service team can help accommodate modifications to your trip.

Shuttle solutions to move employees

Daily commutes to the office

A major company perk is providing a worry-free shuttle that brings employees from convenient pick-up points close to their homes straight to the office. Getting that time back to themselves can give your team a moment to relax or prepare for the day ahead.

Transfers between campuses

If your company has multiple buildings, you can organize a set shuttle schedule with regular boarding times. That way, employees can travel from one office to another while avoiding time wasted finding new parking or walking long distances.

Safe transportation after corporate events

Conferences, holiday celebrations, and team events are meant to be enjoyed. Take some pressure off your employees’ shoulders by having their transportation to-and-from these events completely taken care of.

Popular vehicles used for employee shuttles

Shuttle services are customizable and can be fulfilled with a variety of bus types. Here are the most common types of vehicles that are used for shuttles:

Our COVID-19 safety measures for employee shuttles

Bus.com is committed to the safety of our passengers, bus drivers, and communities. For your peace of mind, the following strict safety protocols are implemented during the pandemic:  

  • Sanitization of hard surfaces before every trip
  • Hand sanitizer available aboard buses
  • Mask and gloves worn by driver
  • Masks for passengers (by request)
  • Socially-distanced bus layout (by request)

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