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Take a rideshare to your next festival event

Is there a festival that you are looking to attend, but you’re unsure of how to get there? Why not take a rideshare arranged by Bus.com? Our shuttles are not only comfortable, convenient, and affordable, but they allow you to take the stress out of transportation planning so that you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show(s).

Why Bus.com?

When you purchase a shuttle ticket from Bus.com, you are putting yourself in the hands of a company with years of rideshare experience. We work directly with individual festival organizers to make sure that itineraries are convenient for festival-goers and that are are servicing the most in-demand routes.

Comfortable buses
Our fleet contains comfortable, spacious vehicles.
Affordable prices
By sharing transportation with others, you can access some great savings.
24/7 customer care
We pride ourselves on our award-winning customer care — which is available all day and night.
What kind of events do we work?

All kinds! Wherever there is a need for transportation, we are happy to fill the role of chauffeur. Here is an overview of the types of events that we provide shuttles to and from:

Music festivals
We love providing buses for music festival crowds. Bonus points if the music festival is held in a remote area or a location that is far outside of a city center. We pride ourselves on being able to transport large groups of people, so that they can leave their cars at home.
Arts and culture festivals
The celebration of arts and culture is what makes us human, and we want it to be as accessible to as many people as possible. Whether it's an art exhibit in the desert or a cultural event in the middle of a big city, we can take you there.
Marches and gatherings
Getting a large group of people together is one thing to accommodate, but having the space for all of their cars? That's a whole other thing. We offer bus transportation to large marches and gatherings so that you can stand up for the causes that you believe in without having to worry about vehicle congestion.

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